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  • who needs an artificial sweetener when you have a leta around?

    ok. i’m gagging that i wrote something that corny. i’m supposed to be the snarky one around here.

    ps it looks like yer little bundle of poop and smiles is standing. is she using those bitable feets yet?

  • lester

    My friend Sarah H. directed me to your site. I have thouroughly enjoyed reading your entries and looking at all your snaps. Your take on life is refreshingly honest. Your daughter is quite fetching too.

  • Oh, the cheeks kill me!

    Who needs sweetner when you could just like, dip Leta’s foot in your coffee?

  • Are those teeth that we see in her mouth? Oh tiny teeth are so cute. What I like most about todays photo, is how sharp the color in her eyes has came out. You people up there should be ashamed of “FIRST” and “first?”, this isn’t a contest. *shakes finger*

  • Am I the only one who can see that her tush is firmly ensconced in one of those restaurant high chairs?

  • Patricia

    May we all scream “BEAUTIFUL” \o/


  • Lisa #2

    Happy Birthday Patricia!

    Leta is a cutie! I almost want one. Almost.

  • I totally though that pic was going to involve Santa. k, pointless comment here.

  • tracey

    i could just eat those wrists. so yummy!
    she’s precious.

  • Nicole

    She has such cute cheeks! I just wanna squeeze em!

  • Danielle

    Happy Birthday Patricia!

  • Monica

    “C’s still get degrees”

    Except I’m also a super nerd so the two classes I got C’s in at the Y, I retook to replace the grade. 🙂


  • ah crap.


  • Fatou

    Comment 66,you’re probably not going to read this.. anyway,, you have the most gorgeous baby ever! I totally love your pictures!

  • Now she’ll have a matched set–the better to chomp you with, my dear.

    When my friends’ kid started biting people, his mom grabbed his hand, gave him a good chomp (painful, but no permanent teeth marks or anything), and said, “Biting hurts! Stop it!”

    He was shocked. And *totally* cured of the biting.

    That wasn’t premature unsolicited advice, or anything. Just a charming anecdote for your entertainment. Heh.

  • Tired

    No Jennifer – you’re not the only only one who has noticed that Leta is in a high-chair! I don’t get where these people think she is standing.

  • bb

    yes, big hands.

  • Danielle


    Now I can have this running through my head:

    All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth,
    my two front teeth,
    my two front teeth.
    All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth,
    so I can whistle at Christmas.

    (repeat with alternate last line:
    so I can whistle Merry Christmas)

  • She looks like the kid from the Sixth Sense!

  • Holy Cow! When did she grow up? Did I miss a year or something?

  • Buffi

    Yes, cutting teeth is miserable for everyone in a 3 mile radius, but it makes for even cuter baby smiles! If you can even imagine that as possible!

  • sab

    i LOVE her.


    Kind of lacking on the comments today, is everyone ok?

  • eco2geek

    There are alsays fewer comments on Saturdays because people aren’t at work sitting behind their computers.

    Love the auburn hair, the huge eyes, the “you caught me!” look and the lower teeth. What a cutie!

  • she’s thinking…you again with the camera? my god, woman, i’m just bloody sitting here. she does not know how cute she is and that every little thing she does is photo worthy.

  • red mill

    Well I AM at work today, sitting in front of my computer. 🙁

    However, I am about to leave and go shopping. First, I’ll have to come up with an answer to the eternal question: Do I go with Michael Kors or Kate Spade for my wife’s Christmas present this year?


    What all of this has to do with today’s gorgeous photo, I haven’t a clue….

  • Awwwwww!

  • Lauren

    You photoshopped those teeth in there, didn’t you?

  • Buffi

    red mill- Michael Kors or Kate Spade????? My husband has it narrowed down to Wal-Mart or Sears, I think!! (Actually, I’m not sure if he has given it that much thought)

  • Lisa

    I love when George posts, and he’s right the comments are lacking must be due to the hectic holiday shopping, did anyone else spen THREE hours in WalMart today to buy ONE toy???

  • Megan

    And my vote, Red Mills, is Michael Kors. My favorite, I wear it all the time.

  • Danielle

    There is a reason I haven’t spent 3 hours in line today at Walmart…

    Go Target!

    (I tried to resist, but just couldn’t hold it in)

  • Lizzie

    I have that shirt, in grownup size. Does anyone even read down to the 80s in the comments?

    Will I even come back and check if anyone answered that?

  • George!

    Last minute christmas shopping…why do I always do this?

  • I just noticed that Google calls you a post-modern Erma Bombeck.

    This may be corny, but I think that’s a grand description.

    And I’m probably missing some long-lost post about this, but nonetheless. It’s just grand. I’m jealous.

  • meilaan

    Hey, Dooce. It’s the holidays. You have to grade yourself on a curve because the class average on Sanity goes way down.

  • My daughter LOST her two front teeth for Christmas – very sweet that Leta is gaining hers.

  • mrs. george #2

    Recently someone noticed the extra-large photo of chuck dressed as a chicken which is now plastered across my desktop. When they asked what the picture was, my instantaneous reply was, “My friend’s dog”. WOAH. When did I become so delusional? Or perhaps I’m just a pathological liar. Either way, my sanity score is causing my GPA to plummet.

  • bigrednosed weave

    This Kano guy really has a chip on his shoulder doesn’t he? Everyones just a chump to him. It’s kinda sad he’s so sad. I think your D-70 pictures are wonderful.

  • I love those little teeth!! Adorable!

  • Don’t hate me because I’m LAST.

  • Aimee

    you’re last?

  • That’s my name, don’t wear it out.

  • Heather:
    You have another mention in the New York Times. (link above, subscription required) Is this the article that you were talking about last week?

  • LeChico

    I’M LAST!!!!

  • Libby

    Now there’s a competition to be last?? …IN FRANCE!!!

  • dooce, you are mentioned in the NYT article on Sunday regarding blogs. just thought I’d let ya know. have a nice one.

    p.s – can i eat your baby? 🙂

  • Je suis le dernier! De France!!!!

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