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Happy Thanksgiving, may you all be well

  • Happy Thanksgiving. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself and for doing it with such honesty, eloquence and humor.

  • i’m thankful you are well.

    and thanks again for sharing with us.

  • Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Lovely picture today!

  • have a happy one, dooce, leta, jon, and chuck.

    Maybe it’s a pumpkin? Carved very intricately- backlit by a candle?

  • It’s the moon through the trees…at least that is what I see.

    Gobble gob-gobble!!

  • what a beautiful picture! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  • heather, re: the photo — you haven’t been “born again” or something, have you? heh.

    much happiness to everyone who reads this. whilst you all imbibe your turkeys and giblets, i’ll be sitting alone at home, tending to a very sick 2-year-old. because my life sucks like that.

    gobble gobble.

  • We Canadians have already done Thanksgiving, but it never hurts to remember the things you’re grateful for. For me that includes those who choose to share the hope, joy, pain, humour and poop of their lives with a bunch o’ webbed up strangers.

    Thank you.

  • Such a great shot — what is that?! Very intriguing.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

  • Happy Thanksgiving to one and all- have a good weekend listerinis!!

  • Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  • Kahli

    Thanks to all of you,

    Happy Thanksgiving and deep peace to everyone. (that is such a nice phrase)


  • Kahli

    It looks like a “leaf-via-Dooce-effect” picture of Chuck.
    Here I go again with my theories of what things look like!


  • Happy Thanksgiving, Heather and family! I hope you and your family are well and are having a fantastic year. God bless.

  • Danika

    Have a happy thanksgiving!!

  • Kim

    Happy Thanksgiving Heather, Jon, Leta and Chuck!!

  • Happy Thanksgiving. Have a really good one, you all deserve it.

  • Do you have turkey on both Thanksgiving and Christmas? Two turkey dinners would be more than I could bear!!

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  • Danika

    The picture looks like its in the shape of a cross. It looks like the sun rising through a forest of trees. Or a really large full moon through trees. It also kinda looks like a bunch of little sprites (tinkerbells :D).

    I AM curious what it really is.

  • you make me smile everyday. thank you 🙂

  • Em

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Heather. I am thankful that you are feeling better and happy.

    Thanks for making me laugh and think everyday.

  • Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving surrounded by those you love, celebrating life, good health, love and peace!

  • h

    what in the holy hot hell is that? i mean, it’s lovely, but it escapes me. and look at me, can’t enjoy anything unless i can label it. so sad really.

    happy tgiving day to all you americans out there!

  • Your writing is so personal and funny, and then you insert soemthing poignant. I like that. I like how you make me laugh, sometimes soften my heart with compassion, and generally learn to take life less personally (certainly less seriously). I talk about you occasionally to friends as if you are one, as in, “You know what I heard happened to Dooce?” Then I tell the story. They think I’m a nut. Only webheads really understand.

    Thank you for sharing your talents and your life with us. I raise my glass to you today.

  • Happiest of Turkey Day greetings!

    Leta make sure to put some yummy turkey in your mouth and not just your hair.

  • donnaly

    bright blessings on the entire Armstrong family on this day of thanks

  • cindi

    happy thanksgiving to you and your family!

    it’s truly amazing how one person can touch so many lives. i am thankful for you and your courage to share your story with the rest of us. and your pictures! amazing!

    thank YOU!

  • Em 2

    Yes, Dooce- it feels like you are a friend. Thank you with all sincerity for sharing your gifts. You enrich my life-honestly. You are my favorite web writer- ever!!!Happy Thanksgiving to you and your hot husband and beautiful baby girl. We are all blessed by your existence.

  • Happy Thanksgiving! I am soooo thankful for you Heather. Love your blog. It keeps me going every day.

  • Happy Turkey Day from an ex-pat American and her Kiwi crew. Enjoy the day. P.S. Can you send us a turkey? A 15-pounder here costs about $45!

  • JP

    From my family to yours, have a very, very Happy Thanksgiving.

  • Happy Thanksgivng Dooce and remember, cranberries prevent scurvy.

  • Happy Thanksgiving Heather, Jon, Leta, and Chuck! I wish all of you the very best.

  • Chris S

    Happy thanksgiving from the troops in Bahrain.

  • MrsDof

    Happy Thanksgiving! to everyone at Dooce.
    That picture up there is very intriguing. Was it taken through the stained glass of a front door?

    Goodness, Kiwi (comment 80) that would be a real expensive bird. The frozen kind at our grocery store is 49c per pound. But shipping from Illinois would cost more.
    My sister thinks I’m crazy for getting a humanely raised, organically fed, never frozen, hen turkey from an Amish farm. $1.89 per pound, which seems like too much until it hits the tastebuds –YUM! And the leftovers go for ages. This is a great holiday.

  • Oh, MrsDof, your turkey sounds yummy!

  • Happy Thanksgiving!!

  • Come on ‘fess up! what in the hell is that thang?

  • eco2geek

    Thanks to Dooce for producing one of the most entertaining (and occasionally thought-provoking) blogs on the Internet. And for allowing people space to express themselves.

    Thanks to those who post here. Your comments are often as entertaining as the Dooce’s are.

    And finally, thanks to GNP Consulting, Ltd. for making the “Banana Guard”: so that my bananas won’t get squished on the way to work. (Just kidding.)

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

  • jen

    Happy Thanksgiving Armstrongs!
    I realised that it’s been just over two years since I started reading Dooce- it has been such an eventful time for you all, I am so glad that everything has worked out so wonderfully and that you (Heather) are back on your feet again and feeling so much better about yourself now. You so deserve this happiness. Definitely a uber-prayer (in a non-faith non-denominational way) to be said for that during this Thanksgiving for your guys.

  • gobble gobble hey

  • MrsDoF

    OK, we have a bit of a problem here. While I was reading Dooce and Comments last time, I asked my (home-from-college for the holiday) son to take the pan of pumpkin squares out of the oven when the Timer beeped. I neglected to say to leave the oven going. Out of habit, he turned it Off.
    I finished with this lovable distraction, then went into the kitchen and put the turkey into the oven. Did Not notice the Off marking on the dial. Almost an hour later, I am about to begin fixing all the other goodies, then I see the Off. So we are going to be eating an hour later than planned. This is not the worst that could happen….They ate dessert first.
    And I really should stay away from the computer, but there are naps going on in other rooms. What a laid-back holiday.

  • wow

    Happy Thanksgiving to one and all from the beautiful Pacific Northwest!

  • Lovely picture! Just stopping by to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, and let you know I enjoy your blog!

  • Bec

    Great photo, very artsy 🙂

  • 0123

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    Undoubtably. But what’s the point?
    The point is that when your infant child engages ina potentially life threatening activity, “and there is water everywhere. Should I wipe up the carpet or the baby first?”

    You should do neither. Instead, you should inform us, your loyal, equally infantile, but more articulate readership. The kid needs to learn from her actions. Leave her alone for a while. We’re more important anyway. 😛

  • And may you all eat well…and nap well!

    Hope Chuck is getting some treats!

  • Dooce, I love your site so much. Some of the best writing on the web. Whenever you come out to San Francisco I’m always keeping just a little bit more of a lookout up because, ohmygod, what if I saw you? Also, the Mormons here are great. Once of my really good friends is open, smart, writer of a Mormon-the best kind.

  • Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Audrey

    Thanks, Heather, for sharing wonderful stuff like this with the world.

    Does anyone else see seeds in that picture?

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