Every night Jon and I wind down by climbing into bed and watching something we’ve stored on the TiVo, usually something terrible like “The Real World” (Shavonda and Landon just need to BONK and get it over with) or something wonderful like “The Daily Show” wherein Jon Stewart reminds us that there is hope in this world (His imitation of George Bush saying, “I beat ya cuz I luv ya, merka,” will go down as some of the best television in the history of television).

I usually turn over under the covers at about 10 PM, and Jon will stay up working on his laptop or reading with his headlamp (S.E.X.Y.). I often refer to this time as Protection Time, because I feel like he’s staying up a little extra late to watch over me, to make sure monsters don’t come out of the walls or ghosts fly down from the ceiling.

Last night we turned over under the covers together, spooning and exchanging body heat, and we both fell asleep immediately.

I am so in love with this man.