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The Other One

  • Brooke

    Poor lil’ feller.

  • I have twin second cousins who look exactly the same except one has blue eyes and the other brown. Thankfully their mother always dresses them in the same style shirts, but different colors to coordinate with their eye color. Seriously.

  • Cute, yet world weary already.

  • beachgal

    Aww…poor little thing. Let Chuckles give him lots of kisses so he’s not afraid of dogs after getting bit. Again, poor little guy. But great pic as usual. Good luck with the teething…my little was a pure demon when he got his first. He’s up to eight now, and we think he’s working on some more.

  • beachgal

    umm…my little ONE, that should read.

  • jansell

    Apparently, some dog mistook him for a green, plastic dinosaur… It happened to me at that age. Still have the scar. Grew up to be absolutely dog crazy with a giant greyhound.

  • Wow that was close to his eye! Same thing happened to my daughter with my mom’s dog. I’ve never liked my mom’s dog…. (and I’m an animal freak)

  • Cute Picture, as always.

    I thought my 7 mo. daughter was late in teething-she doesn’t have any yet. Good to know Leta is just now starting. Is she sitting up yet?

  • Poor little guy, glad he’s ok.

    The teething can be rough for little ones. Infant pain reliever helps, as does Baby Orajel.

    When they’re older, though, and the teeth begin to fall out, that’s when it gets seriously gross.

  • Ouch! He sure is a cute little boy, though. Hopefully he isn’t scared of dogs. When I was little I was the one to bite dogs….I guess I was kind of weird back then.

    Love in Christ,
    Amber <><

  • Oh, poor babe. Is it bad that I was happy you could tell them apart b/c of it though? 🙂

    Love from Hell,

  • Antonia

    My son, John-Malachy, beat Leta out of the womb by 3 days, and is working on his sixth and seventh teeth. I hadn’t realized yet how competitive he is. The problem, however, is that no ordinary teething ring will satisfy him, and he prefers to use my face, leaving me looking much like poor little Joshua there. Serves me right for mistaking his advances for innocent kisses. Typical man.

  • Tim

    Hope the dog bite wasn’t too bad…

    And now dooce will receive more mail than Santa Claus…

  • di

    teeth are nothing. wait until leta is a teenager and then you’ll jump right in that grave you’re talking about digging.

  • red

    pobrasito. good pic, though – as always.

    horray for the DOOCE mailbox! 🙂

  • it was actually a dog sent by the guy who sends weird emails but the dog got confused.

    but, poor kid. he doesn’t look very happy about that dog bite. but then again, he may know that you call him “the other one.”

  • No more Ass Face?! George needs a blog! Poor Ass Face…

  • Liz

    Now, I’m not hoping this or anything, but if it scars you’ll be able to tell them apart forever :/

  • I am a very amatuer webmaster. So in putting Elmore Park Packers into google I found this charming story about Elmore Park Cheerleading. What a hoot! EPP is still alive and kicking and having the same effect on girls then as now. If you’re ever in town during football sesaon, dust off your pom poms, slip into your old cheer uniform and come out and bleed green and gold for an afternoon. I’ll buy you a hotdog.

  • Mir

    When you get hate mail from people telling you that letting a dog bite one of those boys just so that you can tell them apart is evil and wrong and you’re going to hell, will you please remember to post it? 😉

  • You dog bit him in the face? What was he doing to it? Haha, you don’t have to call him “twin” anymore. You can call him scarface. Or something.

  • I’m sad that I don’t have a hairy chest. Not that I typically go rubbing my boobs on strangers’ windows. But you actually made that sound sorta’ fun.

    Congratulations on your schnazzy corporate mailbox.

  • Oh my, poor Joshua! That cutie child got bit by a dog! I think he needs a kiss from kEma and a few toys to make him feel better..

    kissssssss and a huggie to the lil angel

  • Dooce, as long as i am too far away and i cant do that on my own will you be that kind to pass my kiss and my higgie to him 😉 Thanks

  • Cate

    Ooh, I wanna come to your house and play Jeopardy – we could have a drunk Jeopardy competition. I’d probably get my ass kicked, but it would totally be fun.

  • He looks almost like the little one on the Lowercase tee ad you have on your site. Except for the doggie bite. Dogs that bite give dogs like Chuck and Marley a bad name…..

