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Give me back the lens cap, Scooter

  • CA

    OH.MY.GOD. too much cuteness with the Leta baby and the Chuck baby.

  • New Nikon selling point: Tastes like chicken.

  • Lauren

    She’s beautiful.

  • Anne Geddes, watch your back!

  • Liz

    OK, not in like a cannibal way? But I want to EAT THEM! They are so FREAKIN’ CUTE. Mmmmm yummy puppy to nibble on, and tasty baby fingers to dip in pop-tart filling and munch. YUM! Oh so cute.

  • Colleen

    Tell Leta she’s way too young for that low carb craze. She IS way too cute; I am particularly jealous of the little white coat. (I am expecting my third son in 2 months… no white furry hoods here)

  • JP

    She has the BEST eyes…what a cutie!!

  • Tiff

    Newbie here – love your site, love your babies, love your wit!

    Makes living in Texas bearable this time of year!

    ps – my 8 month old likes hard plastic objects as well – remotes, phones, it’s all good!

  • Great photos! Great story, too. I’m wondering, though, about Sadie. I was reading some of the other categories, getting caught up on the Dooce life, and found the entry about her, but then there is NO WORD about her ever again. I hope I’m not bringing up some painful topic, but whatever happened to her? As you can see from my email address, I’m a golden retriever lover.

  • Another request for coat information. It is hard to find a decent looking coat for a baby girl that isn’t a total pink explosion.

  • the coat was given to her before she was even born by her Aunt Mary (jon’s sister) who found it on clearance at Old Navy. So it’s probably over a year old and not available anymore, but OH HOW I LOVE TO PUT HER IN IT.

  • Those eyebrows are totally in right now. Seriously.

  • Mir

    Dammit, Heather, take that lens cap out of her mouth and give her some paper towels and knives to play with. Sheesh.

  • Beautiful children, Heather!

  • BarefootGoddess

    I have that same jacket!

  • Kim

    Someone ABANDONDED Chuck!!??! On a parkbench? OMG you WERE meant to be there to rescue him.

    What a sweet story and what a cute pic of Leta (LEEETA now that I know how to pronounce it from reading your archives!). We don’t get to wear coats like that in Texas.

  • Seajay

    We also referred to our son’s ass as the play doh fun factory the first time he decided to wait until his diaper was off.

    Leta is absolutely adorable.

  • I am overwhelmed with cuteness! I got all misty with the Chuck story! And I love this picture of Leta! You are blessed with all things beautiful!

  • ab

    I just wanna squeeze her cheeks she’s so cute!

  • I was hoping you would celebrate the Red Sox kick assness by making fun of the guy from Creed-uh singing the Star Spangled Banner-uh and how it yet waves-uh… my husband said that is sooo South Park and I said I really hope Dooce makes fun of it tomorrow….You have a hansome brood all the way around, “Nice work! Now hawnk at tdhaat braawwwd!”

  • lol.. too cute.. now i see where the dooce effect reeeaaalllyy comes from.. lil leta’s saliva.. LOL

  • Stacy

    Damn, this whole time I have been calling her Leta, as in Jetta.

  • Cristina

    What a beautiful little snow baby!Does she like the snow?

    I want to hear the story of how Chuck came to be named Chuck (now that we know how Bootsie came to be Bootsie)

    Also, I have always been curious about the period in your life when you posted about your “roommate” who in retrospect was obviously Jon…why “roommate” and not “boyfriend”?

  • Patrick

    Random thought: my parents have pictures of me as a kid with my dad scooting me around the floor in a) a large empty Pampers box b) one of those huge stainless steel mixing bowls. So much entertainment and parental exercise!! (The scooter in the title reminded me of it).

  • DAMN! I’ve been pronouncing Leta as in Jetta too. My husband and I have had a bet going…I hat losing!

  • Eleni

    Love the picture of Leta!! And I guess I can forgive you for cheering for the Red Sox!

  • Ed

    How do you get 76 coments (or much mooore) for your posts ????

    Very cool blog ..


  • Elizabeth

    I actually wondered about the HAT! Very stylin’!

    Chuck was definitely TOO cute (and still is, still is!)!

  • Heather 2

    Hey Kathy –
    October 17, 2003 post titled ‘Drama’ is about Sadie and her new home.

  • Love the Leta photo…but I REALLY loved the Chuckles adoption story and the wonderful pics of him as a puppy. Thanks for sharing!

  • DM

    I love both pictures of the babies and the comments are great as well.

    The whole cuteness thing being that Kerry will win, yeah, that had me rolling. Leta, keep on being adorable, our country needs you! See, only one esclamation point to prove that I’m not a psycho. Of France!!!!

  • Hmmm… If you got her one of those white rabbit fur hats, like out of Dr. Zhivago, she’d look like a chubby Russian princess…

  • Stacy

    Stupid question- I notice in some comments people refer back to a previous comment by number. Are ya’ll counting, or is there some numbers off to the side that I just can’t see?

  • Heather, your baby is just beautiful. I loved reading about how you got Chuck. Baby Chuck photos so sweet!

  • Baby Chuck photos are awesome. He’s just the perfect dog. And I love baby Leta photos too. Thanks for sharing.

  • jenn

    leta looks so cute. i never realized her hair was that red… very sweet.

  • Liz

    That is the cutest little coat EVER! She is so adorable! Keep posting the great photos!!!

  • Leta is so yummy. How do you not eat her?

  • Liz

    OK I forgot to post this earlier… last night at dinner, my dad asked me who was going to win the World Series, and, without thinking, I said, “I hope the Red Sox do so that Dooce can poop!” Needless to say, my parents didn’t have a clue what I was talking about, but isn’t it nice to know other people talk about your pooping habits at dinner?

  • Those pictures of Chuck made me HURT. They are so cute I can hardly take it. He doesn’t even barely look the same these days, he’s grown into such a little MAN!!

  • I hate lens caps. I’m not smart enough to remember to take it off of the camera before I put it to my eye. I drive every photographer I know NUTS because I rarely use my lens cap.

  • Danika

    Stacy~ If you look under the picture it says
    Filed Under: daily photo

    Love the little white princess photo 🙂


  • It MUST be illegal to be that cute!

  • Meg

    Absolutely adorable. Her eyes really are gorgeous!

  • My lens cap disappeared mysteriously the other day. I managed to find it after much searching, but now I’m thinking I should sniff it for traces of baby food and crackers. I wouldn’t trust Leta not to fly over here and gum it a bit.

  • When I have a baby, it will look like that. At least, if it wants me to love it, it will. Or like Mason (photo on my site).

    Sox won, and that is justification here to get drunk as all get out and not to go to classes. 😀

    Reason #I cant remember how many when Massachussetts rocks.

  • gg

    Danika and Stacy:

    The comments are iindividually numbered — there’s a little number to the left of each name. Maybe you can’t see them on your browser.

    This one will be comment #98, unless someone beats me to it.

  • omg that is like the cutest baby jacket i’ve ever seen. more leta pics!!! too cute!

  • Carmalyn

    Damn, I always pronounced Leta as Lay-ta!!!!! oh well, I can pronounce Lee-ta. Formor COngressman Chuckles is by far the guy I’m gonna vote for in the 2004 elections!!!! He will make the world right again, potato chips and cheese all around!!!!
    Of France!!!!

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