An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation

Sigh. Life, life is hard.

  • We’re so happy Jon is OK. Take the weekend off, sit on the bed &snuggle with your family and eat lots and lots of cookie dough…OH and Dorito’s (Milkbones for Chuckie…hehe)

  • tonya

    Mmmmm, buffalo wings.

    Of France!!!!

  • Omeletta, I love how “Testikel” looks like something you could get at Ikea.

  • Buffalo wings are new to you? You poor deprived girl.. buffalo anything is the food of gods!

    Glad to hear Jon is ok.

    I can’t thank you enough for this website. It gets me through everyday.

  • Omeletta

    In France!!!!!!: épicé ailes de buffe

    Yes, Christy –
    now that you mention it, I think my $150 bedspread from Pottery Barn was called, “Yaytsa”…

  • sio



    so cute! xx

  • oh. dear. god.
    the buffalo wings.
    once you eat the first one, there’s no going back. you inevitably spend the rest of your life in search of THE BEST WINGS EVER.
    at least, that’s what i say i’m doing when i have to explain why i have eaten 25 or so of the little things.

  • torph

    I love your monthly letters to Leta. You are such an awesome mom. Do you think you could be my mom even though I’m way, way older then you?

  • GirlGo

    Hoping there was some fair warning given about the pooping aspect of the spicy buffalo wings. They can burn on the way in and burn more on the way out.

    I jumped on the buffalo wing wagon at 29 also. They still make me giddy. Mangia!

  • Lisa

    I’ve just now read that Jon was in an accident. I’m glad he is ok!

    BigGaySam: I love that desktop. I am still waiting for the Chuck soft toys. I would have to hide them from my own puppy, though.

    I believe I need a desktop image of my dog and the former congressman both in that position. Hilarious!

  • Buffalo wings are to food what oxygen is to survival. Throw in two bottles of Bass Ale and you have the world’s perfect meal.

    And if you think you enjoyed buffalo wings, wait until you experience BUFFALO WING FARTS. They burn your ass a bit, but they’re fun for the whole family.

  • sivvy

    Gotta stop reading letters to Leta at work, they get me every time.
    Glad J is ok.

  • Beautiful letter to beautiful Leta. Thank God one thing went right yesterday-that being that Jon was OK. And seriously…I have that same cookie dough downstairs right now. The only reason I haven’t used it yet is the fact that it then requires me to eat 24 cookies in one sitting. Heaven in a little circle I tell ya.

  • popsicle

    -cute paw’litics picture of chuck. hes such a stud.

    yummy. i love buffalo wings and the more tobasco, the better. i would think that if buffaloe’s had wings, they would be bigger? go figure..

  • Jeff

    Ok hank. Beautifull picture, wish i could lounge like that, but don’t you know that chocolate is DEADLY to dogs!!!

  • Got a bellyache, Chuck?

  • Awesome!

    I’d like to post the values you want to teach Leta in my grade 2 classroom!

  • OK – you have the cutest dog, baby, and husband in the world; please stop rubbing it in. Mish has pms today.

  • Precious pup, precious baby, but let’s talk Buffalo Wings. My god, when you have a good batch you just can’t stop. The vinegar fumes rip you a third nostril and the world is a mighty fine place.

    If you are every in Birmingham, Alabama, I will gladly take you to the Burly Earl and make you eat the best ever hot wings… OF FRANCE!!!!

  • Cat

    Some unsolicited advice, a good bleu cheese (of France!!!!) mixed with ranch dressing to accompany le buffalo wings.

  • Such a beautiful dog. Ours is an SPCA supermutt too.
    Your letter to Leta made me weep. Thank you for making some of yesterday’s tears, good ones.
    Thank you for all of the laughs, and thank you for sharing the harder aspects of your life. In both of these regards, you help so many people.
    Do I sound like a fawning sycophant yet?

  • Sven,

    I love how pissed that cat looks. Is that yours?

    Maybe Chuck’s sad there is no politics? Just kidding. He is probably just coming down from the cookie high.

    I’m pregnant and now I must go find some caramel cookies. Thanks.

    Love in Christ,
    Amber <><

  • Kim

    ex·co·ri·ate To tear or wear off the skin of; abrade.

    To censure strongly; denounce: an editorial that excoriated the administration for its inaction.

    (sorry, but I had to look that one up.)

  • Caramel? You like caramel? You MUST try to make what I just had the other night- a VODKA CARAMEL!!! Heh Vin Lee!!! (Just don’t use the stuff that gets all hard when it touches cold things… I don’t think that works.)

  • Taylor

    Much Better =)

  • Come on people. Everyone knows that chocolate is toxic to dogs and cats (yes, I know that not literally EVERYONE knows this, however, the vast, vast majority of dog and cat owners do). One cookie won’t do anything. Also, a vet informed me that if it is milk chocolate, there is so little of the toxic ingredient there that it really shouldn’t have any negative effects, with a reasonable small amount of chocolate (However, a pug should not ever eat an entire bag of Hershey’s kisses. Including the wrappers. I don’t own a pug, but I knew some people who did).
    The no doubt tiny amount of chocolate within one cookie isn’t going to harm Chuckles. Lordy.

  • hi there!
    this is the first time i se ur website and may i say it kicks asss!!
    it’s very funny and yet a little sad.i’m so addicted to it!
    and heather…ur beatiful!! keep the good work up!! peace out

  • Was this before the cookie or after? Looks pretty innocent, must be before.

  • Heather,
    I’m brazilian, live in Chicago and have been studying English for my entire life, but it’s your site that teaches me the most. I just love the way you write. Don’t you ever leave us all.
    Thank you

  • Glad to hear that Jon is okay.

    Sorry that you’ve had a deprived childhood with no buffalo wings. I’m sure you can make up for it.

    And Chuck should be okay with one cookie. As a vet, I can say that baker’s chocolate is the most toxic and contains the most theobromine. However, it’s not recommended to give any chocolate to dogs or cats. Not that a chocochip caramel cookie hasn’t hit the floor around my house 😉

  • Boulder

    so, what, george has to come over to take a picture of the raccoon car?

  • I just wanted to tell you that you are perfectly perfect in every way. And don’t let my abuse of vodka tonight fool you in the slightest.

  • midwifegoddessannie

    do buffaloes have WINGS?????

  • Oh little pup! Chuck!!! You rule. I can almost hear you sigh in that picture. If you ever get sad…you know I’ll take you in.

  • Mary

    I wrote in Former Congressman Chuckles on my ballot for President.

    I was really hoping he’d win.

  • Wrote long comment and somehow?? deleted it. In short: ONIONS ARE ALSO TOXIC TO CATS AND DOGS.

  • danielle

    So, if you like buffalo wings, you ought to try a buffalo chicken breast sandwich if you ever see one on a menu. I’m not so fond of chicken skin (or eating around bones, for that matter), so I like the sandwiches better. yum. 🙂
    as an aside: I’m glad to see a photo of _you_ with Leta in your letter to her. I’m always wishing I had more pictures of my parents with me in my baby pictures… particularly since they had kooky 70’s clothes and hair.

  • I love me some buffalo wings. Buffalo Wild Wings has the best ever, but I don’t know if you have one there Utah. Yummy. Now I am craving wings.

  • annakay

    just discovering buffalo wings? well, that’s what you get for spurning tgi friday’s!

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