Simple pleasures

Soaking in the heat of early July, my favorite month of the year.

In summer!

I really do hope that the title of this post gets that song stuck in your head.

My mischievous, dimpled water dog

From now on we are taking a towel wherever we go.

Ready for summer

Our shared sun protection for the season.

Someone else is holding on to summer

I wish my spirit animal were more creative and exotic, but I’ll settle for a dog who loves heat.

Walking on sunshine

Carol, this is for you and your land of a thousand lakes. (Oops. I guess it’s 10,000 lakes. My bad!)

Line of the sky

The view from my sister’s front lawn and a reminder to look up.

The only thing he loves more than treats

Well, shit. I just googled DOG SKIN CANCER and now I’d like my memory erased.

The lady and his perch

Chuck very much approves of this new house, now please leave him to die.


The price you pay for growing up without oppressive humidity.