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Lil’ Peanut

  • Before I think of anything witty to say about this image,
    I just wanna say…. I’M FIRST!!!

  • Suzanne

    Oh man…that’s a mischievious smile. You’re gonna have your hands full when she’s 13!

    (Whoo hoO…I’m almost first!)

  • how do you not crack up all day long with that kid around?

    soo cute!

  • Somebody

    I think you have the shiniest sink on the planet. That and a pretty damned cute baby.

  • beachgal

    She is too cute, as I’m sure you’re aware. Love that smile!

  • Leta is adorable, as always.
    But…is that your kitchen sink? That stainless steel bathtub? I am now coveting your sink.

  • Linda

    She is so precious!!! And *ducking* I can’t get over how much she looks like Jon!

  • That baby is so flippin’ cute – I want one! Must check my calendar to see when I’m ovulating…

  • Trying…

    Nope, got nothing. It’s hard to come up with witticisms and double-entendre about that picture.

  • Ooooo! What a GREAT little grin! Her eyebrows are even snickering about the mischievious deeds she will be getting into!

    I just can’t not smile looking at that picture!

  • cute kid… My wife & I have opted to have cats (3) instead of kids, and they bring nothing but joy to our… wait a minute… I mean they’re a huge pain in the ass.

  • Colleen

    She’s smiling like it’s the spa. I love that little dimple on one side.

  • wn

    Holly making my ovaries ZING!
    In french (because I am) we’d say she’s ‘crockable’ (loosely translated to ‘snackable’….don’t be scared though, I’m safe around kids, I swear!

  • wooo! the ubiquitous Baby Bath picture! To be used as blackmail in the future.

  • J

    What an angel! That little darlin’ has got some GORGEOUS eyes on her.

  • She’s so cute. I always send my friends links to the Leta posts.

  • HazelEyedPisces

    Oh. My. God. You better have Jon buy a shotgun for when the boys start showing up. He doesn’t have to shoot, just hold it up and scare them away. :c)

  • What a little doll!

    I have similar pictures of myself when I was a baby – bathtime in the kitchen sink. I always used to think my parents were weird for doing that but now that I’m closer to having kids myself I can see how much easier it must be!

  • Dazed & Confuzed

    I’ve looked all OVER Wal-Mart to get myself one of them “Leta” thangs and I can’t seem t’find ’em NEAR as cute as *this* little rapscallion. You must have a GREAT Wal-Mart in Utah.

  • red

    uuuuuuuuh….sooooooo cute!

  • Absolutely adorable.

    However, if there were a dialogue bubble coming from her mouth, she’d be saying (through that gorgeous smile), “Moooooooom, stop taking pictures of me nekkid!!!”

  • Stephanie

    Those cheeks were made to be pinched. She is a cutie pa-tootie!

  • Brooke

    When I have kids, I want them all to BE EXACTLY LIKE HER.


  • Totally makes me wanna have a baby. Except for the part where she screams all the time.

  • JenE

    That glint in her eyes makes me smile!

  • Realy cool mom !


  • That kid is going to be so used to having her picture taken by the time she can talk. You should start saving up for “Leta’s Camera Fund” right away, I think. It’s only a matter of time before she wants one herself. 😀


  • henry

    She looks a little like Gollum in this picture 😉

  • Kristin

    There’s the sweet little lady. Absolutely adorable!

  • She is such a character. I love how she’s just beaming at you!

  • stole peanut picture for today’s desktop. thanks for being cute, leta.

  • Jess


  • Wow, just remember to have it framed when her prom date arrives in a couple of years.

  • Sophie

    Cute picture. Leta’s probably thinking, “Now it’s your turn for a bath, Mama”. 5 days???? Say it ain’t so. Please.

  • Peanut Leta … i just want to kiss her cheeks

  • wow, i’ve never seen someone so thrilled to be sitting in a sink!

  • Tracey

    Such a cutie! I love the Leta pictures. I’ve got an adorable ‘older man’ (19 month old boy) I’d love to set her up with 🙂

  • I swear you have the cutest. Baby. Ever. I can see why you can’t resist nibbling on her. She’s going to break some serious hearts one day.

  • Ahhhhh . . . . Bathing in the kitchen sink. Those were the days.

  • I have 2 words for your sock problem: Doocet Tape

  • yes yes ya’ll

    i think that her little eye-openings aren’t big enough to contain those monstrous eyeballs!

  • guess who pooped in the sink!

  • Karen Rani


    Leta is the most adorable baby girl on the planet!!!!

    You must use Fantastic with Bleach for your sink to look like that! I love that stuff!!!!!

  • wow… cocking one eyebrow up already. she’s going to be trouble… but probably only in a good way.

  • Wow, normally they start to look just a little bit like Momma by this point. 🙂 Nonetheless adorable, though.

  • Leta is of course adorable but remember your Sad Old Hag of a Mother comment about the ziploc bags earlier this week?

    I’m looking at that sink and I’m thinking….dear God that’s an undermount sink. Do you KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS?

    You can just brush all the crumbs RIGHT INTO THE SINK and nothing gets stuck in that little lip where the counter meets the sink.

    I need a job.

  • Sorry to hear about your sock troubles. My oldest daughter was about Leta’s age when I bought her first pair of tennis shoes, the sole purpose of which was to keep those damned socks on her feet in the cold weather.

  • OH MY LORD! There is NOTHING cuter than a baby in a kitchen sink. I DEFY you to name one thing CUTER than that! Thanks for the smile – I LOVE that photo!

    P.S. My son is 16 months old – how do you feel about arranged marriages?

  • Ohhh, definately squeezable! I like her!

    Heather, does Leta have an Robeez shoes? I have used them for all 3 of my babies to help keep those socks on. I think my own 7 1/2 month old needs the piggies pair. I think they even make FROGS! 🙂

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