An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation

It’s the 1960’s all over again

  • Dre

    We. Are. F.U.C.K.E.D.

  • And the US is supposed to be forward thinking?

  • KTK

    It’s scary. 11 states with the same referendum, and not a one of em shot the ban down.

  • pd

    “In the ballroom at Columbus’s Renaissance hotel, where several dozen weary Kerry supporters are still waiting for an electoral miracle, David Gergen appeared on a monitor and said something that many here are thinking. “For an awful lot of people on the losing side, there’s going to be a sense of alienation, of, is this the country we thought it was?” he asked. A few people actually applauded this statement. Others just nodded their heads.”

  • Sarah

    I’m going to be sick.

    The streets should be running with vomit by now…
    …what the fuck happened???

  • Kathleen

    What’s wrong with this country? We elected Bush for 4 years and that way it looks, probably another 4.

    Need I say more?

  • Ali

    I keep hoping that I’ll wake up. Or that somehow, like the Red Sox – Kerry will win. And then the Patriots will win. And then Massachusetts will take over the world. Hah.

    Also, is there any scientific correlation between pooping and a John Kerry victory? Does the bowel movement of dooce as we know it rest on this election?

  • Diz

    Oh dear. And oh dear again.

  • Laurie

    (sigh) no better news in the am.

    And just because I have to..Mr. Kano who was saying that liberals are going to whine and republicans aren’t…I’m calling hooey on that one. Because you know, that’s EXACTLY what they did when Clinton won a second term. They rolled up their sleeves and got to work. Riiiiight.

    You may be the rare exception though, so thank you for your support. 🙂

  • libbiegrrl

    Being a non-American, I extended my deepest condolences. I was hoping to see sanity and intelligence prevail. Sadly, it was not to be.

  • Megan in Munich

    At this rate I will never be able to come home again…

  • Brooke

    That’s it. We’re all moving to Canada. :/

  • Kathleen, we did not elect Bush 4 years ago. The Supreme Court stopped the recount and handed him the presidency. Al Gore won the popular vote. That is why so many on the left are so bitter and so upset. Plus, war in Iraq, Osama still at large and God everywhere.

  • di

    dunno about any of you, but i’m feeling depressed today.

  • I’ve been giving some thought to what happens next if it’s official that Bush wins (it ISN’T official as of me writing this). We can’t drop out of the process discouraged. We must continue to stand opposed to every one of Bush’s plans that we disagree with. No matter what happens, we can’t cave.

  • Why does anyone give a fuck if a man wants to marry another man? How is this not considered unconstitutional? Isn’t the “sanctity” of marriage more a religious subject than political? Last time I checked, there was supposed to be a separation between church and state. Why can’t gays have rights like everyone else does? Fucking ridiculous.

  • I cannot believe this passed. I don’t think people were reading into the true meaning of the amendment. It’s not just about marriage, it’s about who will/will not get benefits and be able to visit their loved ones in the hospital,etc. etc. Lame, people, LAME!

  • atpanda

    Amen to that Jon. Down with the electoral college!

  • di

    David Letterman: “Hey, I saw your sister with Mary Cheyney, but there was no sign of Dick.”

  • Heather 2

    I didn’t realize how upset I was going to be if this nightmare happened…and I’m a little bit in shock. I really thought that a majority of the American people were ready for a change. I’m feeling pretty down about the outlook of the next 4 years.

  • The civil rights of minorities have always been challenged at every turn in our country and throughout the world. Losing one major battle won’t lose the war.

  • Guess I should get started on our bomb shelter…

  • Kano

    Well look at it this way…..All you liberal whiners won’t have to go on that diet you have been meaning to since you are so busy puking your guts out and crying

  • D

    Obviously there are too many ignorant, gun-wielding Americans running around with voter registration cards. GO TO FRANCE!

    Vomitus Maximus.

  • patricia

    Seriously, what hte fuck are we going to do? I’m thinking of becoming a citizen – Of France!

  • jodi-no-blog

    “A government for the idiots, by the idiots….”

    (vomitting into her office waste basket.)

  • TexChic

    The sheeple have spoken and now we all have to live with it. Who ever said the U.S. was a forward thinking country? It has been my experience that most of its citizens are self-centered, ignorant, and prejudiced conservative Christian rednecks, but then, I live in the South . . .

  • Canadian

    I’m so sorry.

  • It just all feels like one very very bad dream. All I can say is that at least Feingold won and Bush didn’t win my state of Wisconsin!

  • Kano

    Your comments are just what I expected from a bunch of whiney assed liberals. My God what are we going to do? For God’s sake people get a freaking grip. Life will go on and in a few months things will be better. If it’s not better then move your silly asses to another country. You are pathetic!

  • Leader of the free world?


    Four more years of:
    -crazy terrorists
    -bad grammar
    -moving closer to 1984
    -me wishing I lived in the day when I could challenge a man to a duel…

  • I’m am utterly depressed this morning. I knew logically there was a chance Bush could win, but emotionally I never let myself believe the American people could be so stupid as to let this happen. I feel like a stranger in my own country.

