Best way to roast the broomstick. Must try. Five Stars.

When I say George, you say George, say George. GEORGE!

  • P.S. I think you gave him the glow. Has he not the artificial glow? Or maybe he just naturally glows like that.

  • George

    I naturally glow, it’s part of being in the Boone family, something you just have to accept in life.

  • kim

    a fairy-tale: *princess george*

    once upon a time there were a king and a queen. then they had a baby. it was a girl. but they wanted a boy instead. so they called her george. the end.

    that is freely translated the story a second-grader here in germany wrote a few weeks ago. for real. i’m not kidding. my friend (who is the teacher of that class and gave the assignment “write a fairy-tale”) almost peed her pants when she read it and so did i. now it’s framed on her kitchen wall. i confess the name that girl originally used was “horst”, but i thought george would work, too.

    aren’t kids just the best and make the world so much better? thought i’d share.. ;o)

  • wonder

    Let it glow
    Let it glow
    Let it glow

    I guess you gotta glow if you gonna be up dis late.

  • Kano

    Those little black scruffy things on your face make you look like a ground hog George. I’d recommend trading in some moonshine for shaving kit. I know there is a little five and dime store in Mud Creek Kantuckeeeee

  • amy


    I, too, live in Lexington (and close to UK). Holla!

  • UK??? That’s not United Kingdom?? Maybe I’ve been in Europe too long!!

  • aibee

    A beard pass?


  • Dee

    Hi GEORGE!

  • George looks good in blue…oh yeah and GEORGE!

  • Trace

    What a cutie patootie!

  • Jorge!

  • oh, and i live in the midwest and i say pantyhose. but i don’t call my underwear panties because that’s just wrong. it is like saying slacks. i hate that word. slacks. slaaacks.

  • IHateToast

    I used to be Panty-Phobic until I started calling my hubby’s undies Manties. And a friend taught me that everything that contains something is a panty. The Container Store is the Panty store. Undies are ass-panties. Jars are jam-panties, I store veggies in ziploc panties.

    Slacks is horrible. Very daggy. I can see the ironed crease. I like britches. Has a sort of Tom Sawyer scruffiness about it.

    As for George…. I think that photo should be submitted for the new 7 dollar bill!

  • Caroline

    GEORGE! George rocks my socks. I’m not drunk today, but I still think George is super hot. Go go George.

    I’ve said George five times in this post. That’s how big of a crush I have on him. I like him *this much*.

    I promise I’m not a stalker.

  • No. I’m not falling for it. Not this time. I’ve said ‘George’ far too many…oh, damn!


    Did anyone else notice that Carol actually got thirteen mentions (now fourteen I guess 🙂 )?

  • Elise

    This one looks like it got a little dose of the old Dooce/DJ Blurb Effect. Lookin good George!

  • Sheryl

    George, If you hate BYU, why not quit and go somewhere else or do something else? It *is your* life. And ultimately your choice what you do with it.

    The way you live your life is the best form of self expression there is.

  • GEORGE!georgegeorgegeorgegeorge…

  • annakay

    when i was at byu i never had an early class. but one morning i was walking on campus earlier than usual, just walking across the quad when this really bizarre thing happened. the national anthem started playing and everyone stopped dead in their tracks. except me. it was the eeriest thing, like a twilight zone where you are the only one not frozen in time. later on i realized it was because the flag was being raised for the day and that this thing happed all the time. that was my first inkling that i was not long for the school. i wish i could have gotten a “skirts that hit just above the knee” pass from my doctor.

  • George!!

    (And, Sasha: shut yo’ mouth, no such thing as too much George!)

  • the niffer



    Chuck in PJs. Please take a picture of Chuck in PJs.

  • George

    I am getting out of BYU, I’m gonna transfer after this semester. It feels good to be back on top, no not me, someone just said that to me once.

  • Sheryl

    Bravo, George!
    And not because I am anti-religion or anti-Mormon.

    In my life, as I’ve found the path that doesn’t go against my values, and yet the path that doesn’t take away my ability to thrive, I’ve done the best living I can.


    There was a kid named George who lived up the street when I was growing up. He was a couple of years younger than me, and he tended to wander. Around dinner time you could hear his dad shouting for him: “George! George! GEOOORGE!”

    So this whole comment thread is making me totally nostalgic.

  • Crazy. Sweet too.

  • Jeff


  • eco2geek

    This strapping young lad that you see
    Loves to hear his name yelled lustily.
    He’ll remember his fame,
    How they all yelled his name,
    On the day that he turns eighty-three.

  • sasha

    too Much george already!

  • I can never again see any Dooce-effect picture without associating it with breast milk.

    I’m not sure George would appreciate that. missed your fortune. Lactose gold baby.

  • George, George,
    George of the Jungle
    Strong as he can be

    George, George,
    George of the Jungle
    Watch out for that Kentuck-eeeeee!

  • I think we can all agree this George would have made a better president than that other George. Curious George, for that matter, would have made a superior president. I can’t believe THAT man is the leader of a country. BLECH!

  • George!!

  • I didn’t know that Chuck had PJs! 😀

  • Cassie

    Holy shit George, you have a fan club!

  • Mir


    Wow. Very cleansing!

  • Dez

    So what does George think of his cult status? I think he has a pretty wary look in this photo.

    Loved the Sunday entry. Whee goldfish! Lucky Chuck.

  • George, bring that grill out to California and I’ll show you how to make $50 the easy way.

  • George!!!!
    (yep, that’s all. Just wanted to say George! No creepy facts about preying mantises today. Sorry. Wait a minute…)
    Of France!!!!

  • George! My mother’s middle name was George, because she was supposed to be a boy. She named her dog George. I hated that dog.

  • Leon


    Just the other day I was wondering what had happened to Mikey from those Life Cereal Commercials

  • Steve

    Is that Michael Moore?

  • Helen

    George is a sex machine.
    I accessed your site from a link at You are hilarious. I love you. I will be back – I have been sitting at my (work) desk, giggling and pretending I’m not using the internet on work time…..

  • Different Patrick


  • michael moore?? i thought it was jack osbourne

  • tabatha

    i am so happy to see my donation with requests for “More George” is paying off!

  • annakay

    i have also been a george fan since the first time you mentioned him. but my question is, since when did byu start allowing facial hair? could some iota of progress have been made at that place?

  • George!

    RE: your last post… was Chuck still in his jammies too? 🙂

  • Jorge!! JORGE!!! (george in spanish)

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