An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation

This one is for you, GEORGE! Leta and Chuck miss you already

  • So how many dates has GEORGE! acquired from your site?? Good luck GEORGE! in all that you set out to do…and MAN do I need a dog.


    I’m not going to Austin, I live in the Dallas area, which is where I’ll be going to school for now.

    Yes I have an accent. Thanks for all them there welcome homes y’all gave me.

  • Amazin how much abuse a dog will take from a child. My dogs n cats thru the years took a beatin from 8 grandkids. Last 1’s 6 so he’s outgeown it a bit anyway. Dogs just lay their n the cats swish their tails,and look cross at me,like it’s my fault. Now when the kids show up their happier 2 c them ,then when i come home. Unless im holdin a box of bones from butcher. It’s come down 2 bribin my pets n g-kids. lol……Gotta love it…later


    Hey, good luck back in Texas, and congratulations on escaping BYU.

    And make sure to visit The Epicenter of Cuteness often enough to keep us all up to date.

  • Mir

    Take good care of yourself, GEORGE! We’re all looking forward to tales of your… ummm… well, whatever, just tales of you. 😉

  • You see, and this is what I get for learning everthing from watching Dallas on the soap opera network. I thought it was “them *THAR* welcome homes.”

  • cb

    Re: #41–
    Fish, I am 41.
    What’s the sad news?

  • cb

    Re: #43–Oh, you were just, duh, not paying attention.

    Watch it, Fish, I’m in Milw, too.

  • George- you know you need to start your own web saaaht right? c’mon, you know a great designer and computer geek who can help you get started. anyone?

  • One little two little Flea little Indians……………..She is counting the fleas as she picks them off. I think I will name this flea Rey!

  • Bye George! We love you! Good luck!

  • GEORGE! left? what? where was i when this decision was being reached. i am flabbergasted. i need to go lay down.

  • Good luck George. You’ve made a big, brave decision to explore life and we are rooting for you!

    P.S. George said Jon was old. uh huh huh…uh huh huh…

  • Wynn

    GEORGE! should have his own blog…

  • LMAO @ Chucks eye..he is like OH MAN! Sorry for your loss of George. When Leta is more car seat tolerant ROAD TRIP!

  • GEORGE! you will be missed.

  • Wait a minute…that would make me old too… 🙁

  • DeeGee

    Well, damn… I can’t tell who I want to eat more! Leta or Chucklesworth.

    Too. cute.

  • GEORGE!, I’m just up the road. Hop on I-35 and go 990 miles until you get to Minneapolis, and we can meet for rum on an empty stomach.

  • I have the biggest crush on George! I hope he’ll send photos often or start his own blog so I can maintain my weirdo internet crush on him.

    Although he is ‘de-mormonizing’, I don’t think that Texas offers much of a different atmosphere as far as religion goes. He should consider moving to Georgia.

  • I miss GEORGE! already too.

    What a magnificent bastard.

  • “I know there was a piece of candy in here a minute ago…”. Leta is just so adorable, it kind of makes me regret the whole childless/single thing. Maybe I can get a little clone of myself…

  • And who can blame her. Those Chuck ears look so flappy and soft!

    Ears are my favorite part of a dog.

  • Welcome to Texas, George! Before you do anything else, go straight to the nearest boot store and get you some proper footwear.

  • GEORGE!: on yer way through Texas stop by the Bush ranch and wave your fist angrily at it.

    Uh oh. I think the guy in HR is on to me. He keeps saying strange things like “Good Morning” and “How are you?” I’ll bet he’d like to know how I am so he can tell the Shadow Ops he works for all about it. I totally have to take him out with my Swingline stapler.

  • Ali

    “Hey…is that…what is that floppy thing? Does it hurt when I pull on it? Dog. Why must you just sit there whilst I torture you so?”

    Baby + Dog = Damn Adorable Picture.

    It’s a scientifically proven fact, duh.

