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The Former Congressman

  • What a cute puppy! I love that ridge of hair sticking out on the side of his neck!

  • heathabee

    I didn’t know Chuckles had retired from his position as congressman!

    Great pic! He’s quite the handsome retiree.

  • ereed

    ridiculously handsome and photogenic. i’d vote for him.

  • How regal 🙂 Cutie patootie!

  • What a cute puppy! I love the ridge of hair sticking out the side of his neck!

  • Sir Chuck Looking Ready for a Day of Campaigning 🙂

  • Better looking than W. OR John Kerry.

  • He reminds me so much of the dog my neighbors had during my childhood. Thanks for helping me remember that. It means alot.

    Awesome photo. I’m totally buying that camera.

    Its about 7’o clock where you are, and I just wanted to wish you good luck with the MRI. I’ll probably be napping after English class back here on the east coast, but im sure i’ll be dreaming of you, john, leta, chuck, and a very happy outcome.

  • leigh

    wise beyond his years – and cute!

    Jon and Leta seem to spend alot of time on the porch though … are they watching for stalkers?

  • Chuck is cute as always -best of wishes for you, Jon, and Lita.

  • beachgal

    Man, I wish I could take pictures as good as you. You make me very jealous.

    And again, lots of good thougths coming your way for the MRI this morning. Give Leta lots of cuddles, she’ll do just fine….and so will you and Jon.

    Take Care.

  • i hope all goes well with the MRI

  • someday i will have a dog like chuck. living in an apartment with three other men in a horribly expensive and crowded apartment in boston prents me from having a pet. although we do have roaches. i guess my landlord allows roaches as pets. that bastard.

  • Erin

    Great photos, as always. Good luck to all of you with the MRI.

    I also wanted to tell you that I was looking at the photo archives and came upon one where you said you had smothered Leta’s thigh in barbecue sauce and eaten it–that page now has an ad for barbecue sauce on it. Funny!

  • Gretchen

    Hugs to all of you today. I am hoping for a good outcome with the results of the MRI. You deserver some peace of mind in this postpartum time.

    Also, I think you would love a Dyson vacuum almost as much as you love the Nikon D70 which I am getting THANKS to you!

    Love the photos of Chuck. I especially LOVE his eyes. They look like they have been edged in black ink.

  • Jill

    Good luck today. I have a candle lit for all of you. And Chuck is the coolest dog!

  • Oh, I love Chuck! My dog, Ginger, has that ridge of hair, too! Must be a mutt thing. They are almost the same color, too. I’m still thinking about you guys, and wondering how the MRI thing is going…..

  • kara

    Best wishes for today’s MRI…. I’m sure Leta will prove to be a perfectly healthy baby–from her monthly letters she seems to be developing at a normal rate.

  • I can’t get over how handsome Chuck is!

    Thinking & hoping & praying. For the MRI *and* for the tortorous exercises.

    Bless you all, Armstrong Four!

  • He is precious.

    I’ve been reading for awhile, but just thought I’d say hello, and I wish I wasn’t allerigic to dogs. It’s just no fun trying to take my cat for a walk on the beach. 🙁

    Best wishes to you and Lovely Leta on the MRI and the walky therapy…

  • red

    i got teary-eyed looking at the picture you took of jon and leta on the porch. wow. praying for you and yours!

  • Lyn

    Good Luck today! Lovely lovely family, lovely photos, lovely words from your heart!
    *sigh* I’m such a fan.

    small words of unsolicitated advice: chew tums, lots of Tums, the calcium helps with the stress. My son has had lots of surgeries and the nurse told my husband and I that calcium recuces stress, whether it works or not I have no proof but it gives me something to focus on; distributing the tums.

    Breathing deeply and eating extra calcium Tums for you today……

  • Chuck is so incredibly gorgeous and so…soo..CHUCK! I am dying for your camera and saving my pennies. Watch out on the extra tums advice…might provide lots of calcium but they will constipate the heck out of you too!

  • You know, I’m a cat person. I’ve had cats my whole life. Never had a dog. I just want you to know that you’re really making me want one.