  • Heather,

    A gentleman by the name of Dr. James would like permission from you to post a link to your website on the “Exceptional Bloggers” section of his blog – He’s already posted quote from your page (cited works of course), so you might as well seal the deal with a public permission.

  • can we have an update on Leta please? 🙂 how’s she been doing with putting weight on her feet?

    needless to say “the other one” is a cute boober too

  • jenn

    new to the site. absolutely love it! hope your nephew is feeling better.

  • Jasmine

    My brother got his face bitten off my a dog when he was little (don’t worry, he’s fine, they fixed him right up) but now, 25 years later, my mother is still terrified of dogs. He loves them.

  • (gasp!) Someone named KOOPMANS dared to send you a less than complimentary email?? Didn’t he learn anything from Ms Sassypants?! Doesn’t he know that Doocers around the world will now unite and aim fierce, scathing comment content in his direction? Silly Koopman.

    Jon plays the piano? Dang he’s good.

  • ari

    Having actually dated the Koopmans in question (at one of the STATE COLLEGEs he attended), I can say with reasonable assuredness that his e-mail was meant in jest.

  • Awright alreeady, who is Chechnya???

  • OUCH! Poor little pook. He looks sad but he can also be tougher than his brother since that experience. Not that it’s much consolation to his mom, I’ll bet.

  • MrsDoF

    I worked as a daycare teacher for almost 6 years, and one child I will never forget is one we promoted her to the Toddler Room at age 15 months and she Still did not have a tooth through the gums! Then she got 6 within a month. Poor sweet thing! A new room and an aching head.

  • Jeff

    BAD DOG!!!!

  • Gia on Guam

    I was bit pretty badly by a dog when I was a small child (I still have scars on both thighs). Today I still don’t fear dogs…I love them in fact. I do, however, fear names that rhyme with Poopman. :/

  • Dooce. Queen of the com-backs!
    Heather, I hate to say that a tiny part of me rejoices when you get a letter like that, because you can tear someone a new one with such grace and poise. It’s beautiful. Poor dog bitted kid. Much love to the Dooce fortress.

  • How often do you see the words “best kisser” and “weed wacker” in consecutive sentences?

  • if a dog did that to my kid, THE DOG WOULD BE DEAD.

    and that email, do you think that guy was just messing with you? probably some dude that just wanted to see you post his name on your blog for hype.

  • amy

    Chechnya… Chechnya is someone (presumably a writer?) who was referred to in Bridget Jones Diary. (“Geeze Jones, who the fuck cares about Chechnya?”) THIS, from a graduate of one of the most popular and highly esteemed Universities in Canada :)And sadly yes, I probably learned more from my movieaholism than I did in my years as a student..

  • abby

    Most awesome response to a nasty email EVER. Dooce, you rock the casbah.

  • Carol

    What a cute kid.

  • Mandy

    VERY bad dog!!!

  • Jessica

    Chechnya is a country. A member of the Russian Federation. Formerly a part of the Soviet Union, and now infamous for a bloody seperatist movement that is costing many lives – most recently and most infamously that of hundreds of schoolchildren in Beslan.

  • rlh

    I hope that Amy is joking about the whole Chechnya/Bridget Jones thing. Word up – Chechnya is a separatist republic within Russia. Of course, Jon knows that. And so do I, even though I went to not one of the most highly esteemed universities in Canada.

  • Geez, is it crappy email month or what? Some people seriously need better things to do. Keep up the great reading!

  • Ree

    I have twin neices named Ruby and Amber. They are often dressed in the same outfit except that Amber’s is yellow and Ruby’s is, of course, red.

  • George

    I have a live journal, but I don’t write in it. What is a good (free) blogging website? I guess I should document some of my daily run-ins with crap roommates who don’t clean my pots and pans after they use them (assholes).

  • I can only imagine, from seeing previous mentions of these nephews, what they were doing to antagonize a dog into biting the other one. Still, can’t help but feel sorry for the little guy.

    Hey, George, livejournal is a perfect (free) place to write about your crappy roommates. It is, I think, actually required as part of your livejournal account. Either that, or you have to whinge about your love-life (particularly if it is a “lack thereof”), post dreary poetry and/or pictures (nude, preferebly) of yourself and obsess about your favorite band (particularly the hot lead singer).

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