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The Brothers Boone

  • beachgal

    Nice lookin’ fellas!

  • Pretty, pretty boys of the LDS. Must be something in the mountain water.

  • How YOU doin’?

  • Yippee! More George! Cutie Pie George! Say, how old is George? Is George single? Would it be ok if I fixed George up with my sister in law? 🙂

  • Gotta love men in suits!

  • I don’t know about everyone else, but I was totally thinking, “Who cares about more cowbell! I need a whole lot more George!” Thanks for coming through for all the George fans out there.

  • patricia

    Thanks for the George. Consider my day made.

  • those are some sweet lookin’ mormons!

  • beachgal

    I love how they all have the same hair!!!! Those little curls are awesome! You seem to have a great family, Dooce. Another reason to be happy for you!

  • yes, now with more george. more george please!

  • trudie

    if i’m not mistaken, i think this was at george’s wedding… or maybe i’m thinking of another george who got married. i like the shiny lapels and tie in the middle–just enough contrast without screaming at you.

  • Don’t they normally travel in pairs?

  • Gina

    Of course they are hot, they’re wearing magic underwear.

  • jansell

    Next we get to see his hairy chest rubbed on your windows…?

  • Mari

    They are so cute in a very wholesome way.

    Brings back fond memories of my own wedding at Log Haven. What a beautiful place for a wedding.

  • look at those pretty Mormon boys. The only thing missing is the blond hair. Question: is one of these gents, Mr. C?

  • Jessica

    George is cool, but I also like the geeky look of the brother on the right. I have a thing for geeks.

  • Any of them single? I am in dire need of a hookup. I’ll even take a good Mormon boy.

  • Daisy

    Wow! This is what Mormon guys look like? I might actually open my door and talk to them about how I’m a HUGE sinner if they all looked like this.

    Hey Mormon church!! Send cute boys around…might get more people into church.


  • Gavinator

    (Insert Joey from Friends inflection): How you doin’??

    I have a good friend whose last name is Boone and I call her Big, Bad Boone (rather ironic considering she is the polar opposite of anything big and bad). Anyhoo, after enough drinks she became Big Baboon.

  • Danielle

    What handsome boys! You should include more George on at least a weekly basis.

  • Mir

    They should go on tour, and do covers of Hansen songs. I can totally see them rocking out to “Mmmmbop.”

  • Karen

    You should have a category for George

  • I was just perusing the old daily photos and saw one I missed the first time round: “Blessings” is truly an incredible shot, with just the right title.

    Really good. Incredibly good. Did I say it was good? It’s really good.

  • ab

    HELLO! That’s quite the yummy looking Mormon in the middle there.

  • Michael

    It seems obvious but no one has said yet, so:

    Is one of them named Pat?

  • Whoooo-Hooooo!
    All About George!

  • Curly locks…

  • red

    love love love the curls. of course, i might be a little partial since i’ve got a head full of ORANGE curls! 🙂 they are so pretty. maybe i need to move to UT and snag me a mormon….

  • di

    george is going to be sorry he ever asked to be put on your website. does george have his own blog? if not, he should get one! he already has a small cult following…

  • What no short sleeved shirt with ties? All good Mormon boys keep those short sleeved shirt makers in bussiness! (least that’s what I tell my Mormon stepson)

  • Yay for George! And the other Boones… I have an adorable single sister going to Ricks, maybe we should play “Match Maker”.

  • Oops, that’s BYUI, not Ricks. See? That horrible STATE COLLEGE education just addles the brain.

  • Super pretty skin on the three of them. Do Mormons have better skin than hell raising alcoholic x-club chicks? Most likely. Just asking… Soooo Shiny and pretty.

  • sanelurker

    The guy in the middle is the one from a previous photo, the prettiest man on earth getting married or something like that…

    They all have the same hair gene!

  • Amy

    mmmm, it’s george-o-licious!!

  • Erin

    George, I’m sorry about Ass Face. Our cats scratch our speakers too. I think we turned them around (the speakers) first, then put them up higher, and then got new speakers that weren’t so scratcheriffic. I hope Ass Face is happy in his new-ass place.

  • karen

    obvioulsy great pic, hot guys, love it!!
    Must say love your post, some people I tell ya!!
    I look forward to new posts every day!! You and your family seem so wonderul. Thank You!!

  • Good,we know Geaorge already. Now we wanna “meet” his wife 😉

  • Nice shot Dooce. Looks like a happy sunny day.
    You have inspired me to start a blog, I just hope I meet the high bar you’ve set for us wannabees.

  • Do Mormons really stockpile? My husband thinks they do and that stockpiling Mormons are Super Bad Ass. He’s taken to stockpiling now…mostly Mnt. Dew and Chex Mix.

    My husband’s a special boy. *love*

  • Hello…

    Thats what they are saying no?

    And why is my type in all caps again??

  • Laurel825

    E(a)rnest Pleading and the Pleadette’s.

  • robin

    My boyfriend and I have this friend named Skippy. We have figured out that there are “Skippy’s” everywhere we go, cause there are always people that look JUST like him! We call it the Skippy clone. I bring all of this up, because the guy on the right is definitely a Skippy clone. 🙂

  • So those are Boones, huh? I’ve never seen a Boone like those before.

  • jillpmcd

    hmmm…Boones…in front of a log cabin…from Tennessee? Is there a Daniel back thar in that family tree?

  • Elegant Goose

    I think the reason everybody’s so happy to see George all the time is that we all mischeviously hope that more contact with his Cousin Dooce will corrupt his sweet little innocent Mormon self. Or maybe that’s just me… but then again, a Mormon with a cat named Ass-Face? Resistance is futile, George, come join the dark side!

  • Amanda, totally. My parents have 2 years of food storage in their basement. Just in case. But why they need fourteen cases of 7up, I’ll never know.

  • Katy

    I know there is an echo in here but…man those are three good looking boys. Every. Single. One. Yum.

  • bunny

    They look like cute young undertakers…dooce, can’t you get these boys into some tshirts and dockers or sumphin?

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