An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation
  • Cory

    Wow, you love “America’s Next Top Model” — a kindred spirit. Oh yeah, Sox suck. (Signed disgruntled, depressed, embarrassed NYC resident.)

  • Pretty flower.

  • Those are absolutely gorgeous.

  • Ashley

    I love these photos of landscape and such… but I must say Leta pictures are the best!

  • You have the best comment section. It veers around to all sorts of different subjects. I get the most fun reading while drinking the first cup of coffee. . .gets the ol’ brain going.

    You have such gifts girl — first with your eye for beauty which produces the best pictures I’ve ever seen. Ever. And I’m olllld. Secondly, the way you write…?? This may or may not be taken as a compliment by you but I think of you as your generation’s Erma Bombeck.

    Anyway — all of this to say I don’t care if you took this photo yesterday, three weeks ago, or last summer — it’s gorgeous.

  • Laurie

    I was talking to a friend of mine today and she introduced me to a word that I knew you would find amusing.

    The Peegasm (n). that sensation you get while peeing after you have been holding it for an extended period of time

  • Donna

    Another Alberta “viewer” who is so glad that NO SHOVEL-ABLE SNOW HAS FALLEN IN THE LAST THREE DAYS. Don’t care if the lilacs are this season, last season, behind green leaves or what – your pictures are always a treat.

  • Jeff

    (Raises Hand) Another frozen Albertan. Seems like you have quite the fan base in Western Canada.

  • erin

    pull the leaves off the branch for a better shot?

    isn’t that a little ridiculous if you consider that this photo is a celebration of nature(not to be too whitmanesque, here, or anything)?

  • I am from Boston and HAVE to say this as blunt as it might be. The Red Sox made a lot of people shit their pants last night. Red Sox winning over the Yankees = wonderful laxative.

    P.S. I hope Chuck got soem reward for waiting 4 hours for the muffin and not leaping up and taking it like my dog would have done.

  • Poop.

    oh wait. that was last week.

    Lilacs good. Red Sox good. Dog good. Canada good. Discussion about what flower grows where and when … getting a bit tiresome (yawn).

  • peegasm!
    loving it.

  • Liz

    I must say, I totally live for your site now-a-days. The photo every day is just so cool! I have a digital camera, and every so often I get a really good shot of something, but usually they’re just mediocre… you should give some internet photography lessons!

  • Am totally with you on the pants hitting the shoes thing.

  • julia

    i wish montreal had lilacs in the fall. but the leaves here are magnificent. this is my first post though i’ve been following for a year and a half and i just want to say you’re the best! it must be so strange, me knowing you quite well and you knowing me not at all… this doesn’t matter with the flood of fanmail you receive on a regular basis, but i think we’d really grog. yes, i know, i’m a crazy person on the internet. a virtual stalker.
    anyway, thank you for everything. it’s meant a lot to me.

  • mimi

    Why is it that you never take pictures at night, with a flash? I’ve heard this is an issue with the D70, but wanted to get it from the source.

  • amy

    More praise for Chuck… My little Shih Tzu would not have politely sat there drooling. He would have sat there doing his funky little growl.. ‘gggrrrr, don’t you know who I AM?! grrr, I want that pop tart damn you.. Get your ass over here, GIVE me the pop tart… grrr, NOW!” The bugger IS king you know.

    As for the disbelief over trees/shrubs/plants blooming, weird things happening over here in BC Canada too. Our awesome summer ended with the usual rains then a few weeks of glorious sun. Many of the plants got confused and started their spring bloom. Not complaining.

  • I heart Johnny Damon. Boy don’t make me poop, though.

  • Go Sox! – Okay I am Canadian but dammit – Go Sox! If the curse of Babe Ruth can be lifted then there is hope for the Oilers after Greztky yet…

  • gorgeous picture. seriously.

  • Danika

    Haha Lexa (guessing you’re a fellow Albertan) but since the Oilers won a cup AFTER Gretzky I don’t think HE is their curse. Maybe if we put a cup ring or Oiler coin under center ice we could get the cup again. 😀

    Why is it the picture looks even better on my Imac? WOW its like I’m looking through a blurry window when I see the pics on my work computer (Dell) and on my Imac its like it isn’t even a picture but I’m looking directly at the flower….

  • Danika

    Oh yeah and I wanted to mention I had to pee really badly this afternoon and when I finally did all I could think was “ahhh peegasm” I totally agree with and am now adding that word to my vocabulary!

  • One of the comments from yesterday brought up the awful irony of GWB ads from google on your site. Is this true(I hadn’t seen any)? What a horrible thought! Can’t you veto certain kinds of advertisers when you sign up for google ads?

  • Kimberley

    You know, since I have no more NHL, I have not shit since the fuckin season was supposed to start.

    just kidding

  • Shelli and I are buying Leta a Sox hat… because its important to start them young.

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  • Exlax

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful poop stories with us. Maybe you should try more fiber in your diet and less time taking pictures of trees that are as mixed up as most of the people on the Internet

  • Bob

    More poop on the Red Sox

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