  • kris

    but..sigh..i was gonna marry george:(

  • Michelle

    second the GEORGE!blog idea – but only if he includes all sorts of overwhelming cuteness pics like his cousin…

    Why is it that all the Dallas folks want George to move to Austin? Could it be that Austin is the place that everyone (who’s cool enough to LOVE dooce) in TX should live? Anyway, if George takes y’alls’ advice, he can come hang with me and my brood, as I am so blessed as to live in Austin.

  • I miss George already! :(((

  • Taylor

    We really need sound clips on this site. You get to HEAR all the incredible cuteness and we have to imagine it. NOT FAIR.

  • Amy

    “so, if I lick my finger and stick it in there…..”

    Oh! I just realized how dirty that sounds! *blush*

  • I love Leta’s hair!

  • having spent a whole helluva lotta time in texas, i’m not sure that place is a step up from byu.

    i’m just sayin.

  • Dayna

    Aw, GEORGE! We will miss him so.

    Leta and the Chuckinator are so precious.

  • It looks like Leta might actually be growling at Chuck ~ Is there any chance of a special series of ‘bed head’ pics coming to a theater near us soon … please? Happy New Year Armstrong Family & the Congressman

  • Christie Faith

    Being a native texan, I must stick up for my lovely state! it’s perhaps not the greatest place on Earth, but there are lots of lovely women and friendly people. Cities like Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio have a lot to offer in way of entertainment and culture. I’m certain that whatever school George is attending is better than BYU 🙂

  • yes!

    chuck almost under the covers

    with a baby


    We miss you too! 😉
    Leta and Chuck are so damn cute.

  • MrsDoF

    There’s a weird connection going on in my mind, so I checked the Archives. On 12/26 Holly Schmidt comment #121 asked if GEORGE! was perhaps in Dallas last week? Then I checked some more and found a picture of The BROTHERS BOONE posted 9/29. Now GEORGE! is heading home to Dallas.
    Is it really all in my head? Say I’m not crazy because going to the Therapist once a month is all I can afford.

  • Austin is an amazing city. If I could afford it, I’d still live there. Never been to the Dallas- but that J.R. sure is a dick.

    I am very sad for the 25+ thousand people who were killed by the tsunami. That tsunami is a real dick too.

  • Amanda B, you crack me up. “That tsunami is a real dick…” That’d make a good newspaper headline.

  • Can I marry Chuck? I swear, I’m deeply in love with him.

  • Grammarqueen: I could be wrong, but I think there must be laws about that sort of thing in Utah…

  • Cass

    George don’t lie, you don’t have an accent.

  • Hi all,

    Our lil’ ol’ public radio station ran a piece this morning and this organization is taking donations of cash and giving to the communities to use in the wake of the dick tsunami. No middle man or paternalistic organizations doling out assistance.

    NY Times had death toll at over 44, 000 this morning… we are really, really sad… I feel very useless and helpless.

    Bless you and yours. As always, you too dooce and your beautiful family. This is a fun little community here. Hi GEORGE! Bless you also. All of you be well, I am thankful for you.

  • George Lover

    To add to the dick tsunami discussion, the news also said that the death toll could double once disease like cholera, typhoid and malaria set in due to lack of safe drinking water. It is so very sad.

    George! Good luck in Texas! We fully expect you to post and keep us up to date.

  • George Lover:

    excellent book on the topic of disease spreading due to lack of municipal sanitation and basic clean water resources:

    American Holocaust- Stannard

    just plain interesting:
    Guns Germs and Steel- Jared Diamond

  • latest figures:

    52,000 dead.

    holey moley. F*cking dick tsunami.

  • Slim

    Let’s be fair to the tsunami the big dick of a 9.0 earthquake had everything to do with the death toll too.

  • even though this site has to have the world’s largest collection of the words “cute”, “awww”, “adorable” and “GEORGE!”, you still make it worth visiting everyday Heather. of course, being a guy, i cannot readily admit to this, it’s like being caught secretly watching a soap opera.

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