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  • It’s official: You have made the Very Cutest Family Ever list. And I think you’re pretty much at the top.

  • Wow, you guys both have really large hands. Maybe it’s just the picture, or the teeniness of Chuck and Leta.

    But, wow. I’m just sayin…

  • You look like Kate Winslet in that photo.

  • Brooke

    I’d definately hide if I had kids.

  • Oh my God … is that … it IS … is it??

    Dooce … are you SMILING??? ;o)

  • shy me

    I love how you and Chuck are like “are you taking the picture yet?” and Jon and Leta are just gigglin at… something! awesomely cute photo.

  • Leta has the cutest reddish eyebrows and an adorable family.

  • Liisa

    Fabulous picture. Those are the ones you keep up long after the kid has moved away from home.

  • What a great shot!

  • I think we’ve created a MEMORY here! :O)

  • Your hair is very cute!

  • that is just awesome. i love family shots. go frog!

  • Leta’s cuteness kills me. I keep coming back to see this picture cause she so. damn. cute. John and Leta have the same eyes! Their left eye is more squinty when they smile than their right. How cute!

  • Handsome family.

  • sab

    What a beautiful family.

  • Merry Christmas from The Armstrongs.

    It’s perfect…with what I go through every year to get a nice shot of my family or even my kids together….I’m tempted to just stick our faces on all of your heads….

    My daughter would look great as the family dog.

  • such a beautiful, happy family. definitely something to aspire to.

  • eco2geek

    I’m with Karen — we need more shots like this where the Dooce is actually _smiling_.

    (Chuckles is the only one who looks solemn in that picture. Perhaps some Photoshopping is in order.)

  • awww

  • Ahhh! The top of John’s head is missing! He’s been scalped! Down with imperatives!!!!!!!!

  • Em

    So lovely to see the whole Dooce family all together!

  • Is that your yard? It looks very nice and vegitated.

  • I detect restraint on Chuck – your eyes and his body shape betray the fact that he’s not doing as he’s told for the photographer (which makes him as smart as he is beautiful! I love Chuck.)

  • DM

    beautiful picture, dooce. I love your family. And frogs are just plain cool.

  • ling


  • Dana

    ya’ll look awesome –

  • Tam

    It’s a lovely photo all round…

    …but LETA’S SMILE! Wonderful.

  • AW!!!!! Very cute family portrait!!!!! XMAS CARDS!!!!!!!

  • Mary

    You guys look ADORABLE. Leta as a frog = genius. What a wonderful looking family, and even better on the inside than the outside. :}

    Well, maybe not on the literal front because of the poop issues, but I think you knew what I meant anyway.


  • Awww..look at that little smile!

  • p

  • Erika


  • Bec

    That’s a really lovely family picture 😀

  • Sarah

    Usually Leta is a MiniJon but she looks like you in this picture!!

  • Jill

    I think it is great how happy Leta and her dad look. Why the straight face on mom?

  • look! a family! only a matter of time till you are all republicans and talking about “values.”

  • You’re all smiling! That is so awesome.

  • It is SO tempting to PhotoShop-swap Leta and Jon’s faces… they’re identical (except for the stubble).

  • It’s taken me all day, but I think I finally have a descriptor for that look on your face, Heather:


  • That’s such a sweet family picture. And could you have made a child that looks more like that man? He should have just strapped her to his chest for Halloween and gone as Dr. Evil and Mini-me.

  • That is SO BEAUTIFUL.

    I almost wrote “beautifuk”, disctracted because my husband stopped the channel changing on a “Christian” end-of-the-world program, and I learned that the END OF THE WORLD IS NIGH because the European Union is the 7th something or other of the seven something or others predicted in the book of Revelation.

    I thought you might appreciate that.

  • So beautiful!

    On a weird sidenote, I never realized Chuck is that big. In my head he was a little smaller, but now I see him to human scale comparison, he seems much bigger. Cutie. <3

  • Sara

    cutest kid EVER.

    I especially loved the fallen down picture.

  • The President of the United States, the First Husband, and the the first children.

  • great picture…
    i like it..!


    That is the most adorable family I have ever seen in my entire freaking life! Good on ya! 🙂

  • Heather,

    I stumbled across earlier and found an article about “Top 10 Colleges”.

    Brigham Young is #7 in the “Colleges with Happiest Students” and #7 in the “Colleges with Best Quality of Life”.

    “One typical undergrad writes, “Students here do not participate in activities that are in contrast with our religious beliefs. For fun we will go to dances and parties that have a healthy environment (no drugs, alcohol, or sexual activities). We spend a lot of time in nature, hiking and such. We play games and go to the movies. ”

    Here’s the best quote:

    “We do all the crazy things that other people do when they’re drunk. The only difference is that we are sober.”

    Maybe I gave you a laugh. I’d like to think so.

    Here’s the link:

    Fun Fun.

    Love in Christ,
    Amber <><

  • Hmmm. The title. What’s wrong with that? Sounds pretty good to me!!!

  • robin

    What a great photo. You are all smiling, looking at the camera, having a great time. Oh, and the background is gorgeous.

    Good stuff.

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