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Give me back the lens cap, Scooter

  • I’ve never left a comment before, but HAD to because I’m FIRST!! Cool!

  • Kathleen

    What a sweetheart.

  • Torie Hoffman

    She is so precious. Maybe she is showing early signs of an interest in photography.

  • I LOVE her eyes. They’re gorgeous.

  • Lisa

    Cute, you need to head on over Chookooloonks, baby Alex has a thing for lens caps too.

  • So cute!! I can’t believe you guys are wearing coats. It’s going to be 82 in Texas today…ugh.

  • She looks adorable… the white-on-white ensemble, for some reason, makes me think she’s gearing up for her role as the Sugar Plum Fairy in her play group’s production of “The Nutcracker.”

  • H in Chicago

    OMG! Could Chuck have been any cuter!?

  • Suzy

    Too cute! Heh, it must have been cold out, her lil nose is pink!

  • perception

    I love that furry hooded jacket! She looks utterly adorable. =)

  • Leta makes that look yummy. By the way, I think you may regret white. It looks cute and all right now, but just wait. I can’t even let my kids wear pink or light blue. Just sucks in too much dirt.

  • Mmmmmm, lens cap, yummy!

  • Well, it *does* look like a giant oreo cookie.

  • LadyBug

    Love the puppy, Love the baby, Love the beautiful white coat, Love, Love, Love it!

    Now, please, the story of how that ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE puppy came to be known as “Former Congressman?” He doesn’t LOOK like a politician….those eyes say, “You’ll love me even when I shit on you.” Wait, maybe he IS a politician….hmmm…..

  • kimberley

    I want to hear the story of your wedding dress. Apparently that was quite interesting.

  • red

    she really gets cuter everyday, doesn’t she? GOODNESS!

  • Maybe she could duck it in milk too. DJ froggy looks so adorable in that white coat 🙂

    Btw, happy pooping Dooce!

  • HazelEyedPisces

    Bee-yoo-tee-ful. Absolutely.

    Congrats on the pooping! 🙂

  • Molly

    Ok.. So I’m sappy but your Chuck story made me get teary eyed… LOL
    Leta is a doll, as usual.. Thanks for sharing your stories!!!! (the four exclamations are to really get my point across.. )

  • Another Mommy

    Where did you get that coat?? I’d love to get one like for my baby.
    I love your site. You have been an inspiration for me, I laugh a lot reading your stories.

  • It’s a tough call today… who is cuter… baby or puppy??

    I think today, I’m gonna have to make the call for Baby Chuck. But only becuase I found myself, while looking at the second picture of him, thinking – “Aww, look it looks just like Chuck does now, right there across the bridge of his nose there, you can tell it’s him…” just like you do when you look at a baby picture of a person. Which is just weird.

  • Stephanie

    She is adorable. She does look just like her dad. And I love the little coat. Where did you get that and did they have it in any other color? My 15 month old would have that looking like ass in no time.

    Love your site!

  • dooce,
    snow white is at your house! wow She is soooo gorgeous.. Is Santa somewhere around too?

  • So CUTE!! Did she get to go out in the snow? She looks ready for the cold!

  • That’s so sweet. Mhmm tasty lens.

  • Sue from Ohio

    Leta is going to be the next Annie Leibovitz, I can see it now~~~~~~~~~~~

    Chuck’s story made me weepy…and I don’t GET weepy! I’m intrigued about the ‘former congressman’ thing, too…

  • i am so in love with the former congressman.

    of france!!!!

  • sab

    she is adorable. she looks like a big snowball. a snowball I want to hug.

  • You know, that outfit makes her look kind of like a Jawa vacationing in Vail. She’s exceptionally cute.

  • For a second there, I thought Leta was munching on a Moon Pie. mmmmmmmm Moon Pies.

  • Torrie

    Can’t breathe…. Cuteness too much… Puppy…Gasp…Baby…Gasp…

  • Em

    Where does she shop? I covet her coat.

  • Cute puppy, cute baby, rational husband… what more can a person ask for? 🙂

  • PS: If I inadvertently implied above that your daughter was, in some objective, empirical sense, less cute than a dog this was not my intent. I was speaking only of the impact of the PHOTOGRAPHS in question and their immediate, personal, emotional appeal.

    Let me repeat – LETA IS CUTER THAN ANY DOG!!

    I hope I’ve made myself clear.

    dr. dave

  • LT

    her nose is the best, I think. never seen that shape before!

  • winger

    My daughter has a fleece jacket like that – we bought it last season at Old Navy. And, we Cardinals fans are stunned and disillusioned. But life goes on.

  • What a darling little angel! She sure is a cutie!!

  • Your house is full of cuteness. Is that much cuteness allowed by law in Utah?

  • 1 Instigator

    hmmm…how can we turn this photo into a political debate? C-mon people, you can do it!!!! (the four exclamation points let you know I really, really believe in you.)

  • Dre

    Heather, I love ya to death, but I’d rather have you constipated for the next 86 years rather than have the Sox win. 🙁 I’m from St. Louis and was really hoping the Cards would win the series. (Or, heck, at least one game!)

    I just want to take my index finger and touch Leta’s nose and go, “Boink.” So cute and smushy!

    And Chuck! What an awesome story. Funny how things work out…

  • She looks just like you!

  • That much cuteness means that Kerry should win. ‘Cuz you know, nothing’s decided on issues anymore. It’s all based on the photo ops.

  • Thanks for making me tear up at work….cute baby, cute puppy, way too much cuteness!

  • shelli

    the whites of her eyes are blue, like in the Movie DUNE. COOL.

    By the by, poor Leta-ain’t teething fun!

  • 1 Instigator

    YES! The lens cap into the mouth representing the total lack of respect for the American media and an “in your face” statement to Hollywood, shall we even go so far as to say,liberals in general….Oh. My. God. I think Leta may be a REPUBLICAN! the pooping episodes should have given it away…

  • Micki

    Chuck’s adoption. Ah, Heather, you break my heart.

  • the whites of her eyes are blue-white because she hasn’t yet learned the pleasures of gin, or vodka or rum, or beer for that matter…all little ones’ eyes are like that until they find the key to the liquor cabinet…it’s because their super healthy, they’ll stay that way into her toddlerhood and beyond. And, yea, it is cool.

  • so THAT’s how you get the “dooce effect!”


  • Liz

    Mmmm…lens cap.

  • Nina

    Leta sure is a beautiful baby…
    so was Chuck!(!!!)

    You were menat to be in that spot to meet him just like she was meant to eat the lens cap so you could take that wonderful pic.

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