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Avon World Sales Leader and Granny

  • My friends son farts so loud he wakes himself up, he’s somewhere arond 5 months old now…

  • ness

    my mother sent me some avon double-action foot sloughing cream, and it is truly the work of the angels. and that anew glycolic peel? hoo boy! please pass on my sincere thanks to your mother for helping me look pretty!

  • mm

    Heather, as an addl money making endeavor (not that google isn’t working out well!), would you be able to “sell” avon for your mom via this site? You could be a sub-distributor for the AWSL, probably making her some bucks as well as you, if I understand the avon business model. I’m sure you have plenty of built in customers through this site!

  • What are you talking about? Avon rules!

  • Cate

    I’d buy Avon to help support Dooce!

  • Dipali

    Does anyone else feels that just one photo or one post per day is not just enough for us , the dooce-lovers ?
    We want M O R E !!

    anyone with me ?

  • mari

    I love that you said you would cut anyone who bad-mouthed your mom. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.

  • Hey, I like the idea of buying Avon to support Dooce! I never thought of that, and I buy Avon periodically. Something to consider!

  • Must.Have.More.George.

  • ling

    there was this avon ad on uk tv today and it reminded me of you. like “hey i know the avon world sales leader’s daughter” even though i don’t really

  • Gia on Guam

    I was really quite surprised when I saw that there was to be a photo of the AWSL. I would imagine that some family members would prefer to stay off the #1 search result for “poop in my ass” … one of them being her. But of what I can see, she really looks very elegant. Everything you would expect a southern lady to look like. REPRESENT!

    As for Leta’s bottom system vocalization, A GEM! Jon expressing himself at a very tender hallmark moment, the background music starting to swell to a crescendo and Leta lets it RIP!

  • Your mom’s hair is like my grandmother’s hair. Everyone says “Texas hair”, but it’s Southern Woman Over 50 Hair. 30 more years and I too can have hair that will stay in place even in hurricane force winds.

  • Liz

    That is such a cool picture!

  • Just a small warning from the aspiring avon world sales lady that celebrated her childs 1st birthday while pregnant with the second child: now that the procedure has been reconvened, be very, VERY careful… caring for a one year old and a two year old at the same time is no easy job. Have fun being very, VERY careful!

  • Kelli

    George – I have a female cousin who’s a junior at BYU…though she might be a little too much of a good lil’ mormon girl for a guy who’s related to Dooce, and who names his cat “Ass Face” (that WAS you, wasn’t it?).

    My cousin – she’s cute, anyway.

  • George

    Yea Ass Face was mine… maybe I could meet your cousin? Anyways… send me an email gboone31(at)hotmail. I’ll probably regret putting my email on here, oh well.

  • Browser

    George — it’s a different picture posted not yesterday’s three stooges….stop talking about yourself.

  • George needs a blog! 🙂

  • it’s like totally required for all women over 50 to have that hairdo. my mom has it, my mom’s best friend has it… i’ll probably have it. *no*

    … it’s funny how my counter on my blog quadruples everytime i comment on here. i can’t imagine how many visitors you get on this thing. if you got a nickel for everyone that passed through, you’d be a millionare.

  • Is that the real George? For real?

    Picture of the day is oustanding, as usual. Thank you.

    Also, you should be watching (or TIVO-ing) E! tonight. There will be cowbell.

  • Tim

    My mom sold Avon when I was a kid, in Memphis too…I wonder if she knew your mom… We only had avon soap and sunblock for years…

  • Mary

    I have a question, since you brought it up (sort of). Why do Mormons fold their arms during prayer or other important events? I grew up with a Mormon family and thought it was just them. But apparently it’s not?

  • There is nothing in the world quite like the scent of Skin-so-soft. I have 12 bars upstairs right now, gonna go have me a shower.

  • Kris, (poster #2) I saw Dooce’s sister at Copperton Park over Labor Day weekend. I about peed my pants and had to refrain from running up to her for an autograph.

  • wow nice photography!

  • future #2

    too bad george is all the way in utah. and too bad he’s already been spoken for by “future mrs. george”. Oh but wait, if I’m not mistaken you mormon folk wouldn’t be opposed to my becoming the 2nd “future mrs. george”, now would you? 🙂

    George, you rock my thong panties off.

  • Okay, if your mom is the Avon World Sales Leader, my mom HAS to be the Avon World Purchasing Leader! I still have various trinket boxes, lip glosses and hair brushes bought from Avon…wayyy, wayyyy back! Avon brushes NEVER DIE!!!

  • Bring on the polygomy.

  • “Bring on the polygamy.”

    You tell ’em, George!

  • bbwwahahahaaa @ polygomy!

    George you are priceless!

  • Stacy

    I second the Avon idea. I live in Texas, but I would still buy from your site if the shipping was reasonable. Maybe just have a link to the avon site so we could log on and purchase things from you? I think it would ship from the nearest warehouse but give the credit to you.

  • Mean!? She’s a total fox!
    Besides, who doesn’t love Avon???

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