An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation

I promise I’m smiling behind the camera, maybe

  • Mirror images get me so mixed up. At first I thought you had some special left handed version of the D70.

    Your hair looks amazing. I love the little flip out at the end.

  • Bono- that’s the type of quazi intellectual bullshit that made me stop buying your albums. Here’s one for you, “Don’t waste your talent and our time by talking smack.”

  • Molly

    Sue – Those toilet things.. No one but me could figure out how to UNlatch it to use the bathroom.. It lasted a week.. Then my FIL came to visit and he broke it right off and then didn’t say anything.. For now while my little one is just getting mobil.. we keep the bathroom door shut.. I figure once she is able to open the bathroom door, she’ll be learning to PT anyway.

  • Girl.A

    Goin’ mobile!
    Keep Leta movin’!

  • I don’t know if anyone’s mentioned it before, but you and Carolyn from ‘The Apprentice’ look alike. I mean that in a good way.. you’re both pretty hot. 😉

  • Gotta love those mirror shots!

  • Heather, you so rock. The colour and compositon in that shot are fantastic.

  • i LOVE your giant watch! i’m a giantwatch kinda girl myself, though sloan hates it. but man, there’s just something to be said for being able to state the time in every single timezone while adjusting your alarm for when the simpsons comes on…

  • Your hair looks good!

  • So. . .when are we gonna see some shots of Chuck peeing acrobatically? It’s your right to take away his last shred of dignity, right here on the internet!

  • patti

    Man, is that a sexy camera!

  • Elegant Goose

    Dooce, I love the George stories — keep ’em coming!

    I also have to say that I almost snorted tea out of my nose at Christy’s comment (#19) “deep, mysterious supermodel look”?! Supermodels may on occasion look mysterious but they always appear more vapid than deep to me. Dooce does always manage to look hot in her photos though.

    One more comment before I leave you all. I…friggin’…love…snow-days!!! (Thank you, Michigan weather!) I’m currently both a graduate student & a student teacher (I’m going back to school to become a teacher – I forgot to think of a profession I wanted to do with my English degree… oops… but I love teaching now so that’s okay.) Anyways, yes, I love snow days. I got up this morning and checked the news and school was cancelled and I got to sleep in till NINE THIRTY!!! (For those of you with early-ass jobs or little-ass kids you understand how the extra few hours between five thirty and nine thirty are so very important when you are able to sleep through them.)

    Thank you for letting me share… I haven’t posted a comment here in a while- not because I stopped lovin’ ya’ll, but because I’ve been so damn busy.

  • kim

    your eyes aren’t smiling.. GEORGE – do something!

  • victoria

    I think that as long as the sofa, Chuck, Leta and George are all in your house at the same time, you need to have your digital camera with you at all times so that you can capture these moments. So far, there are NO pics of George playing with Leta or sleeping with Chuck! Stop teasing us!

  • Robin

    I recommend the outlet covers which cover the whole plate and have sliding doors to put plugs in. It’s a pain in the ass to have to take out the little plastic jobbies every time you want to use the outlet.

  • You look pretty and, I am a fan of big clunky do-it-all watches too. Thanks for the picture.

  • Carol

    i agree with robin… i have the little plastic jobbies (their formal name) and they are a pain in the ass. my 1.5 year old has learned how to take them out and is all, “oh you’re supposed to put things in there? super!!”

  • hello purty lady!

  • Darcie

    Outlet covers are nothin’! She’ll want to empty out your kitchen drawers, too. Access to the cleaning supplies will, more than likely, be her first goal. The fun is only beginning!

  • JP

    Plug covers and cupboard locks are all very well and good…unless you gave birth to Houdini reincarnated. Basically, I spent the money for no reason.

    I’m just saying…

  • Nick

    You’re so not smiling…

  • I haven’t been able to get to my Ajax for the last 11 years because of those damn locks.
    It’s such a tease too. I can peak in there and see the SOS pads and Dawn dishsoap.
    Anyone ever read the book “The lady who cut off her leg at the Maidstone gallery” or something like that…it has a bunch of really off the wall stories and one is about a set of parents that went over the top with child proofing their house.
    It’s…uh…scary how far people will go.
    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go find the Drano I think I left in the girls room.

