An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation
  • I love that the comments always seem to come around to boxes and cracks and nads. Fun stuff.

    Karen, that is so freaky that you live in London! I think we need to let Mr. Canton know that he fucked up the address. I didn’t try – I wonder where that takes you.

  • Kahli

    We just watched The Simpsons and Krusty runs for Congress (Republican) and his opposing candidate is Jo(H?)n Armstrong and Kent Brockman says “How can I prove we’re live? PENIS!”

    Had to come and share.

    How did everyone’s night end up?

    I saw a junkie face off with la policia in front of the dollar theatre while we waited for sushi…

    Beats the hell out of studying!

  • Okay Niffer – you inspired me to start my own blog and I’ve been at it all evening, with the exception of breastfeeding my 4.5 month old…thanks! We will have to give the Free Press a kick in the a$$ for Heather!

    AmandaB – okay, I LOVE your crack! ROFL!

    Man it is getting late here….

  • i think the thanksgiving photo was a photoshopped pic of the trees from the “reconvening” trip to the mountains.

  • Leta! You are such a lucky baby to have CHUCK as a bro AND such cool wood floors…I’m all alone and have only mediocre wood floors at home…I know, I know…they can be a bit hard…didja hit your head on them yet?

  • TELL US!!!!!!

  • Not hard to work out what you would have been thankful for on Thanksgiving Day.

  • 🙂 Lets looks like you’ve just licked your hand to smooth her hair down. 🙂

  • 🙂 Leta looks like you’ve just licked your hand to smooth her hair down. 🙂

  • bluecheese

    sorry, Lets = Leta up there.

  • bluecheese


  • Robin

    Patrick (18 months) says, “Babe!” Don’t tell Jon; I don’t think he’s ready to think about Leta dating…

  • Heathertoo

    Does Leta ever wear a dress? I understand the no frills attitude w/her, but only a t-shirt and diaper to dinner at the Avon Ladys? You want to drive your poor mother crazy dont you?

  • ok, i feel better re the floors not being yours. maybe i don’t suck that bad after all. maybe. oh god, please don’t let me suck when comparing myself to this internet woman and her floors. please. i am begging. please.


  • also, i am so relieved that is not your mat. i didn’t want to say anything previously but i did feel redeemed by not having such a silliness in my home. especially given that i am canadian.

    i always think it’s so odd when canadians have american flag stuff in their homes or on their bodies. people here (very few but still) will wear jackets that say USA and are all red white and blue. nothing against such a jacket but…um…YOU’RE CANADIAN FOOL.

    the concept eludes my comprehension.

    plus such a jacket is just ugly no matter where you live. so tacky.

  • JoJo

    Unless you’re on an
    olympic team, honestyrain.

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