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Families can be together forever, through Heavenly Father’s Plan

  • kristine

    Great family picture!

  • Adorable!

  • I always wondered why people loved to say they were the first – NOW, I know the feeling!

    What a great pic!

  • Brooke


  • Andrea

    Frog arm!!

  • Colleen

    shiny, happy people.

  • the niffer

    Wow – Chuck has your hair and eyes, Heather. And Leta and Jon’s left eyebrows have an identical arch when they smile.

  • Awww….cho chweeeet…
    Jon looks so awake by the by…

  • That is a great shot. A woman, a man, a dog and their frog.

  • Angela Marie, your caption has the potential to be the title of a foreign French film. 😉

  • what a nice picture. I love how leta and john look really high. chuck is a great dog, everyday i pull up a picture of chuck and tell my two weims-THIS IS WHAT A GOOD DOG LOOKS LIKE!

  • Now that’s one for my wallet!

  • What a lovely, gorgeous family. Good genes, I tell you!

  • Susie

    Courtney, I do the same thing with my mutt. “See this? This is Chuck. HE is a GOOD BOY. Be a good boy like CHUCK!!!!” (Yes, that is “of France” punctuation.)

    The family pic is a framer, for sure. Joyful.

  • Cathy

    I love this picture. I think it’s funny that Jon and Leta look really excited while Heather and Chuck look quite composed.

    You are the sweetest family. How do you get both Leta and Chuck to pose?

  • Consider the Christmas card dilemma a thing of the past. You’re a beautiful bunch, as I’m sure you already know.

  • That is a great picture. You all look so happy!

  • Jon and Leta’s expressions say ” We are the have poopeds and they are the pooped nots!”

  • mum’s the word

    Heather–that hair color really suits you!

  • a wonderful picture! i’d like to see one from the archives where you’ve duct-taped leta to a wall.

  • dooce,
    you give wonderful mummy look, and chuck is so proud saying: Let me introduce you Heather, Mummy Heather. And on the other side Leta is laughing because I suppose Jon had just told her a nice baby joke.

    Wonder picture!

  • Awww, that’s such a great shot. Hard to believe that the VERY NEXT DAY it was snowing, the day after T-shirt weather. Heartbreaking.

  • Oh, look at that look on Leta’s face! And Chuck! Oh…and you guys are nice looking, too. I just have a thing for babies and dogs 😉

  • Cristina

    Beautiful family.

    Chuck looks so composed. I think he spies a squirrel behind the photographer and is planning his next move.

  • Cristina

    Love the title too–are you going to have Chuck sealed into the family….or have you done it already? 🙂

  • Leta looks so devious in this picture. 😛 I wonder what she’s thinking.

  • Jme

    Chuck looks hunky, I LOVE your hair colour, Jon looks amused and Leta, positively tickled. It’s a beaut!!! 😀

  • AndreaBT

    What an awesome grin on Leta’s face!

  • An absolutely beautiful family picture. 🙂

  • Great picture…Leta looks so much like Jon…eve the smile!

  • Amy

    That might possibly be the biggest smile I have ever seen on a frog.

  • ya’ll make such a cute family. definately a christmas card– especially with leta in her costume! So cute.

  • Mir

    Does the Heavenly Father have a stance on amphibians as part of His sanctioned family unit? Just curious….

  • Holly

    I want to be with my own family, and god has shown me how i can…

  • Christmas card perfect…:)

  • I love how it’s almost a week after Halloween and Leta’s still in her costume. It just gives the “don’t let your baby play with paper towels” people that much more ammo. Loving you.

    P.S did Leta take hits from your bong?

  • Too heartwarming for words, Heather. Now just in case some of your readers wanted to..umm..frame a picture like this, we wouldn’t be considered stalkers, would we? You guys are SO part of my family, albeit internet family.

    And yes, I totally agree with a suggestion upthread…this screams Christmas Card picture 🙂

  • What a lovely family picture. I love it!

  • Damn… Holly beat me to it… but I’m gonna sing it anyway. Ahem…

    “I always want to beee with my own familyyyyyyy… and the Lord has shown me how I caaaaaan… the Lord has shown me how I can”

    ::piano outro here::

  • abc

    I must say, Dooce, that weather in Utah freaking confuses me!

  • THW

    Yikes, that frog ate your kid!

  • Priceless.

  • cee

    Beautifully captured, Heather! A great family you have!

  • Like the picture, but “thaking” the photo?

  • Susie

    I’m curious, now. May we see a picture of that Heather-face that Jon waited all week to see?

  • you’re a beautiful family! hooray!

  • Dre

    Jon is hot.
    Leta is damn cute!
    I want to kiss on Chuck’s soft smooth ears. (Dog fur is the softest!)
    And, Heather, you, my dear are so uniquely beautiful — blonde hair or brown — every pic I see of you, I think, “I wish I looked like that!”

    (Okay, so seriously, this is a compliment and NOT meant to sound like it’s coming from a psycho stalker. LOL I swear!)

  • Oh, thanks. Now I have that song in my head.

    But what a gorgeous family you are!

  • Ev

    Great photo. Heather, you look like a thin Kate Winslet in this photo.

  • Oh my gosh: Look at Jon and his little dopelganger! Too cute. This photo reminds me of pictures of my husband with his parents. I always joke with his mom that she cut off a finger and it grew into my husband — they are practically twins. In this shot, Jon and Leta are rocking that same look. SO CUTE!

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