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Into the Woods

  • di

    ooooo… beautiful!

  • Adrienne

    oooh… Purdy.

  • Sarah

    Could I really be the first?

    Love the pic! Reminds me of home.

  • Adrienne


  • j

    nice colors – makes me wish I didn’t live in texas!

  • Mari

    What a beautiful picture.

  • Wow… that is beautiful.

  • alison

    right-click…save as background!

  • wait a sec, that’s the view out my front window! Now to figure out all those moaning noises are comin’ from…


  • I think I just found a new screen saver.

  • beachgal

    Beautiful picture, also reminds me of where I grew up. Don’t get a lot of color change here at the beach.

    Hope you had a great weekend getaway. How did Ms. Leta do without you? I’m sure Chuck got lots of treats.

  • sab


  • Gorgeous. I love the fall.

  • Darn you, parts of the country that have seasons! Darn you all to heck!

  • Beyoooootiful!
    Fall is so awesome….
    Not that I would know – in this part of the World.
    Hope weekend went off with a bang- or 2 or 3…..
    And hope L&C are well too

  • Gorgeous!

  • That’s gorgeous. The leaves aren’t really changing here yet. But that’s a good thing because I hate autumn.

  • Susie

    Jimmy and I must think alike. My first thought was, “I’ll bet they reconvened in the woods!” Lovely photo.

  • pretty. it reminds me of that movie, the village.

  • Kath

    …whine….WE WANT CHUCK 🙂

    Hope the reconvenience was memorable:-)

  • Great picture. Fall is my favorite season and that picture really captures it!

  • Holy Shit how that makes me hate Miami right now. All hot and humid while the rest of the country is undergoing a remarkable transformation of exploding colors. I dont understand how anyone could hate autumn. It is by far my fav season.

  • becs lockwood

    Even England is not looking this lovely yet….but we wait in anticipation!!! Can’t wait to walk through the leaves with little Fynn (not that he’s walking yet..but i can push and he can view from the buggy!!!!)

  • oh fine. you couldn’t let me just be jealous of your mad writing skillz. you had to go ahead and be an exceptional photographer too.

    i’m gonna be reduced to writing about regularity just so i can feel like there is something i can do well on the internet.

  • I want more family pictures!

  • who put mustard in the trees?

  • Ohhh, what a gorgeous picture!

  • oooh orange, to go with the rest of the ooohs.

    or oooh it’s fall.

  • kim

    hey, is that where the procedure was reconvened? absolutely beautiful! hope there was a lot of sleeping and procedure for you two this weekend ;o)

  • I love this photo. I just brought a jumper that colour yellow, which I am also loving.

  • Megan

    Please tell me that you had to mess with that picture in photoshop to get it to look like that. Please. That is just beautiful.

  • tangoali

    This makes me think of fire and destruction.

  • The colour and composition are surreal. Nice work.

  • Beautiful use of color and line. Lovely!

  • Fall rocks.

  • Michael

    The lighting looks really strange – could you explain it? At first I thought it was just one of those forest wallpaper jobs.

  • Elegant Goose

    I too don’t know how anyone could do anything but love autumn. Just looking at that picture I get that feeling that they talked about in the movie American Beauty… where something is so pretty it makes your heart hurt- how can beautiful also feel so melancholy. Sighhhhhhh…. I also agree that the picture looks firey and destructive.

    Enjoy the procedure, Dooce, but come back to us soon. We miss you here on the World Wide Web.

  • charity

    Looks like one of my favorite paintings by Gustav Klimt…

  • Elegant Goose

    Ooohhh, Dooce, you totally have to make a links list– I want to know about other worthy blogs so I can waste even more of my time at work!

    Also, fellow Dooce-devotees, do you have other blogs you can recommend? Are any as pretty as ‘Cuz please, this baby’s got to be the coolest looking personal website on the entire internet!

  • Pretty leaves. I guess it means fall is here. Phooey.

  • Try There are some pretty cool pics there.
    Although they are nothing compared to looking at Leta’s beautiful face!!
    More Leta pics please!!?
    The trees are beautiful…Did you take that picture thru the bedroom window?? LOL

  • Dooce needs to sell some of her beautiful, amazing, wonderful photos….please say yes..

  • absolutely amazing. you’re becoming my fave photog.

    wow. and people wonder why i prefer places “with seasons”. 😉

  • Kimberley

    Fierce like a tiger …
    To Elegant Goose: There are so many wicked blogs out there!! (dooce’s counterpart) (2 in one)
    But Dooce is my favoritest!!

  • Thats my favorite shade of yellow. Used it in a painting once. It was boss.

    Makes me pine for home (fie upon you Worcester)

  • I thought those colours only existed in the north. Glad to see they’re available in another part of the continent.

  • *sigh* fall doesn’t come to Texas until November. I’m jealous! Lovely picture. Hope you had a good time

  • That picture is gorgeous (and totally would get a person in the mood for reconvening the procedure, I think!)

    Elegant Goose, this is DEFINITELY the coolest looking personal site on the Internet. But I also love:

    And, well, the others that are in my sidebar links. I don’t want to clutter the comments with them all, but many of them are gold.

  • Breathtaking! Those are birches right? I’m with charity, it reminds me of the Gustav Klimt painting I have in my living room. 🙂

  • That is a lovely picture (and it looks like a great place to reconvene the procedure).

    Elegant Goose, I love:

    And the others in my sidebar. I don’t want to clutter the comments with them, but many of them are gold.

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