An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation

On the count of three: three, two, one…

  • ali

    ha! first! 😛

  • beachgal

    what the heck?

  • Jenie

    Ouch! too bright!

  • Cheryl


  • First! woo

  • Molly

    Ye-ouch! That is just way to bright for my eyes this AM.

  • ali

    i don’t know , but in the small box it sure looks pretty.

  • LOL… I like that picture! 🙂
    It makes me smile.

    That’s what I love about your site, Dooce — there is something here that makes me smile every day!

    Thank you!

  • Cheryl

    You take such good pictures all the time, however, I think Chuck got a hold of your camera!! If he’s not licking the couch, he’s taking pictures, maybe the NO’S that aren’t working on Leta will work on Chuck!

  • ali

    isn’t it scary how many people are on this site at 7am??

    it’s 11am here, what’s your excuse? 😛

  • Erin
  • Err…not first. Stupid connection.

    Ali, it’s 9 am here. 😉

  • Dooce, you must sometimes sit there and refresh your page a couple of times after posting your picture just to see how many suckers fall over themselves to comment. Seriously, it’s quite amusing to see that the count goes up by like 100 after just one or two refreshes (refreshers?).

  • Colleen from NJ

    You capture the moment your head explodes so beautifully.

  • Matt in London

    am I too early to be last?

  • RazDreams

    *CarolAnne, don’t go into the light!!!*

    So you and someone else (GEORGE! or Beth?) took a picture of one another at precisely the same moment? Neato-roo.

  • Ok – now dooce is just messing with us to see who will say “Ohmigod! What a beautiful photo!”

    Right? Right?

  • It looks like someone holding the sun with oven mitts.

    “It’s always so cold and dark in here”

    “Wait! I have an idea! I’ll be right back.”

  • Tabloid Headline:


  • Carol

    I’m just glad I’m not hungover this morning. Sheryl – how were the Pixies?

  • Lora

    My head did that just last Friday!

  • Melanie S

    I wonder if Leta thinks that you look like the Nikon D70, what with it always being in front of your face.

    We love you Dooce!

  • bb

    I always try to catch you post the pic up but alas no.
    fab pic

  • It looks like someone took an eraser to that picture. And just erased and erased and erased.

  • Colleen from NJ — That is so funny! I guess that’s what happens when she says “No” to Leta and Leta is all “Sure, Mom, whatever, stand back, I’m pitching votives here…”

    lulu cornichon — Just holding the sun with oven mitts is one thing, but your added dialogue makes it PERFECT!

    I thought it was a picture with a flash taken in the mirror…

    Oh, and for the record, it’s nearly 8:30am here in Chicago, IL.

  • Another example of why my inner photographer lives vicariously through this site. What made you think of that?

  • MrsDoF

    for Carol at #20 today
    Sheryl’s description is Comment 266 of the Previous Post.

    Dooce and Jon, my bi-focals got a work-out this morning with your pictures. Somebody’s havin’ some fun with gadgets. Thanks!

  • LT

    Next up she should take pictures of floaters, a.k.a. “gifts” left behind in the toilet. Maybe by GEORGE! for extra credit. 😉

  • Ali

    Reminds me of poltergeist.

    Come in to the light, Heather (Ann. Even though that’s not your middle name, but shh. It works for my scenario).

    The little thumbnail was sort of a tease, though. I was like OOH SHINY COLORS. LET’S PRETEND WE’RE A STONER FOR A SECOND. OOH SHINY. SPARKLES.

    (Excuse the delirium – I have been awake for the past 26 hours studying for an exam I have in an hour)

  • I think I see the Virgin Mary.

  • Ali: Good luck on your exam! Then get some sleep!

  • Carol

    thanks, Mrs. DoF.. hadn’t checked.

  • Beautiful. You have such a great eye for these things. I would hang that on my wall.

  • Ali

    Thanks Sarah! I agree with you about the Virgin Mary. That piece of grilled cheese was a fluke, the real Virgin Mary is definitely in this picture. Heather, EBAY is your friend.

  • HazelEyedPisces

    It’s a camera war! My mom and mother-in-law did the same thing at our wedding. It was the first time that my mom, the national sales leader for the “other” leading cosmetic company, showed a sense of humor.

  • happy to live in one of the blue states

    I just put this window in a corner (or hide it) and then refresh it during breaks. Sometimes I don’t even read the comments, just watch the count change!

  • Kate

    Is that Leta taking a picture of you taking a picture of Leta?

  • Hey I have a picture just like that one.

  • Caroline

    Ali, you sound like me. Starbucks coffee. Lots of Starbucks coffee.

  • “They’re heeeeeeerrrrrrre…”

  • hey wasn’t this scene in Close Encounters of the Third Kind?

    wait — is that…Amelia Earhart?!?!

  • hahaha work of art!

  • Sheryl

    *It’s up to me now turn on the bright lights*
    *(got to be some more change in my life)*

  • Mom…..come on just a few more minutes? Please shut the light off. {{pulls covers over head}}

  • Jeremy

    Now, that is one powerful sneeze. Bless you. And make sure to wipe and wash your hands after that one.

  • Em

    Baby, you radiate.

  • So is this a contest to see who can post the first comment? Is that why you’re perusing this site at the butt crack of dawn? Do you have anything to say about Dooce’s extremely interesting and witty narratives?

    Hmmm…that picture looks oddly familiar.

  • Laurie

    After having pulled a all-nighter writing a brief on who owns the Elgin marbles…that picture was like someone punching me in the eyeballs. My retnas! 🙂

  • Private Sheryl of the Geek Squad

    Carol, the Pixies r.o.c.k.e.d.
    I actually cried a few times during the concert it was so unbelievably good. Reminded me of my early twenties, ah – a different world. I was straight edge then, no tequila. Didn’t help that they played Piper At The Gates of Dawn (Pink Floyd’s first album, before Syd lost it) as the pre-amble.

    The set was about 2 hours straight without a break and they were just so tight, but you know, tight in the way people who’ve been playing with one another for many years are tight. Not edgy tight, like seeing Helmet during their first big tour. Not blistering and vulnerable tight like Interpol the first time I saw them in NY, like the singer might cry himself during “NYC”.

    Mark made the comment the Pixies seemed like an old married foursome, what with Frank’s jiggly buddha belly, and the fact that he and Joey Santiago both shaved their heads. I thought so too, but because they did it so well. It’s like when you’ve been with someone so long and the performance started out good and stayed good, you still know how to make them come hard without breaking a sweat, even after all these years and even with a blubbergut.

    And Mark said “Kim Deal looked like a soccer mom, but not the way Kim Gordon of Sonic youth does. Deal’s not that cool. But she can still *rock the fuckin house*.”

    Gives me hope for you, he added with a wink. Then we jumped in the shower and sang a duet of “Waves of Mutilation” and went to bed.

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