An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation

Methinks someone had too much cornbread stuffing and passed out

  • Heather

    mmmmm, I love a stuffed George!

  • montana mommy

    looks like george ate the pig!

  • jesus, i *heart* george!

  • ha, my beautiful fiancee introduced me to cornbread stuffing this year. AND SHE MADE IT WITHOUT A RECIPE.

  • those happy golden days of yore are alive and kicking here in the northeast. everywhere you look are live trees ready and waiting for a good home. and they say blue states have no morals.

  • red


  • ha! doesn’t matter which side of the Atlantic you live on… things are never that different!

  • kim

    oh my. i just checked out the kitchen remodeling pix and boy, i LOVE your kitchen. i’m a kitchen-fan and bought the one for my new apartment on ebay and was all happy with it. until today. can’t i move in with you? i could watch leta and cook for you..??? i have to say that those american kitchens would make it easier to emigrate if i really end up “having to”. awesome, awesome job!! awesome!

  • George, put your goatee back on!

  • Sharon


    George? Is that you?

    I’m waiting for the matching photo of Leta in similar pose…

  • Yeah, i’m with the relative overload theory. He’s playing opposum. It’s a genius way to avoid questions like, “So, how’s school?” and “soooo, dating anyone?” and my personal favorite…”So George. We’ve heard you haven’t been stockpiling lately. Don’t you love Jesus??”


  • Lisa

    George knows you fucking love him! And we fucking love him, too. So does Bubba Bunny.

    By the way, I heard an awful(ly funny when drunk) joke.

    Little Bubba is learning to make sounds. Momma says to little Bubba, “what sound does a cow make?”

    –Little Bubba says, “MOO, MOO!”

    “What sound does a pig [humping a candy cane] make?”

    –“OINK, OINK!”

    “What sound does a duck make?”
    –“AFLAC, AFLAC!”

    Sad, sad, sad. But who else will I embarrass myself in front of than Dooce and her readers? :o)

  • i ♥ george!

  • Heather! Bunny rabbits don’t fuck, bunny rabbits make love.

  • Sheryl

    Your expression of real feelings, about everything, ranging from wonderful to shit-ass awful, is more of a revelation of faith and hope for people than if you just tried to reassure them by being cute and nice.

    Sometimes fuck is the right word for the job. For emphasis. When it means something, fuck is a damn good word. *Fuck tha peer pressure*

  • Amanda B. You’re hilarious. But I think you’re confusing the issue. Rabbits fuck. Bunnies make love.

    Ok, Fish is still AWOL. I think whoever said that DL had the guppy in the car (Sheryl?) may be right. Hope all is well…

  • Leon

    And now, through the miracle of modern science, we take you inside George’s brain

    “HOLY SHIT! I’m going to BYU! I actually signed up and committed to attend BYU! Sweet Jesus, I need to sit down. I think I’m going to be sick”

  • mrs. george #2

    GEORGE!!! Where have you been all my life you un-bearded stud you?

  • hey there Heather – in regards to “Family First”. If your site is evil than that must mean there is a complete lack of good and more importantly an absence of GOD. So then perhaps the question to ask them is – “Can there truly be an absence of God?” Personally I don’t think so. Remember – “Everytime a bunny fucks – an angel gets his wings”. or some shit like that 😛

  • Excuse me. Bunny’s make SWEET LOVE.

  • (and I spell bunnies wrong…)

  • Sheryl

    Aaron, did you just imply that bunnies make for SWEET LOVERS?

  • At the very least for each other, Sheryl. As for you and me… well, that’s just a matter of taste… like chunky or creamy peanut butter. If you know what i mean.


    fuck! fuckfuckfuckfuck!

    (george! we love you! you’re number 1!!!)

  • the real kp

    fucking fuckfuckfucking fuckfuckfuck!

  • Sheryl

    Aaron, I am not sure what you mean, but among other things that I want to erase from my field of vision, I am thinking of those Reese’s Easter Bunnies.

    A commercial when I was a kid: “Hey! You got your chocolate in my peanut butter!”

  • The best Xmas card I *ever* got had this old silver-screen, silent-movie type picture of a woman kneeling by a Christmas tree, gazing adoringly up at its twinkling lights; the cover said, “Golly gee…”
    Inside: “Isn’t Christmas just fucking wonderful?”
    So I say, Merry Fucking Christmas to you, dear woman (and more fucking power to your bunnies).

  • You know what they say, Sheryl: “Once you’ve had chocolate, you never go back.” Or something like that…

  • Fuck yeah, Dooce.

    You sure have your pants on the right way round. Just because people you love are knicker-twisted doesn’t mean they’re right.

    Keep it up, girl. You’re doing important work here (with just enough poop and horny bunnies to keep us all snorting our coffee)

  • Erin

    Dooce, you are a lovely person. Don’t worry about too much if you can. I don’t think you are going to fucking hell. I think God is really into you.

  • Krista

    heehee! Colace (laxative) is advertising on your site! How appropriate is that?!

    P.S. I’m getting George a membership to a gym for Christmas. I’m worried his heart won’t hold out until next Christmas.

  • Bunny love – right here, right now:


  • KS

    that p.s. was uncalled for, Krista.

  • discopitbull

    I like the fact that wrestling sites are being advertised. Since Cael Sanderson is a huge Mormon I suppose Google figured a Utah based site might drag the wrestlers in? Anyway, the season has started (Yay!) and the kids are up and rolling in earnest now. Maybe George could work some of that extra stuffing off with a few Greco Roman throws? Happy Thanksgiving to all! (Go Stoughton Wrestling!)

  • I bet George LOVES the fact that you are enjoying your camera so much.

  • ab

    George!!! Of France!!!

  • Sheryl

    That’s a sexual surrogate in that thar video! I didn’t know they had those for bunnies…


  • Christy: now, that’s what I’m talkin’ about.

  • Yeah – like a Real Doll for rabbits! Except you can get them at Toys R Us.

  • al

    Fuck is my favorite word; can be a noun or a verb and even an adjective. So many fucking uses for the word fuck, keep on fucking dooce!!!!!!

  • Sherly (aka Sheryl)

    Public service announcement on the proper uses for the word “fuck”

  • The *F* word, and bunnies and GEORGE, oh my!

  • my husband does that too, but he rolls on the floor in pain. Hi George!

  • Sarcastic Journalist– Are you talking about the picture, or the bunny video?


  • GirlA.

    Aaron – I was wondering that myself… a plush animal lays pretty low on the floor. Grinding that low can cause pain.

    Breeder Game:
    Object is to keep the bunnies alive by moving them off the electric fences and away from the fireballs that fall from the sky.
    If you put them next to one another they’ll breed and multiply…

  • First thing’s first:


    Secondly, Dooce – I seriously hope you’ve got the “Happy Fucking Holidays” kits from Subversive Cross Stitch. I’m planning on doing one to bestow the joy of the season on my family!

    And yes, I wonder if Fish has spawned!?

  • montana mommy

    fuck, this is fucking funny!

  • jm

    Subversive cross-stitch is cool. I love their stuff.

    Dooce. You and Leta and Jon are welcome to hang out with our large East coast clan anytime. I think my father’s favorite word for this holiday is going to be “peckerhead.” That seems to be #1 so far on the list. They make very strong martinis too.

    When we’re feeling formal, we spell it “phuck”. Though one NAMELESS friend (who also scans your blog) has read this word aloud as “p-huck”. Sigh.

    What can I say. They are all Catholic and could be going to heaven OR hell, depending on who you ask.

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