The Italian Job

About a year ago I said something on this site about how I felt guilty for wrapping spaghetti around Chuck’s snout just so that I could watch him bare his fangs and try to get it off. I have received email from The Anti-Spaghetti Around the Dog’s Snout People who seem to think that subjecting animals to pasta is abusive and obnoxious (of course it is! why bother doing it otherwise?). I filed these emails in the folder next to the ones I got from The Don’t Compare Your Boobs to the Plight of the Baby Seal People, the ones from The How Could You Possibly Use Household Cleansers on Your Dog’s Paws, You Mongrel! People, and the ones from The Your Remodeled Kitchen Looks Like a Monolithic Piece of Shit, I Expected More From You Since You’re A Designer, Better Luck Next Time People.

But I’ve also been asked by more than a few of you if I would post pictures of the abusive and obnoxious practice of wrapping pasta around my dog’s snout. I’ve filed these emails in a folder titled: “People We Should Party With.”

I aim to please, Party People:

And here are two bonus pictures of The Dumbass, Abusive and Obnoxious Parents with Scooterbee Scoots Tubberly Tub Tubs.