This here bringer of the pooper to the fun party

On guard, looking in direction of taxidermist

  • Chuck, I don’t blame you.

    Am I first? (Why do we all want to be first?)

  • fig

    he looks slightly worried… has the taxidermist been making eyes at him?

  • I think it’s so people might visit OUR web sites. Perhaps?…

  • cute dog!

  • Wow is Chuck losing weight?

  • Andrea

    I love your pup!

  • Em

    I love Chuck’s little curl of hair. Too damn cute, and also kind of regal.

  • Liz

    Yeah, the fella looks much thinner. Needs more pizza.

  • Chuck is such a pretty color and such a regal dog 🙂

  • jenny

    I visited my boyfriend’s grandfather, John Toth, 1963 Country Music Hall of Fame inductee, hunter extraordinnaire this weekend. Taxidermy is terrifying. He has 13 moose heads, 5 caribou, 5 elk, 4 doll sheep, 3 coyotes, 3 brown near rugs, 6 mahi mahi, 2 pirhanna, dozens of deer and a FULL STUFFED GRIZZLY BEAR in his house. Taxidermy is terrifying.

  • jenny

    Near rugs, bear rugs… Anyway, the boyfriend, a non-hunter inherits all of those someday. I won’t be able to sleep with those in the house.

    Tell Chuck to watch out.

  • Jenny- you can donate all those stuffed animals to someplace like Big Cedar Lodge in Missouri- Which Big Cedar is possibly the greatest place to stay in the contiguous 48.

    I love Chuckles, when Heather posts a good picture of him I immediately set it as my wallpaper, I don’t have a dog of my own, but Chuck is my internet dog.

  • Go boy, go! He’s gorgeous :]

  • Hark, Who goes there? Are ye Friend of Foe?

  • I have a beautiful Shar Pei (wrinkle dog) named Brandie, should Chuck require some friendly female…well, friendliness.


  • Could they be long lost cousins?

  • A-ha! Now I know who Chuck reminds me of…

    Ben Affleck.


  • beachgal

    What a great Chuck picture. Does he realize how much the internet loves him? Yay Chuck!

  • whoops. i guess no auto links enabled:

  • Jen

    Sadly enough, I scrolled back and I have to concur.

    Chuck does look a bit like Ben Affleck.

  • Micki

    I heart Chuck. as you know.

  • Davey

    Lovely dog; regal (as was said).

  • Micki

    ahhh. just read yesterday’s “baby back” entry. now realize why we have pix of Chuck. who does not grab cousins’ sippy cups.

  • Caroline

    Excellent example of “dog fur topography.” I love those places where the fur rises into fuzzy mountain ranges, like those sky-blue-oceaned, country-color-coded elementary school globes you could run your fingers across and actually FEEL the Rockies…

    Or maybe it’s just a cowlick…er, doglick?

  • Yay Chuck! More Chuck!

  • Bec

    You can’t blame the poor guy for being nervous – I probably would be too!

  • Tek

    I have 3 dogs, 1 neighbordog (she likes to visit) and 1 revolving dog (strays that come and go due to my girlfriend’s overwhelming “I-know-you-don’t-want-one-more-dog-but-it-looked-so-sad-and-it’s-a-dangerous-world-and-we-[I mean you]-can-find-it-a-home-for-sure” whine.
    And yet, more Chuck is so satisfying!
    So now I claim 3 dogs, 1 Neighbordog, 1 revolving dog and 1 internet dog. Cool.

  • Jane

    I don’t get the desire to be first…what’s the big deal?

  • Chuck is a really handsome doggie. Quite the looker.

  • re the public tantrum and having no say: that is, to me, the main shock of parenting all the way through–that we have no say in any of it. all we can do is try to give them a good example, treat them the way we want them to treat others, and of course, say no a lot. but say yes a lot too. what an adventure.

  • Aww, such a cutie. He has a face like my old dog Vespa (Yes, she was named after the princess in Spaceballs!) I just love seeing pics of him.

  • Oh my gawd. You have cloned my Dog. If you can, check out

  • Kathy

    Wait…it may just be the mailman with a dog biscuit.

  • He makes me want to play the name game. Let’s tryyyy … CHUCK!

  • Heathertoo

    Doesnt this remind you of “the dingo ate my baby?”

  • Aw, Chuck, come here and let me give you some TREATS!

    Sorry about the public squaking. It’ll happen to me someday, and I can only HOPE TO GOD IN HEAVEN that I don’t completely lose it with my child.

  • I think Chuck is trying to demonstrate to you the type of pose in which he’d like to be eternally memorialized someday.

  • Someone commented that Chuck needs a girlfriend. What do you think he is looking at??? Thats the look of “Oh baby come to papa!” At least thats my interpretation…

  • I call that curl on the chest “the seam”. My dog has a curl at every possible seam point. Its so very cool.

  • Emmett[] is a big fan of Chuck pictures.

  • Rabooka

    Yes! The pizza delivery guy is here! Maybe if I show my teeth he’ll drop the pizza.

    I love chucks eyes!

  • Chuck is the biggest Stud!
    Even when in sight of the evil taxidermist he still looks like a buff Stud-Muffin!

  • Good boy CHUCK, good boy!

  • I think Chuck would like to come and live with me. In California. Where it’s warm. “Here, Chuckie! Come on, boy! Come on…”


  • Melissa

    Chuck looks so wonderful!!

  • It would really creep me out if my neighbor was a taxidermist.

  • Mir

    I say we start a petition to get the former Congressman’s regal profile up there on Mt. Rushmore. The world NEEDS more Chuck!

  • Dun’t be skeerid Chukk, I haf 1 gud plann 2 git awwiy frem thiss harribil plis. Thinn I wil git U and sav U frim this taxi thatt yew R skirr ef. I wil natt tak 1 taxi 2 gitt yew bekass I no U R affred off taxis. I wil tak 1 buss. Wash 4 me okiy? Pakk a bagg, ful off trits 4 mi 2 eet okiy?
    Yor frin,

  • You can almost hear the cogs whirring round in his brain; coming up with a plan so cunning you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel!

  • LT

    I just choked on ginger dressing.

    (That’ll teach me to slurp it right out of the cup.)