  • Carol = Horny

  • Carol

    Aaron… I waited and waited at the SF airport last night. Where were you? I shoulda known you’d stand me up. You and your big penis are ALL TALK!!

  • *girthy*

  • Carol

    *like a tuna can*

  • I’m here for you, baby. You just let me know…

  • Girl.A

    Sounds like someone’s *projecting* a bit.

  • *Chicken of the Sea*

  • Girl.A–Seriously! Carol, stop *projecting*!

  • What’s with the bold word game? I don’t follow.

  • Joining the raving peanut gallery to say, “I love the hair.”

    So, Leta is heading to mobility like a herd of screaming turtles. Plastic plug covers are just the begining. I can’t wait to hear about the first time you leave the room only to return to find Leta happily sleeping under the couch. It is comfy there, you know. 🙂

    Have agrand day.

    Oh, and, of course, All hail GEORGE!

  • Carol


    I don’t really get it either, but it’s fun, no? Some of it is from comments last night.

  • Carol



  • *Alaska* *Hawaii*

  • All right. I’ll stop. That was so “yesterday.”

    I’ll think of something funner.

  • Jesse

    Aaron, your website says you’re 31, but you act like you be 13. Serious. Rookie.

  • Melanie S

    Yeah for the Leta baby!

    I’m doing the “Happy Happy Joy Joy” dance!

  • Melanie S

    Another thought…

    Invest in the straps that prevent dressers, bookshelves and other large items from falling on your little frog.

    My son was injured by a shelf in his closet that was 8 feet tall. It had a bottom unit with 3 drawera and a top unit that had a door and a 2 shelves. He was 18 months old and got into the closet, opened the 3 drawers causing the unit to tip. The entire thing fell on. He broke his arm and collar bone, and was not brething when we found him.

  • Jesse, I was talking to Carol. Thanks.

  • DOOCE:

    (yes, I’m shouting)

    You could have an entire separate website for your commentors in all their strange, brilliant, not-so-brilliant, mysterious, occasionally funny ways. Really, you could.

    And – congratulations, Fish. He’s gorgeous.

  • Em

    Yeah for Leta!!!!! But you are right to be scared – it will never be the same once she is mobile!

  • al

    Dooce/Heather why is your daughter going to therapy???? I must have missed what is wrong with her development. The Dr.

  • Jesse

    Dude, don’t look now but you are talkin to the whole friggin world here. I can’t feel you, man. If I didn’t know better I would think you are skipping junior high and pretending to be your uncle.

    At least if you’re going to *bold* words to get attention, how bout making it either clever enough or stupid enough for the rest of us to feel you.

    *Mary Shitsmas and a Nappy Ewe Rear*

  • I can’t get over how great your haircut is.

  • Anne Said, “You could have an entire separate website for your commentors in all their strange, brilliant, not-so-brilliant, mysterious, occasionally funny ways. Really, you could.”

    I thought a list would be a good idea. Save Dooce some bandwidth.
    Or at least a chat room so we can all talk…or in some cases, play weird bold writing games, or talk about WKRP or Captain Stoobing, or just share stuff that is undooce related. (wait, is there stuff undooce related?)

    I’m on a list for the old TV show My So-called life (yes, it’s been like 10 years since it aired, we all became friends and didn’t have the heart to shut down the list)
    It varies on what we talk about, but the friends I have made there are priceless.

    How much bandwidth did I just waste talking about that?

  • Carol

    be nice to aaron, please.

  • Yeah. I’m about to *cry*. Hold me.

  • First off, again – great hair. I LOVE the color! I wish I could wear mine that length. My face is too round! 🙁

    Second, the D70 geek in me says “I love the way the focus assit light is shiny in that picture.” I can’t help it.

    Third, Kristine! My So-Called Life – I miss that show! I loved it loved it.

    Fourth – Many congrats to Fish!

  • Beth- Yeah, I’m a Angela at heart, but now that it’s 10 years later and I watch the show over, I can SO relate to the mother. I just think, “Oh hell no would I let my daughter dye her hair Crimzon Glow!”. Ten years ago I thought, “Ohhh, cool hair color.”
    Funny how having kids just changes how you look at things.

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