Best way to roast the broomstick. Must try. Five Stars.


  • cindi


  • Pretty!

  • LT


  • reeeed.

  • mvh

    no way

  • Festive.

  • Clearly


  • Really gets you in the holiday spirit!

  • I love this time of year.

  • di


  • Nicole

    Very good picture!

  • (gulp)

    Holy crap, I’m No. 2! Now I totally understand why everyone gets so excited about being a first-ish commenter!

    The thrills!

  • today seems to be One Word Comment Day.

  • LT

    hey sporty!

  • Bluedevil

    I’ve never liked pointsettas. They’re kind of creepy.

  • I always hated poinsettias until this year when I saw FUSCHIA and SALMON and VIOLET colored ones. Red ones are for grandma’s, give me my technicolor beauties!

  • Wonderful

  • Wonderful


  • Liz

    Wish I could have those but my cat would make them into kitty food and I think they are not good for her. Woe is me. Beautiful picture though. 🙂

  • Em

    Jeeze, you people are fast. It’s like your rapid dogs waiting for a bone! 🙂

    Anyway, lovely photo. RED is for the season.

  • Dooce, people put one word comments in the first several because they are desperately trying to be first.

    And as we all KNOW…being first ROCKS. 😉

    This is postcard purty. Did you know that poinsettas are poisonous to cats? Dogs and babies–no problem.

    Happy Holidays!

  • Slim

    I think it’s to make up for all the reading you had to do yesterday. But give it time….

  • MrsDoF

    Golly, that is so gorgeous.
    Please tell me you are at a Florist and not someone’s personal undertaking, because if it is, I’m so jealous of having that much time and space to garden.

  • This one is smashing….
    Or as long as it’s One Word Comment Day I had to say:


  • Mmmmm, a nice side of poisonsettia should go well with the paper towel, steak knife and Drano breakfast you’re feeding Leta this morning.

  • Absolutely stunning. And, contrary to popular belief, not poisonous (unless you eat about 400 of the plants which, I find, is true for hemp too).

  • LisaG


  • Whoopsie

    I hate to break it to you Dooce, but you CAN inherit the hiccups. My grandfather passed them on to my mom and my mom passed them on to me and now my daughters have the same problem. Any time I take a bite of ANYTHING without a drink, I instantly have the hiccups…gotta love genetics.

  • You beat me to it Fish! Booger!

  • Dazed and Confused: Yummy. Salad.

  • Courtney

    How nice! Reminds me of Southern Christmas’ in Germantown, TN.

  • Dazed & Confuzed

    Just saw Sarah’s post. Yep, they be poisonous to cats. So are Philodendrons, Baby’s Breath, Iris, Tulips, Easter Lilies and a whole freakin’ mess of other plants. If you got a cat, hemp is the way to go.

  • poisonsettia.

    hee hee hee hee!


  • Melanie S: BOOGER?
    Oh, dear. So its gonna be one of those days, is it?

  • they look sort of fleshy don’t they? like the inside of a red bell pepper.

  • Christy (#37), maybe it’s not a good idea to use the word “fleshy” here. Some of us are easily excitable, even at this time of morning.

  • Where’s GEORGE?!

    George is like the Kramer of Everyone claps when he walks in the room. Hopefully everyone won’t get THE clap, but claps nonetheless.

  • Beautiful……. merry christmas!!

  • LT

    Megan, it’s more like Norm, unless George also falls down or spills stuff every time he appears.

    Sporty, what’s for breakfast?

  • L.T. NACHOOOOOOOOS of course. (and maybe some shrimp thumbs)

  • LT

    (shrimp thumbs are my Wednesday treat, so we’re a bit early for that).


  • Being first means nothing if you don’t have anything to say.

  • mmm nacho sandwich with cheese. (don’t forget the salsa)

  • Colleen from NJ

    Hey! I have a great recipe for poisonsettia latte …

    To the Armstrongs, GEORGE, and all Doocelanders, have a wonderful holiday! I am spending the next 5 days in the hospital AWAY FROM MY LAPTOP to have my wee little Christmas child.

    I am kind of excited. The hospital food is really good.

    Anyhoohoo, hope you all get what you want from Santa. All I want is a healthy kid. Santa, I hope you read Dooce, too. Get on it.

  • For some reason I never liked Pointsettias either. I think it’s the smell. Give me some holiday bamboo instead. Even I can’t kill bamboo. Those pointsettias wouldn’t last a day in my house.

    I think DAZED recommends hemp for everything. Run out of toilet paper? Hemp. Get a flat tire? Hemp. Grandma acting up at family functions? Hemp!

  • We bought some poinsettias the other day to put in the floor garden, but the interesting trick will be to keep the cats away from it. Lovely though! Hm..hiccups. I get those alot. People are always giving me off-the-wall remedies to get rid of them, and of course..none work. Darn genes!

  • LT

    Christmas children rule. I’m one. 😀

    Nacho sandwich, cheese, and pickles, too. Oh, what a morning.

  • Wait, since when is Wednesday your shrimp day, I thought it was Tuesday? I didn’t get the memo.

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