An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation

Sigh. Life, life is hard.

  • Brooke

    Aww, Chuckles.

  • kat

    I don’t know. She looks very sad that the elections are over. Hrm… Either that or she’s really sad that Kerry lost.

  • Furry hugs Chuckmeister!

  • Brooke

    Chuck’s a boy, Kat. 🙂

  • Sometimes I wish I could have that “I just couldn’t care less” feeling that it looks like Chuck has. Or, maybe he’s thinking, “That damn costume was humiliating. I BETTER get more pizza.”

  • Liz

    I love the letter to Leta… how’s her therapy going?


  • Sven
  • Senator Chuckles is just contemplating his 2008 run. Do you think Lassie’s available for Secretary of State? Mouse, do you want to be his running mate?

  • dänika

    the letter to Leta made me cry.

    Chuck is adorable. 🙂

  • jodi-no-blog

    Sigh… I have to close my office door again, so no one sees me tearing up! Love that letter to the Frog Princess! What a lucky little girl…

  • Life IS hard when you have to compete with cutie-pie Leta for attention!

    awwww…I’ll give you a pop-tart over here, Chuck!

  • Heather, I loved your letter to Leta. We just adopted a seven-month-old and I can relate to so many things that you mentioned. Rather than the thumb, though, he goes for his middle fingers. And it’s loud as can be on the monitor!

    We, too, plan to teach him about all religions so he can make a decision on his own. I wish our country as a whole would be more open to differences. I cried a couple of tears yesterday. But here we are, stuck again for four more years. Ugh.

    Happy nine months, Leta!

  • I wish you knew what kind of dog Chuck was, because my dog looks just like him and the vet can’t tell what breed she is either. When people ask me I just have to tell them 100% stray.

    That’s a very good shot of Chuck there, and you look so much happier in that last photo of you with Leta. I am glad you are feeling better.


  • Your letter to Leta is beautiful. She’s a very lucky little girl!

    Chuck, life could be worse, you could be my dog and have to live with 2 indoor cats, 1 outdoor cat and 3 indoor kids 🙂

  • Chuck looks sad. He should be happy. Leta is going to crawl around soon. She’ll crawl towards chuck and start hitting him, as infants are prone to treat animals. Then he’ll have plenty of attention, plenty.

  • beachgal

    Yay Chuck! He’s so cool. And great newsletter…made me weepy.

  • Oh, Chuck. Dear, dear Chuck. If only you knew the joy you brought the Internet…

  • kim

    i think it’s been said before: those monthly letters are beautiful and usually make me cry. in a good biological-clock-is-ticking kinda way. thank you, heather.

  • Yeah, more chuck photos for wallpaper- I had a dream last night that I got a new puppy and in the dream I was so happy I cried. Now it seems ridiculous, but last night I really wanted that puppy… it looked a lot like chuck… I WANT A PUPPY!!!

  • I had a dream about Chuck last night.


  • Thank you for posting these monthly newsletters each month Heather. I’m very greatful that we get to follow the journey of raising Leta with you. And the bonus Chuck pictures are always great!

  • Susie

    I’m never envious; I’m always happy for others’ happiness. And then along came Chuck. God forgive me, I covet him. I covet Janna’s dream about him . . .

    Beautiful letter to Leta. What a treasure she will have some day, with a book of these letters. What a treasure she has today, with so much mama-and-daddy love.

  • Dooce,
    Your entry to Leta this month made me smile. Just think how different this country would be if all mothers sought to teach their children love and compassion above all else.
    Hope for the future is in the air.

  • zchamu

    Chuck rocks.

    He is so cool looking; he’s a cartoon dog and an outer space dog and a regular dog all kind of rolled into one.

  • He has got to be THE cutest dog in the world.

  • Drew

    Heather, you are a beautiful woman and you have a beautiful family. May God bless you and your family for all time.

  • p-hawk

    Okay, now that you’ve satiated our Chuck-based needs, some of us have a few suspicions that you might have more George pics. Cough ’em up, please.

  • hmmm….teach all religions? does anybody know all the religions. most people are forever stained by the first religion they learn.

  • di

    life is hard! animals make it so much better, though 🙂

  • Chessy

    Yay for the cuteness that is Chuck! All hail our canine cult leader! (His face totally says, “I should have minions.”)

  • Chuck looks like all of us did yesterday. Depressed about our current politcal situation.

  • Thank you for the wonderful newsletter you addressed to your daughter. She is a sweetie pie, and reading of your love and committment to raising her in an open-minded, compassionate home made me feel that there may be some hope in this world in which we live now. Thanks.

  • melissa

    Babies and puppies…warm fuzzy feelings…thanks for the slight cheering up. 🙂 Leta and Chuck are both so adorable and I love reading about their adventures. I nearly died when you posted Chuck’s story with his baby pictures!

    Thanks, Dooce. I am still in disbelief, but we won’t talk about that! Baby cheeks, puppy ears, ahhhhhh.

  • A doggy bed?…I should have known that he would be lavished with all sorts of stuff. After all, he is the first born.

  • Em

    Aw, poor Chuck.

    Your entry made me cry today. Damn you, dooce! 🙂

  • Congressman Chuckles will always be the winner in my eyes! Go Chuck!

  • Micki

    lovely Leta. lovely Chuck. really lovely writing in the monthly newsletter.

  • Colleen

    it’s a dog’s life… although he does look a bit pensive. Nice, warm, fuzzy shot.

  • I saw the same sad look on the face of a Kerry campaign worker in the paper this morning.

  • Chuck looks pensive today….

  • Colleen

    Sven, limecat is hilarious.

  • Chuck: “Woe is me. Having to lounge about in a tapestry dog bed on an oriental rug. Perhaps I can convince them that I cant put weight on my feet like that frog-kid, and they will bring the 1.5 feet of leftover pizza to me.”

  • G. McFuzz

    I had tears in my eyes (good) from today’s newsletter. Thanks.

  • Stephanie

    Chuck is pissed off and wants to go PISS ON A “BUSH”…hehehe 🙂

  • Melanie S

    Oh, little Chuck! I want to scoop him up and snuggle with him. He’s precious!

  • Heather, reading your letters to Leta makes all the heartache and pain of infertility seem like it will eventually be worth it. Thanks for reminding me that what it is I’m still fighting for.

  • Tiff

    Leta was born one day after my anniversary and one month minus one day before my son was born! This of course means she is destined for greatness!

  • Sheryl

    I was just going to say I wish you hadn’t cut Chuck’s balls off because he is the *ideal* dog. I’d love to bring another doggie to your house, get some Chuck puppy batter and make a bunch of Chuck Juniors so others could share in the wonderful Chuckness.

    But, April, your post breaks my heart. And makes the puppy reproduction idea so trivial.

    Best of luck and sincere good wishes to you.

  • Heather–

    Your letter to your Leta was exactly what I needed today. Thank you. Thank you so much. As my husband starts to see the light at the end of the (fucking long) tunnel that is grad school, we’re talking about kids, and we’re both scared of bringing a new life into this world at this time. Your letter reassured me and gave me courage more than you will ever know. Thank you.

  • ella’s ma

    Chuck is just beginning the Annual dreading-of-next-Halloween angst.
    I love your monthly newsletters. I write them to my own daughter in hopes that someday she will have some understanding of what an incredible person she is, and how blessed we are that she’s here. Leta is one lucky babe. 🙂

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