An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation
  • Jaime

    Lovely indeed. Wish we still had such beauty in Ontario. Its already gray and dreary.
    Love the pics, inspiring.

  • Lilacs in October? Utah *IS* magic!

  • di

    nice! always good to see color in fall… especially from new growth!

  • bee

    as if your life doesn’t seem magical enough already… 🙂

  • WhoooHoooo, I’m number 4 🙂

    Gorgeous flowers Miss Heather!

  • dooce,
    be proud! Today you made one grouchy person smile..


  • Wow, gorgeous! DC is gray and dreary right now…thanks for the color splash!

  • kim

    gosh – i want a camera like that SO BAD! just awesome!!

  • aibee

    I like the way you see things 🙂

  • perception

    pretty pretty pretty. =)

  • I just love seeing your photos everyday! I am glad though that it’s not a giant nightmare-inducing bug today.

  • [Insert generic comment complimenting photo here]

  • BigDumbHomo

    That’s pretty keen! Now if it only came in scratch and sniff.

  • annie

    Just to add that the Da-da stuff is maddening, though allegedly it’s easier for them to say (small comfort when I spend a good portion of the day pointing to self intoning ma-ma ma-ma MA-MA)

  • flowers, babies, puppies…if it weren’t for all the poop talk (and god, how i love the poop talk) i’d almost expect a dancing hamster next.

  • Gia

    WOW! I am jealous. Ours only bloom in spring! And they smell soooo good.

    Oh – and I haven’t been able to get George Bush pantless out of my head. Thanks for the nightmare! 😉

  • Christi

    The green leaves in the front are distracting. It looks like you had focus set to closest. I wish you’d have pulled them off or shot around them. Pretty flowers though.

  • Em

    I am purple with envy! Do you also get lilacs in the spring there? I may need to move…

  • Sue

    MMMM, I can almost smell them…..yummy picture 🙂 Probably the single most wonderful scent in the world…next to a baby, that is…

  • Terrific photograph.

    And I agree about the pants hitting the shoes. You can tell so much from a well-dressed man.

    Lastly, ANTM? LOVE it.

  • elizabeth, i took this photo two days ago. in the fall.

  • reenie

    Bush with his pants down makes me laugh. Bush getting caught saying he didn’t say something…funny…but – Clinton saying “I did have a relationship with Ms. Lewinski” and then the replays of “I did not have sexual relations with that woman – Ms. Lewinski” over and over and over.

  • Elizabeth

    Umm… why do people think this image is from Fall? This is from Spring or Summer. I know… I LIVE in Utah! It’s raining buckets here right now and all the leaves are falling off the trees!! My family even owns lilacs… and they do not… I repeat… they do not bloom in Fall here in Utah. Hahaha ^_^

  • Brooke

    I hope your comment is deleted, Kano.

  • Lilac is one of my favorite colors. Your picture made me smile as did the “da da” comments… 🙂

  • I think the Da-da bit must be because she’s a girl, and girls love their daddies like that. My son will say nothing but Ma-ma, all day long.

  • Ty

    Elizabeth, her title says Autumn. I think that’s why people think they are from fall…perhaps it’s just a confused plant. Either way it’s pretty!

  • gji

    A politely, quiet begging for FOUR HOURS dog is wonderful! What you didn’t want was the “snatch the food out of your hand” or “drool on the person with good food” begging dog that my neighbor has. Chuck is such a good dog!

  • Enjoy your blooms Dooce – there is friggin two feet of snow here in Athabasca, Alberta Canada. Brrr…

  • Trees often get “confused” in the fall and put out a few blooms. We’ve got pear and apple trees blooming up in the orchard where I work & forsythia does quite a lot of blooming in the fall. All of those species are best known as spring bloomers… kinda like this here lilac. I think it’s hormonal. Really.

    Nice picture.

