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Second Cousins

  • sheyna

    no way.

  • marie

    George!!! and Leta!! How CUTE!!!

    / first???!!!

  • Adorable. Both of them. 🙂

  • Hmmm #4 not bad 🙂
    A George! & Leta pic, too cool!

  • That is too much cheekage for one picture, and now I understand why people get excited to be so close to the top. I’ve never been this close!!


  • Jenie

    Awwwww….how sweet!

  • What a sweet picture. George!!

  • Such incredible cuteness! And George is rather handsome. Thanks for the shot.

  • marie

    oh well, not first…..but 3rd…c’est la vie.

    and Dooce, Leta’s in pink, AGAIN!

  • Sharon


  • JenE

    What a cutie. What’s she holding?

  • Liz

    How incredibly cute. Love it.

  • How adorable. Both of them. Two peas…

  • Tom

    Oh….my God. That look in Leta’s eyes! Cuteness!

  • Damn I splashed, totally molton in my chair…..

    Lets eat them BOTH!

  • becaru

    always wondered how GEORGE! was related…

  • Aw, couldn’t you have included Chuck’s bony traitor ass in the shot as well?

  • Em

    OH THE CUTENESS! Leta has a little “flirt” in her eyes.

  • It’s like the chemical formula for a perfect photo. I hope you use this power for good and not evil.

  • Wish it was sunny like that here.

    The real question is, which one is responsible for the stinky present in the bathroom, this time?

    P.S. GEORGE, what does your shirt say?

  • Virginia

    Leta’s so lucky to have cousine George!

  • HEY its Black beard the Ass pirates first mate! Skippy!

  • OH, and by the way, this pic settles the whole “Leta looks like Jon” vs. “Leta looks like Heather” thing.

    Obviously, the GEORGE gene has kicked the asses of both parents’ genes (aside from the facial hair, that is).

  • Sheryl

    Cute cousins!

    Fish, I love this game! It’s like Wheel of Fortune. I’d like an H.
    Oh hell, I’d like to solve the puzzle. “The Outhouse”.

  • “Black beard the Ass pirate”

    Maybe that’s what George’s shirt says.

  • hmmm, I’m not doing too bad in the posting # dept….

    THAT IS THE CUTEST FRICKIN PICTURE!!!! George needs a woman so he can have kids! He looks like he would be such a cool and loving Dad!!! GO GEORGE!!!!

    And Leta, keep giving cousin George those innocent eyes so he’ll buy you something HUGE and LOUD for Christmas!!!

  • Is that a fake plant?

  • You can tell it’s Monday. No one’s working this morning. I’m sorry that I missed the Groundskeeper Willy quote session yesterday. Here’s my favorite:

    Willy: (Rips of shirt) Lunchlady Doris, Grease me up, Woman!

    Lunchlady Doris: Okey Dokey.

  • George again! She loves George! Too cute!

  • leta is clearly going to be a bad bad girl when she grows up. watch out utah.

  • Is that the cap for the Draino that Leta is sucking on, or is it from the Tide bottle?

  • WD40, I think.

  • Sheryl

    Are you saying George is Blackbeard the umm Pirate himself?

    After doing a prelim search, The Outhouse is either a dive bar in Kansas

    Or it is a website for genealogy and family humor

  • I love the photo. They are both too sweet!

  • What is hanging on the fireplace? It’s not a stocking, looks more like a business card holder. Does Santa “leave his card” for Mormon’s?

  • anners
    the cheeks!



  • Red

    Two Sweet Cheeks.

  • Molly

    Great Shot!!

    They both look like they are up for causing some trouble…

  • the decision to be made here is: whose cheeks does one pinch first?

  • Ummmm… does George reside at your humble abode? Or does he stop by frequently for Latte and Pepperidge Farms Pirouette Cookies?

  • Oh God…GEORGE! Leta, AND she’s in PINK….
    are you trying to give me a heart attack?!?

    Lovely, lovely photo. Makes me warm on this ‘wind-chill below 0-degree day’. Brrrr.

  • AgMommy


  • Those two just *look* like they’re up to no good. I bet they just did something that they’re going to blame on Chuck.

    I can’t get over how huge Leta’s hands are, good for grabbing keys and toilet paper.

    I like the fireplace

  • KellyH

    George, dude, you seriously need to come to my house and sit on the floor with my 2 year old. You look like you’d withstand a 30 minute game of “Let’s Pretend You’re A Mountain and I’m the Explorer” much better than I can.

  • Click on me to see The Outhouse we use at work.

  • veg4me

    I guess I am the only one who saw horns on Leta’s head at first glance. Second look revealed it to be George’s skin..

  • That’s really adorable…Looks like someone’s blushing hehe 😀

    Great photo!

  • “Oh my God! A Yeti has taken that adorable child. Quick, get my tranquilizer gun. We have to take it down before it eats the baby like a muffin top.”

    It’s like Harry and the Hendersons.

  • I want GEORGE!s glasses.

    and I love the way a few strands of Leta’s hair aren’t lying down, but are pointing northeast. And the look in her eyes — haha! She knows she’s frickin’ adorable.

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