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  • Paula

    What a resemblence, both very pretty.

  • re: Dooce’s comment: I love it! a Dooce smackdown! Its like the WWF!

    re: the picture: I didn’t know Dooce’s mom posed for all those old Coke ads and Norman Rockwell photos.

  • Molly

    The Avon lady is Beautiful!!

    I love looking at pictures of my mom when she was young.. I am finding now that my 5 and 3 year olds love to look at pictures of me.. 🙂

  • ashley

    You look exactly like her. She’s beautiful 🙂

  • i thought of you this morning as I saw a headline – mother cuts off arms of baby. both my mother and aunt have been depressed in the past and it is a horrible thing for anyone to go through. i’m glad u’re much better.

  • nana: Morbid and sweet at the same time. Nice.

  • KS

    Ima Dumbass: What in the hell?

    Go Dooce.

    The Avon World Sales Leader is beautiful.

  • Substitute the tightly coifed bob for long, double perm with bangs and voila! instant Heather

  • Sara

    Stunning resemblance.

  • Man, I wish I had looked like that when I was 16!

  • RazDreams

    Regarding your post from yesterday: “If you haven’t already, you will, too.” I have to say, I read that line about five times… Thanks for the hope.

    Regarding the picture: It reminds me of lines from “Dressed in Black” by Depeche Mode…

    “As a picture of herself
    She’s a picture of the world
    A reflection of you
    A reflection of me
    And it’s all there to see…”

  • beachgal

    Mom cuts arms off baby?!?! wtf?

  • I heard that story this morning, too…the baby/arms..I can’t even type it. The story is totally awful, and they tag it by saying the woman suffered from postpartum depression. This is serious, serious shit.

  • Kat

    You MUST post a picture of you as the Yeah yeah yeah’s girl. Please!

    You’re mother is beautiful.

  • even there you can see the glint of world cosmetics domination behind her eyes.

  • mari

    For those of you who are interested in more information about post-partum depression and psychosis, this is an excellent website:

    It tells the story of a mother in Chicago who suffered from post-partum psychosis.

  • beachgal

    just found the article. Goodness gracious, I want to go to the sitter’s and hug my son RIGHT NOW!!! I’ve had issues of losing my temper around the baby, but dear lord, I’ve never wanted to hurt him. I feel bad on two levels: I feel so sorry for the mom and of course the baby, and then her family who will have to pick up the pieces. I wish she had gotten some help. What a shame.
    Oh, before I had a baby, and before becoming a Dooceaholic, I would have probably said, “fry the bitch.” How age and perspective changes things.

    i’ll quit rambling now.

  • Dooce,

    I love the picture of your mom, you look a lot like her. I wanted to tell you the post about Jon this morning really touched me. I read what the two of you write about each other and I wish it would happen to me. The both of you are inspiring.

  • You look somewhat like your mother, I could have picked her out in a line-up.

  • You look just like your mom!… y’know, just incase anyone else hasn’t told you that yet…

    *rolls eyes* (yes, I am aware that I’m like, the 407th person to say it..)

    Aww, Leta takes after her gorgeous grandmommie and mommy! 🙂

  • krissy pants

    Can you see the faint dooce hand? Just to the right of the picture…it’s a barely there but I can see her holding the camera…

    Dooce, don’t you have a scanner? Or do you just love your camera that much?

  • More snozberries!

  • Molly

    Oh My, Krissy pants .. you are good.. However, taking a picture of the picture makes the picture that much more magical!

  • You can just tell someday she will be the Avon world sales leadr!

  • mt

    You do look like your Mom a lot. And thanks for the words of encouragement in your post today. Everyone hopes to find what you have.

  • Sheryl

    Dooce, your mom is beautiful at 16. In this picture she looks plucky and smart, reminds me a *little* of Liz Taylor when she was young – National Velvet. I think my mom is the same age as your mom.

    I prefer photo’d photos over scanned ones. Evidence of the artist’s eye and perspective. Presence.

  • *Dooce* Time to scan and Dooce-Effect that picture.

    *Human Writes* Hug for more Snozberries.

  • the weave

    How about a photo of you at sixteen? I’ll bet you were beautiful too.

  • You look a lot alike! 🙂

  • jazz fan

    i am very big fan of utah jazz team of basketboll. i watch game last night and think ms. dooce looks like sister to russian player Andrei Kirilenko.

  • Jackie

    More photos!

  • Sven

    YES! I´m first!

  • tw

    I can see a lot of her in Leta with that picture. Very pretty.

  • It is fascinating to me to discover little bits about my Mom before she was a Mom. It’s like discovering a new person you never knew existed.

    I love the picture of your Mom. She does have a terrific command of her self-worth. The picture looks like it was taken a nan-second before one of her eyebrows shot up with attitude.

    Keep those pictures coming!

  • Tracy

    The Future Avon World Sales Leader looks so poised and canny in that pic, it’s hard to believe she was only 16. Everyone seemed more elegant back then.

  • Brooke

    You look a lot like your mama.

  • Randall

    Your post yesterday with Liz Phair made me think of this photo, and then you posted a picture of your mom today. I hope she’s happy these days too. Definite rockstar.

  • She looks like you

  • Yep. Leta will be on the warpath in no time, able to reach all sorts of new things and soon after…walking. You’re in deep doodoo.

    Speaking of really strange things happening…

    P.S. The Avon World Sales Leader is adorable.

  • Hank

    Babies can no longer be trusted once they can roll from back to front and front to back. Before that you can put them somewhere and they’ll stay put. After that they are free agents. I discovered this when I set my older boy on my bed, turned my back on him to get a pair of socks out of the dresser, and turned back to find him teetering on the edge of the bed. I caught him in mid-air.

  • Personally I think Heather has a time machine and went back to 1961, got her picture taken, warped back to our time…meaning…Heather’s mother is really…*gasp!*

  • Looks like it’s time to remove that bumper!

  • Dooce: that may be your conclusion, but I think aliens came and moved leta in the night.

  • TulsaOkie

    Rock on Leta.. Get ready Dooce and Daddy… The fun is just beginning!

    PS.. this is my first comment!

  • bunny

    Heh. Heh heh…heheheheheh….

    (I can laugh now. MY youngest is almost 18.)

  • wlfldy

    Pretty much when you had Leta, life as you knew it ceased, Now you just have planes that as you know them no longer exist. Welcome to the ‘crawl’ plane…

  • You look exactly like her, rest assured that you were never adopted! Not that you were worried about that. Sorry if you were.

  • I can tell that your mother looked just like Jon when she was a baby! Isn’t that incredible?
    You do look so much like her, though (go on, say it: “Really? I had no idea!”), especially the eyes and the mouth. Like a few others who mentioned it, I thought it was a picture of you from the thumbnail.
    I didn’t know Avon was frilly! I hope they are a pink organization as well.
    Hee! Heather is her own mother! I love it when someone uses that storyline… I wonder if at any point in the past that was actually believable– before genetics were known and shit.
    Yeah. Probably.

  • Um Heather? Do you have any un-beautiful people in your family? What a stunning photo 🙂

  • What is great about the fact that Dooce didn’t just scan this photo of her mother is that you can see Dooce’s image in the glass. It is both eerie and lovely.

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