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Happy Thanksgiving, may you all be well

  • eastcoast

    and you…

  • Kristin

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Brooke

    Happy Thanksgiving, Heather, Jon, Leta and Chuck. 🙂

  • Gobble squared.

  • Kristina

    Happy Thanksgiving, Heather and Co. I know you have so much to be thankful for – and we’re so thankful for YOU!

  • I’m thankful for this website – thank you! (It keeps me sane whilst I have sneaky peeks at work).

  • Happy Turkey Day! Leta’s first. I hope you’re feeding her the GOOD cranberry sauce. Jellied with the imprint of the can on it.

  • Happy Turkey Day to all the Armstrong Clan, may you all be well and eat well.

  • hey look! Number 9!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends in the US.

  • Dale

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Interesting picture… where was it taken?

    And *you* be well also.

  • Happy Thanksgiving Dooce to you and your dear little family and to the readers of your site.

    Curious if honey-glazed cheek de Leta is on the menu for today?

  • Katerina

    I’m thankful for the wonder that is!

    Have a wonderful day, Armstrongs!

  • natalie

    happy thanksgiving from the very white great lakes state! cheers!

  • Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Heather.

    Oh, and Charlie the wonder hampster hopes your holiday is a ball.

  • megchem

    Happy Thanksgiving….but what the hell is that a picture of?

  • SD

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

    I check this site when I wake up in the morning and at night before shutting down the machine for the last time. Thank you so much for putting in all the work.

  • Mir

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Heather. 🙂

    (Please take the obligatory baby-wrestling-with-a-turkey-drumstick picture for future posting. Pretty please.)

  • ditto!

    Christ you people are quick off the mark. Do you all site there at 7 in the morning waiting to post here? I got distracted for 5 minutes and look what happens!

  • Sarah in Alaska

    Happy Thanksgiving from my little corner of Alaska. Beautiful picture!

  • ditto!

    hmmm.. not sure what happend there… if this ends up being a poste duple then I’m sorry.

  • Woohoo! Not first! (So much cooler that way.)

  • kim

    happy thanksgiving to the amazing armstrong-family and all the rest of you readers from good old germany. i am so jealous of the turkey and the holiday but also thankful for tons of things even without any turkey. enjoy your families..

  • Wow.

    That is a beautiful picture.

    Happy T’day from the south.

    It’s real cold here: 50 degrees. 😉

  • Colleen from NJ

    Happy Thanksgiving to the Armstrongs and everyone!!
    I have a picture request, Heather: Leta and mashed potatoes…

  • Happy Anniversary to the Armstrong clan and to the commenting clan from beautiful South Jersey!

  • Um..I meant Thanksgiving. For some reason, I’ve been wishing everyone a Happy Anniversary instead of Thanksgiving. Ask the people I work with.

    (face red)

  • Wasn’t Thanksgiving LAST month? 😉

    Happy Thanksgiving wishes from Canada.


  • Tappy Hanksgiving.

  • Sheryl

    Well it *is* the anniversary of Thanksgiving – so you’re right!

    H a p p y T h a n k s g i v i n g

    Peace and Love

  • Happy Thanksgiving to all

  • Happy Thanksgiving Heather, Jon, Leta and Dooce. May this holiday find you happier, healthier and hornier.


  • Liz


  • popsicle

    let us give thanks and praise.

    thanks to movable type and Leta’s desire to nap twice a day and praise to Heather B. Arsmstrong and her website.

    Happy Happy Thanksgiving to everybody. God Bless.

    btw – gorgeous picture – but what in the world is it? Only your camera can capture something so beautiful, and yet I’ll have no idea what it is. I love that !!

  • hayley

    can someone PLEASE explain what this photo is? am i just missing something here?

  • beautiful photo. but what is it?!

    happy thanksgiving to heather, jon, and leta and everyone who reads dooce 🙂

  • becaru

    Photo looks like its taken through trees with the moon behind them.
    Then wrappen up the Dooce effect.
    Happy T day.

  • Janice

    WOOOO HOOO! I am #37!!!! 🙂

  • Deep peace of the roasted turkey to you
    Deep peace of the jiggly tofurkey to you
    Deep peace of the groaning table to you
    Deep peace of the squabbling kids to you
    Deep peace of the mashed potatoes to you
    Deep peace of the pumpkin pie to you
    Deep peace of the family day to you

    [shamelessly “interpreted” from a celtic prayer, but I mean every word. Take good care, y’all.]

  • Em

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!!! I am certainly thankful that I can come here and remember that laughing at life is good!

  • Happy Thanksgiving, thankful you are feeling better, Heather!

  • I’m thankful for being number 40 today.

  • Happy Thanksgiving to you, Jon and Leta!

  • Happy Thanksgiving to all from someone who has to work today, up here in Canada. But yet, I am thankful.

    Heather, I am so glad, so thankful, that you are feeling much better. I know that feeling myself. Bless you all, Armstrongs.

  • sab


  • Paula

    Happy Thanksgiving Dooce and Family!

  • suger

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! I am thankful for your site which I check out daily…if not more:)

  • You guys have a great Thanksgiving filled with loving family, Avon freebies, midday naps, doggie licks and lots and lots of wrestling!

    (You guys means not only the Armstrongs, but the Hamiltons and everyone that posts on this website) 🙂

  • vio

    happy thanksgiving to the blurbodoocery family!!

    -from indiana, where the turkeys grow wild and the girls grow wilder

  • Art is never so easily defined as “what it is,” but “what it captures,” so I don’t think it’s so important to know “what is it?” as much as “what do you make of it?”, “what do you see in it?”, or “how does it make you feel?” It’s like the Pastoral Symphony — if it wasn’t named that, would we know there was a narrative applied to it?

    The photo’s lovely; warm, autumnal, tranquil. The four-way symmetry reminds me of Native American art or pagan ceremony. The colours are settling; peace. The hint of moonlight behind the trees (regardless what it “is,” this is what I see in it as well) indicative of light emerging from shadow, optimism, the bliss in allowing oneself to set aside the shadows and doldrums of daily life -just- for a day.

    Don’t mean to seem an art theory snot; the short of it is gorgeous, whatever it may be.

  • Cheers!

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