  • Dooce to self:
    Hmmm… I don’t have any recent pictures, and if I post an old one, people will think I’m a loser. I know! I post this one from summer and lie and tell everyone it’s recent. No one will ever know because it’s the internet and surely I have no readers in Utah, and surely no one has access to weather information. Stupid readers! I will fool them all! MuaHAHAAAAA.

    (lovely fall pic btw. :-] )

  • Danika

    *sigh* flowers in Autumn.. now that would be nice 🙂

    Just how many people reading this are from Alberta? Raise hands now

  • Mo

    Nice contrast.
    (see how i try to sound like i know what i’m talking about)
    I saw that male model thing too. It reminded me of the first time I saw the Telletubbies: “what the hell am I watching, no one will believe me about this, it is too f-ing surreal.” I especially loved the parts where they all arrived “home” and immediately stripped down to their male model panties. I expected a pillow fight to break out any minute.

  • Mo

    I totally expected all of the male models to have a pillow fight. I mean, what else do twenty men in their panties do to pass the time?

  • Just had to comment about your post: “Go Sox!!!!!” It was a long time coming, but we totally kicked some ass last night, all of New England is abuzz 🙂

    P.S. I hope your poop was very enjoyable!

  • the redsox got rid of shit, you got rid of shit. all is well.

  • Hormonal lilacs! i love it!
    I wonder how hard it would be to get lilacs for a fall wedding… not that i’mg etting married this fall, or any fall, for that matter.. but i sure do love lilacs and i love the fall nearly as much

  • Ahh lilacs. They won’t survive this far south. Probably the one plant aside from daffodils that I miss more than anything.

    Back up in MI we had lilacs blooming from February all the way to October. Not unusual. Depends on the weather really – if there’s a good cold snap and then it warms up, they think it’s spring and time to bloom again.

    Did I mention how much I miss them?

  • Pretty picture. Me likey. Even if you are cheating and posting old pictures as new ones. (Dooce is very tricky, Elizabeth. You have to stay on top of your game around here. Good on you.)

    Anyway, I’m glad you’re catching the quality horrible reality television. While you’re watching the Reality TV For The Gay Men, I’m watching Reality TV For The Dirty Old Men.

    Have you seen Laguna Beach on MTV? If not, DO NOT LOOK. It’s a trap.

  • Lovely picture and to Elizabeth, yes things do grow in the fall. God I hope so…I just planted 5 acres with grass seed for the horses.

    While I am here, I made a bad comment a few days ago concerning a picture of Heather and Mr. Heather. Specifically, the comment was *barf* Since then I have gotten a hate mail. I AM SORRY!!! really! I AM SORRY!! I WILL NEVER EVER DO IT AGAIN!!

  • jenn

    Beautiful picture Heather. I love it.

  • Carmen

    I always love looking at the photos you take with that awesome camera!
    Everytime i log on the internet (oh gee, I have to confess… I don’t log on that much *hellfire and brimstone precede to rain down in torents on this heretic*) I come to your site. It is by far the best site on the internet (here, I commence groveling and extreme disregard for any shred of dignity I could possibly possess) Yay-yah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Carmen

    correction: procede, not precede…I think…

  • Baseball makes me poo, too. And golf? Ugh! Pass the Charmin.

  • Suzy

    People! They still have to win the World Series. Have we forgotten 1986?

  • Dani

    Suzy~ I think people realize they have not won the world series but are excited by the fact that they came being down 3 games to winning and the simple fact that they beat NY.

    Not once have I read that people are celebtrating a win of the world series.

  • That’s gorgeous. I don’t see any blooms around central Ohio.

  • This photo embodies the word HOPE to me.
    Apparently no one told this lilac he couldn’t bloom in fall.

  • Bob

    Here Here, that’s what we need, more people pooping on the Red Sox.

  • I think she was pooping with relief Bob. Sox win=Dooce wins.

    I have a detailed account of the redsox craziness on campus at my site. Worth looking at if you’re a red sox fan

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