In need of a seat warmer

Yes, Chuck. I remember what it was like to Christmas shop in flip-flops in LA. I feel your pain.

On the hill

On the drive to bring someone a warm meal, several long hugs and some company for hours of ugly crying.

I am here

That massive cold front is for real so not kidding.


The sight and sound of the months ahead.

The most boggled time of the year

Oh yes, we are so festive up in this dancery.

Enjoying it while it lasts

Never has sixty degrees Fahrenheit felt so glorious.


What the winter didn’t break.

Winter hair

If my children’s hair were a tree.

The lion ate the lamb

Someone had best knock that groundhog upside the head.

The first of who knows how many

“Because we live in Utah” is now my standard explanation when anything goes wrong.