An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation
  • dre


  • cheryl


  • tres darkness!

  • Sara

    What storm?

  • Pretty!

  • wicked dahk

  • I have always liked the shots that were illuminated just by lamplight. I have a collection, actually. It is sort of sad.

  • Deenzadrine


  • Hope it’s a lightning storm so we can see what the hell’s going on.

  • Deenzadrine

    Wait…was this right before you tried to vacuum the dog? 😉

  • Right before you powered up the vacuum, right? And Leta commenced with the screaming?

  • bb

    My no flash pics never look like that!
    Top 10!

  • Red

    Witness protection program?

  • yeah… what is this storm that seems to be brewing? Is it just before Leta wakes up and is inaugurated as “queen mcscreamy”

  • Cmon Leta wake up! Chuck! Chuck!

  • Um…OK…

  • That looks like George’s head.

  • Susie

    OK, now this one is just begging for verbal elaboration. A thousand words would be worth more than the picture. Come on . . .

    Deenzadrine, that’s funny.

  • I’m guessing it is before LETA has awakened…

  • Julia

    This is an absolutely beautiful photo.

  • Sheryl

    Maybe this is early in the am on Thanksgiving Day? Or right before the big snowstorm? Is that Heather’s stepdad holding her mom’s hand?

    Dr. Fever – LMFAO.

  • Maybe they’ll name the next big hurricane after her…or a tropical storm. 🙂

  • Julia

    Okay, sorry to do this in today’s comments, but I just saw yesterday’s pic. How come no one else noticed that the photo from day BEFORE had her in the same pink sweater, and no one noticed? See, you guys don’t really care if she wears pink or not. Leave Dooce alone!

  • I’m guessing we’re in the nursery in this photo, but it definitely looks more like a room at the nursing home…

    Oooh! Or “the calm before the storm” is a foreshadowing of an awful post to follow shortly on the main page… Oh! the suspense!

  • red

    it’s lovely.

  • Julia

    “noticed that the photo from day BEFORE had her in the same pink sweater, and no one noticed”

    hello, and welcome to the department of redundancy department.

  • That’s kind of freaky!

  • Okay, I’ll say it first: What’s up with the lamp, Heather?

  • Scary bedtime stories, anyone?
    “And then the wicked witch turned on her vacuum and cackled, ‘I’ll get you, my pretty, and your little fleas, too!'”

  • Prablee the calm bifur thiy stert 2 kikkeeng an vacummeen thir 1 gud dag Shuck.

  • Cheryl

    Ahhh… reminds me of the last few minutes of the day when I walk around my home and make sure everything is okay.



  • YES I AM #31! GO ME GO ME! MY life is now complete because I have made it into the top 50!


  • Wow, what time do you post those pictures. Is that picture taken at like 4 in the morning right before you put it up?


  • looking forward to “the storm”.

  • Gia

    Looks like someone broke into your house and was sneaking around…

  • Mari

    It’s cruel and unusual punishment to make us wait a whole 24 hrs. for “the storm.”

  • MLE

    TOP 50!

  • I would seriously rather have fleas than lice…

  • Oh, Mouse. Mouse should comment every stinkin’ day.

  • “The Calm Before the Storm” or, “We’re Trying to save money since having a baby is fucking expensive.”

  • I thought I saw skis in the background, but they were just smudges on my screen where I had wiped off more smudges with my finger.

  • Maybe this is after a buffalo wing binge, but before the, um, _effects_ of said binge?

  • hmm there are two people sitting, in a living room perhaps. Appears to be two males. On the table we can see a picture that appears to be of two small children.

    That’s the extent of my sleuthing abilities.

  • Kind of sca-wy picture.

    Mouse, you didn’t read yesterday’s story did you? That’s not a good story for 1 gud dag.

  • “What, no flash again?”

    I think that’s a line from an 80’s song. Trying to remember which one will drive me nuts.

  • Michele

    Heather –
    I had to tell you that my cat *loves* to be vacuumed (though, thankfully, has never had fleas). When we get the hand vac out, he flops in our path and rolls over so we can vac his tummy.

  • victoria

    Hey, thanks for the post about flea yesterday. It reminded me that it was time to put some more Frontline on the dog this morning. See, you’re not just entertaining, you’re serving the public good, as well! Also thank you for the new meaning of Boohbah, which made me laugh, even though I have no kids and have never seen this show.

  • KellyH

    Heather- just FYI- Pert Plus kills fleas like you wouldn’t believe. No need to go riding around looking for an open pet store if you’ve got that in your shower.

  • KellyH: That’s kind of disturbing, actually. The shampoo I, er, I mean, people who are too cheap to buy real shampoo use doubles as a pest-control agent? Can I put a perimeter of Pert-Plus around the house to keep out the carpenter ants, too?

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