Best way to roast the broomstick. Must try. Five Stars.

Hammer time!

  • Laura

    OMG IM so close to first!

  • awesome light! 🙂

  • Zak

    nice dancin’

  • 1st? Maybe? Love the site! Love the picture! Love the new masthead! Love Leta! Could I use anymore exclamation points?

  • Wayne

    Almost first! LOL!

  • midwifegoddessannie

    What the hell are you doing?

  • Laura

    OMG I WAS FIRST. I DIDNT EVEN TRY TO BE FIRST. BUT I WAS FIRST. I can die a happy woman now. Oh yeah I have to say hi to my sister Ashley too. She and I read your site everyday and then coo at how cute Leta is. ASHLEY IM FIRST! WHOA!

  • Em

    Oh my. Bust a move, girl.

  • Does the world need an excuse to watch a hot chick swing from the chandelier?

  • Btw, the new layout is kewl and hilarious! 😀

  • I think that’s the greatest picture you’ve ever posted!

    Get down wit’ you bad self!

  • RazDreams

    Dr. Johnny Fever, it’s actually “Pine Green” from the Crayola Color Box (*mmm, sniff*).

  • midwifegoddessannie

    Uncle Tom wouldn’t happen to be DJ Blurbs brother by any chance??

  • …can’t touch this!

  • Cheryl

    I am so glad that someone else enjoys the pleasure of doing the mc hammer dance. I also do lots of other dances and look horrible doing them. At least I have fun right? What’s the point when you don’t make an ass out of yourself?

  • I’m having flashbacks of a Taylor Dayne video.

  • Anthony

    It’s funny how people stop making comments when they lose the chance of being first. 😉

    Is that a smile I see?

  • jastereo

    Are you aware how many people run home at lunch to convene the procedure after reading your monthly letter to leta. She is so…damn…cute we all want one!

  • Hahaha! Now that is a cool picture. Is the person on the righthand side dancing too? Or fleeing?

    What a beautiful letter, Heather. I know you don’t write them for anyone but Leta, but they really are a joy to read. I wish I had my act together enough to do something every month like that. I bet Leta’s baby book is updated regularly and has like pictures in it too, isn’t it? My poor kid is going to have to print out my website someday, edit out all the cursing and assemble his own baby book.

  • midwifegoddessannie

    Laura take a pill honey… you must have a really slow computer 😉

  • At first glance I thought you were holding that dangling lamp. You look like you could be up on your toes like Michael Jackson, you know, except for the whole (alleged) child molesting thing.

  • RazDreams

    I’m the FIRST to spot the nerd watch!!!

  • Dooce getting jiggy with it.

    You go girl!!!

    Happy New Year to one and all!!!!

  • Thats the way Heather. Dance like nobody is watching. Even when they are.

  • It looks like you’re swinging in the lam like tarzan. Awwwwesome.

  • Awesome like a hot dog?

    Awesome like 10 million h ot dogs sir.

  • LT? Where are you?

  • You go girl, shake whatcha momma gave ya!

  • Is it me or do those bulbous lamps look conspicuously like Darth Vader’s testicles?

  • Laura

    midwifegoddessannie: please dont take my happiness away. I was first!!!!!!!!!!

  • the roger rabbit rules! AND, fun new game: hitting refresh on the browser just after dooce posts her new picture. 0 – 20 comments in just 2 seconds!

  • Ashley

    Laura: you were so not first!

    Dooce: Laura’s right though, I always say I want a baby that looks like Leta.

  • Wow… and you’re not even biting your bottom lip! I hate when I do that… and someone catches it on film.

  • love the new look heather. and, i gotta say… Leta is just TOO damn cute.

  • Dazed & Confuzed

    OK those light fixtures need to be in my house – like…right now. Nice pose, Dooce! Everybody Wang Chung tonight, if you’re not busy.

  • RazDreams

    If you look carefully at the picture, you’ll see that Dooce is actually in the throes of kicking a stupid anonymous e-mailer who sends her mean “advice.” A second after this photo was taken, she likely then pounded the e-mailer with her raised fist.

    It’s true: notice the wickedly happy smile on her face.


  • It does kinda look like you just jumped down off the ceiling.

    What were you doing up there? Reconvening the procedure?

  • OMG I am cracking up – what a weird way to be mean. Deny their firstdom even though they totally were first! Never ever allow them the joy of relishing in it. I wonder if we could ALL deny it and make poor Laura go insane.

    Laura, don’t worry honey, I believe you. Surrrre you were first.

    -giggle- this place is so funny.


    Something about that picture is so funny!

  • Oh, my! Oh, Heather!

    Hmm…I’d say it’s more like the Cabbage Patch.

  • shy me

    Go Heather… It’s yer birthday… Go Heather.

  • Well, its not naked drunken underpants remodeling, but its a start!

  • Liz

    Love it. Very cute pic. 🙂

  • are you sure that’s not a bad “running man”?

  • Oh man, Heather, that is AWESOME! Great picture.

  • Hee. I love how there’s a mirror behind you, so we get DOUBLE the dancing Heather.

  • You look you’re jumping on a trampoline…this pic would be on the way back down.

  • What a great action shot! And I love the weird lamps too.

  • Shake yer groove thang, yeah yeah yeah.

  • the niffer

    I really hope there is a bottom half to that picture and you’re wearing parachute pants.

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