    If I ever get one, I’ll have to send you the pictures of my cats freaking out when I bring it home.

  • doggie is porcelain.

  • dänika

    Chuck looks like a blond version of my dog, Misty. What a cutie — and I really like the background, with Jon and Leta. It’s like “Where’s Waldo,” except cuter.

  • My wife was kind enough to bless me with the D70 not more than a few weeks ago myself. Now if only one could procure the effin ML-L3 remote shutter release…. bygones.

    Glad to see the return of Chuck photos. I missed him for a while there.

  • Jo

    I am assuming that since you cite “former,” I can no longer vote for him in the upcoming election? Cause I would. He has great ears. Ears make a man, er, politician, dontcha know 😉

    (Thinking of you, Jon, & Leta today – fingerscrossed) —

  • Your dog is SO hot. 😛

  • Chuck for President!

  • beachgal

    I don’t think I’ve ever read why Chuck is the Former Congressman….anyone able to fill me in?

  • i am sooooo getting a D70 as soon as I get my next loan 🙂

    it will make life 10,000 times easier.

  • p.s. life will be easier because i’m a photojournalism student…just to clarify 🙂
    i spend too much money buying film, developing film…and then alllll the time spent scanning in things. bah.

  • trudie

    i was going to ask the same question, beachgal! i think the former congressman has some rhodesion ridgeback in him, with the way his fur curls like that…he’s so darn cute!

    my mother in law mailed me a clipping from better homes and gardens about making silhouettes. i’m making some using photos of my son, and i just thought that this particular photo of chuck would be a perfect fit in the armstrong family silhouette gallery! it seems to be a pretty quick project with a big payoff with the grandmas…

  • beachgal

    Ya know, my mom once had silhouettes of me and my brothers. At least I think they were of us, and not just some generic silhouetee. That would be strange….now I’m gonna have to ask her.

  • Tracy

    The way the Former Congressman strikes a pose puts Madonna to shame (assuming she has any left).

  • I hereby nominate Chuck for president! I’d vote for him. Good luck guys.

  • Chuck is a god in canine form!

  • yes, did Chuck retire from public service? Is he quietly making speeches and providing the family with income, as he should?

    sending good thoughts and prayers out for the sweet Leta.

  • diane

    Love, good wishes and prayers for you, Jon and Leta with the MRI today. Hope that went well.
    And you can never get enough of the handsome former congressman.

  • aibee

    I have a cat. No dog, no kid, just a cat. Now I want a dog and a kid to go with the cat. And you know, I wouldn’t mind a Nikon D70 either….


  • Chuck!! Oh how I love you. I want a doggie. Can I have a doggie mom, huh? Huh? Can I have Chuck! I want Chuck!

    I know Dooce thinks we all come here for HER but it’s really YOU we love, Chuck. Come live with US. We’ll give you treats up the yin yang. We know how to treat you right, baby.

  • maria

    chuck, thy name is cuteness!

    so glad, so very very glad to hear that the mri went well!!! ‘okay’ means good, right?

  • I’m so glad Leta is okay! Hooray for okay!

  • jillpmcd

    Wonderful news about Leta…thanks for taking the time to post it after such a hard day. Poptarts for everyone…even the Congressman.

  • amy

    Glad to hear the tests came out fine. Hugs all round your house tonight I am sure…

  • Hooray for everything being okay with the benevolent dictator!

    And for the record, I’m cranky too.

  • Liz

    He’s still got my vote, retired or not! And I’m so very glad to hear that everything is fine with the MRI!!!! Give baby Leta extra kisses tonight for all of us internet-stalkertype peoples!

  • Cristina

    So glad Leta and her wonderful parents are well! I second Liz’s wishing of kisses from your stalker-types!

    Please forgive me for the fact that I keep trying to dress Leta. I am a fashion designer and baby lover, and I cant help it. You must must check out this adorable Decemberists onesie! I have seen some damn fine Ramones ones as well…What better thing for an indie rock couple to have than an indie rock baby??

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