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  • danika

    Here is the link to my site with a pic of my nieces. Click on cuteness. For some reason the link won’t post so put the usual www then free /danikabur/cuteness

  • rose

    I always thought that brown eyes were dominant…but then i remember my cousin. His father is mexican with brown eyes/brown hair, and my aunt is spanish with brown eyes/brown hair. He however came out with blue eyes/blonde hair, and no my aunt didn’t screw the mailman…because it just so happens that his fathers grandmother had blue eyes, and blonde hair. Its just a randomness in the gene pool. Leta looks soo precious…(i want to pinch her cheeks!)

  • Sue From Ohio

    There isn’t an area for comments on your site…so, I just wanted to let you know, you’re nieces are adorable. My 1 yr old had a similar headband, until my dog ate it 🙁

  • Danika

    Thanks Sue and sorry about the dog eating the headband.

  • Dooce,

    I sent a present for you and Leta. Hope you like it!


  • Rose:

    Eye color is controlled by more than one gene, so one specific color isn’t really dominant over the others (at least in the normal sense.) Also, people with the dominant trait can still have children with the recessive trait depending on what alleles they have. (Sorry, I’m a TA in a General Bio class… I’ll stop talking nerdy now…)

  • omgash, cutest picture ever!

    Halloween really brings out the most adorable pictures in your kids!! What is Leta going to be for halloween!? I can’t wait to find out! 🙂

  • hayley

    *sulking* what a tease! it’s like watching a nudey show through a teeny peephole!
    dooce, you have no idea the power you have over us bored little underlings, we’re checking back every five minutes to see if the sneak peek is a full monty yet.

  • jen

    What a sweetheart!

  • Colleen

    those “batteries required” toys are the reason why we use the subtitle option when we watch dvds.

  • Another masterpiece, sheesh. I’m lucky if I can get a shot without a finger up a nose or a tongue protruding.

  • JP

    FABULOUS!! (Only two exlamations.)
    She is just the cutest…I need more pictures of my girsl…

  • eco2geek

    Which is worse — wrapping spaghetti around Chuck’s snout, or dressing him up as a pumpkin? 🙂


  • “Aflack!” said the little duck.


  • I like her tiny little halo, or am I the only one who can see that?

  • My wife is having a baby shower/Halloween party tomorrow. She’s going as a fertility goddess (she’s at 7 months). I thought she should have gone as a pregnant prom queen.

    Is Leta going to be sitting on Chuck?

  • Heh. Wait til she starts kicking both of her feet in the air at the same time, which lifts the entire Pla-doh poop factory off the bed and scoots her down a half a foot. THAT is funny, especially when you’re trying to get a diaper on her!

  • I know this is off subject, but have the google ads actually paid off yet? Just wondering.

    And your daughter is just way too cute.

  • Kira

    muchisimo mucho cute

  • Laurie

    Haha, it’s chuck’s wee bum. (sorry we had a halloween party at the office today)

    I would say that Chuck is a chick coming out of an egg of some sort? Or something with wings. Maybe even an egg with wings. 😉

  • Yes, yes, Leta’s a doll… but I’m wondering, what’s that shining spot on the top of her head? Is someone holding a flashlight to her?

  • punching boyfriend in the nards — #1!

  • Delurking to say,

    Wow!!! She’s so darn cute!!

  • Cora’s mommy

    OMG, what did you do to Chuck? Frickin hilarious.

  • Lizzie

    Looks like someone’s trying to burn a hole in her head with a magnifying glass. OMG, you’re horrible parents!!!

    (Kidding! You seem like awesome parents raising an awesome kid. Of course. How sad that I need to add this disclaimer.)

  • Punching a guy in the nads is about the worst thing you could do to a human being. Women can never understand the pain – you compare childbirth to pulling your lip over your forehead – getting punched in the nads is like sliding down a giant cheesegrater, naked.

    I kid you not. The shooting, knife-like pain, even with minor contact spreads through your body, in a pins and needles sort of way, from your abdomen, and into other centres of nervous activity: ie your fingers, cheeks, etc…

  • Most men who have underwent said experience will agree.

  • I just noticed that several of the pictures you have of Leta, she must sit in the exact same place every time because she has that little circle of light on her head. Last time we thought she had a chunk of white hair in the front…

  • Okay not several pictures, just one other does Leta have the “forehead light” I just checked.

  • The biology lesson is making my brain hurt. I just hope that my kids have a good chance at having blue eyes. Having someone tell me my eyes were baby shit brown kind of ruined it for me.

  • Carla Beth

    That’s Chuck in an angel suit!

  • danielle

    more puppy-chuck pictures!!

  • eco2geek

    Well, espressoblogger, seeing as how the whole process of labor and delivery lasts an average of 15 hours for first-time moms, and the actual “pushing phase” lasts an average of an hour, I doubt you’ll get much sympathy with the ladies by comparing being kicked in the ‘nads to childbirth.

    Just saying.


  • DM

    What do you mean pumpkins can’t fly? What about The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown?

  • chuck’s a giant turkey, i just know it. and leta’s flapping cuz she wants to be like him.

  • I like the way she is so totally at home in front of the camera. Would she recognize you without a camera in front of your face?

  • She is BEAUTIFUL!!! SO CUTE!!!

  • She seriously needs to stop being so cute. It’s making me want kids. And I never thought that could happen.

  • Amanda, i think the pictures were taken on the same day… she’s wearing the same dress… well.. i guess that doesn’t automatically make it the same day… but she is in the same spot, with the light on her head, in the same dress…

    she’s darn cute, either way 😛

  • Shailyn

    Is it wrong that I love your kid almost as much as the 2 children (11 months and 4 years) that I watch 3 time a week? I check this site out EVERY night before I go to bed…. its like opening the bedroom door to check on the baby shile shes napping, its so perfect. You make me wish I lived in Utah so I could hang out with you and nibble on Letas cheek.
    Shannon (from Atlanta)

  • shy me

    omg! I LOVE that picture. I can just imagine what that sounds like!

  • espressoblogger:
    A friend once explained her monthly cramps to me: “It’s like being kicked in the nads … Every. Two. Minutes.”

    So suck it up, buster.

  • Oh, you haven’t LIVED until you have the Lil’ Tykes Rack and Thumbscrews right out in the living room.

    For grandmother to see.

    And criticize.

    And remind/warn you of it’s dangers.


  • Sue FromOhio

    Michigan Rabbit Sanctuary…hmmmmmm Rabbit Stew anyone???

    MUWAHAHAHAHAA, a little Halloween Humor, Sorry

  • Squawk! Squawk, I say!

  • Taylor

    I’m just so glad you had an honestly cute baby so I wouldn’t have to lie and tell you how “cute” she was to make you happy. WAY TO GO!!

  • Taylor

    Good idea Shy Me! Dooce-SOUND!!

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