Winning the race

Look at the pet we haven’t killed yet! I’m so proud of me and Leta!

Purple pet

Leta’s pet fish Turtle is still swimming strong despite the fact that she forgets he exists about ten minutes after I remind her that he needs to eat. The fascination of having her own pet lasted about an hour. Thank god we did not get an animal that r…

Animal husbandry

Turtle is still alive, you guys. I still have to remind Leta to feed him, but she doesn’t complain about it. I’m sure it would be another story if she had to bag his poop. (The title of this does not imply that we plan to eat him. It just popped into my head. And [...]

Slow and steady

Thursday afternoon when I picked Leta up from school she came running out of the building with a little more lilt than usual. She was bounding, swinging her arms, and her smile rivaled the perfect curve of a circle. She jumped up into my arms without warning almost sending me to the ground, and I [...]