    I urge everyone to send John Kerry a letter, urging him to keep up the good fight in Ohio.


    PS: I live in Kentucky, where we just elected a senator who is clearly senile and wouldn’t even debate his candidate face-to-face. OMG WTF @#$%^&*()

  • Laurie

    “Well look at it this way…..All you liberal whiners won’t have to go on that diet you have been meaning to since you are so busy puking your guts out and crying”


    “You people on the other hand can’t even lose gracefully…..Instead it will be whining bitching and moaning from now on.”

    Again, I would say that republicans are just as bad about the whining and bitching and moaning. Remember the 90s?

    Also, it is painfully obvious that some people of the conservative bent are sore “winners”. Wheter it be in Iraq or on some comment board. I believe your next line in “nanny nanny boo boo” 🙂

  • Watching from up here in Canada, watching the votes come in and be counted on the evening news. There was that big/evergrowing swath of red pouring over the country. The one big question in my head was: “but I thought everyone hated Bush down there?” Second question: “what are they *thinking* down there?” As someone else said in this thread, now that the results are in it is extremely
    important to stand up for your beliefs (whatever they may be: anti-iraq, pro-same sex marriages etc) and get yourselves heard.

  • Somebody delete Kano’s ass.

  • Brooke

    Maybe you should stop acting like you have a saguaro cactus stuck up your rear end, Kano.

    Just a thought from one of your so-called “whiney-ass liberals.” 🙂

  • Tom

    It was very discouraging last night, to watch and listen to Robert Novak (UGH!) talk about how conservative the nation has become.

    Gay marriage will never be “legal” in this country, at least not while the Republicans are in control, which appears to be for quite a long time.

    Looks like my partner and I will have to move to Canada.

  • Diz

    If it’s any consolation, we here in London will be heading to the pub in approximately 3.5 hours to get started on drowning your sorrows. It’s a big job, and we thought you might need some help.

  • PS to Kano: Eat a bowl of dicks.

    As far as I’m concerned today, the gloves are off. Maybe I’ll be more chill in a day or so, but not right now.

  • Although the Presidential canidates were disappointing all around, I am most bothered by the fact that our “system” only supports voting for canidates from the two major parties. There are SO SO many more options that aren’t available because people historically paniced in crisis (ie: depression-era politics) and set us up for such a corrupt system.

    -Just my two cents.

  • Suz

    The ONLY frigging good thing about this election is Obama won in Illinois. How is it so many people are willing to trade their civil rights for a false sense of security against a nebulous threat? How is it so many people will vote for a man that purposely plays up their fears? How is it so many people don’t care that Bush is a certifiable idiot that can’t string together a well-spoken sentance if it’s printed on the teleprompter in front of him? Well, as our constiutional rights are trampled, our environment destroyed, our international legitimacy pummeled and our economy spirals downward I just hope all the Busy voters remember that they brought it on themselves.

  • Kano, wanna come visit while I am pouring the concrete for my bomb shelter. I am sure you will make an excellent “filler.”

  • Ica

    I woke up this morning and apologized to my baby girl for the fact that the basic civil liberties that we, her parents, have grown up with and taken for granted will slowly be eroded in the next four years and that it will take her entire life to fight to get back.

    I want to throw up.

  • teach

    Kano, you’re the one who is pathetic. I can’t believe people who were concerned about “moral values” voted for Bush. What kind of moral values are lying, cheating, stealing and hate? How stupid do you have to be not to see through this megalomaniac? This country was founded on the notion that all people are created equal and that we should all be free to practice or not practice whatever religion we choose. Just because I’m a (fill in the blank) doesn’t mean all people should be. Bush and his cronies are trying to dictate what ALL Americans should believe, and I can’t think of anything more un-American than that.

  • there’s fucking plenty wrong with this fucking cuntry (<---NOT mispelled).

  • mainer

    Shock and awe.
    Shock that this election was decided by Christian Conservatives, in awe of Carl Rove’s ability to create a political regime who basically writes off the center/left, and relies upon the right wing to win. GWB will govern UNFETTERED by fear of losing re-election, by any accountability to those to disagree with him at all. What has he got to lose? NOTHING.

    We have no idea what the future will bring with that man in control. I am so sad for our nation today.

  • fuckity fuck fuck

  • dusty

    The process was followed. Everyone 18 or over with no felonies had the right to be heard, and unfortunate for some the loud voice of the minority is silenced by the actions of the majority. Population density aside, the screen looked pretty red last night….And if a state like Ohio who lost over 200,000 manufacturing jobs over the last 4 years, can’t get 51% for Kerry….then what does that say?

  • I’m fairly positive the ban didn’t pass in Oregon, where it’s called “Measure 36,” not “3.” So there IS some hope…


    I thought we had more sense than this…

  • JK Canadian

    I only live in a 1 bedroom in Edmonton, but am willing to share with any sane American wanting out.

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