This here bringer of the pooper to the fun party

The hard life of a former political heavyweight

  • shy me

    yay for Chuckles!

  • Jillian

    I love Chuck. He looks like such a nice, intelligent dog.

    I miss having a dog. Oh well.

  • Chuck…lookin’ good there. You been on Atkins? Look like you lost a pound or two. Those carbs are killer but I think you lost the Ruffles gut. Guess you been watchin’ your treats.

  • It certainly does look like a hard life — what with the not even having to pose for OR hide from the camera.

  • Leta is just too cute…..great pictures……..she is growin’ along nicely. Your dog is cute too. The pictures are really incredible….Nikkon is a wish list for me…someday anyway.

    Hope you are feeling great!

  • Test?

  • IHateToast

    Would Chuck run as a greenie? Licking oneself instead of wasting potable water in a shower or tub is very green and let’s face it, going au furry naturel is much better than wearing stuff woven by 7 y.o. in Asia. I just got my ballot in the mail (i’m a broad abroad) and I’m writing in CHUCK!

  • Firstly, Heather you brought a tear to my eye with your latest newsletter to Leta. She is one very lucky lil lady to have a mom like you 🙂

    Second – Chuck!!! I love Chuck! He has that ‘always-a-puppy’ look about him.

    Third – PEOPLE!!! Did you realise that THE George has a blog? DIDYA?

    It’s gotta be him, right?

  • Brooke

    Now that I look at these new photos, I see a lot of Heather in Leta’s face too.