Best way to roast the broomstick. Must try. Five Stars.


  • Julia


  • But what a way to die. . .

  • RazDreams

    Good morning!!!

  • joy

    And THAT would explain all the farting in the Armstrong household. *grin*

  • red

    killer, dude.

  • Ooh! Scary!

  • Cheryl

    Well if that doesn’t make you poop I don’t know what will… it’s like a colon cleansing for free, for me anyway!!

  • I dont’ think it’s the food that’s the killer.. it think it’s probably the trip to the bathroom afterwards that does the deed

  • I’ve got your big red iguana right here.

  • Em

    Eeek. I always say: stay away from red iguanas.

    (well, no, I don’t – but it seems like a good policy, right?)

  • RazDreams
  • the niffer

    Just looking at that sign makes my bowels move.

  • Jen

    Yeah, that almost makes my mouth salivate and my intestines churn.

  • I think my ring sting got that much worse.

  • I agree, good place to visit when you don’t want to go the laxative route…..

  • RING STING? Oh my god I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

  • there’s a killer on the road

    his brain is squirming like an iguana…

    mmmm…. No. Sorry, Jim Morrison.

  • it’s not the going in that gets ya, it’s the coming out. yeowch!

  • Sandy

    I’m the first to say I’m first!

  • Erin

    RING STING?! What a great day to start the day!

  • Is it killer going in or coming out?

  • Spicy on the way in, spicier on the way out.

  • NotFirst

    How many colon-related google ads are there on this site?

  • Shit!


    You might want to consider purchasing a Snoopy Snowcone Maker before you eat there. That way you can get rid of the ring sting after you blow your colon out!

  • Zach

    Top 20, great pic.

  • Scary- I am in Texas and there are TONS of Mexican Food restaurants here- but I have to say that is quite an advertisement right there.

  • AWWW man that stuff gives me the Shiitz. Everytime I head to Taco Bell – 2 hours later I get the UT OH’s and have to run to the bathroom to let the fertilizer out

  • Southern girl

    I am the most impatient person ever – I stalk this website until she changes the picture and posts new stuff. I need hobbies.

  • I saw the thumbnail and thought it was Zing Zing What’s-His-Name Boohbah Dude again. But…Killer Mexican food may be almost as scary!

  • Ouch! My ass hurts just reading that.

    Dooce – Is the killer mexican food the new remedy for the constipation?

  • That will help clear out anyone’s post-holiday system for sure! Cool shot.

    Kieran: My boyfriend calls Taco Bell, Taco Hell — rightfully so!

  • It may not be a picture of a Boobah, but I bet one meal will make your poor ass go Zing Zing Zingbah!

  • Ah, retro Dooce photography (missing that streaking effect you used to employ, though). What’s that line from the Simon & Garfunkel song?

    “And the people bowed and prayed
    to the neon god they made
    and the sign flashed out its warning
    in the words that it was forming: WARNING. KILLER MEXICAN FOOD.”

    From the neon god to the porcelain god, here’s to you heather.

  • More like a way to keep me all night. Someone pass the soft serve.

  • I recently went for Thai food and thought, “hey, dried chili’s can’t be that bad right?” Wrong. Seeing your sign, even though it’s Mexican, makes my rectum shudder with fear.

  • Fish’s comments get me every time. I totally want to eat there. Mail me some leftovers?

  • Kerry

    I love this photo!

    But I have a question for commenters: I don’t get why Mexican food has such a reputation for making people shit. It doesn’t make me shit anymore than any other cuisine (Taco Bell is excluded from this. Even though it is tasty, it is not Mexican Food).

    Anyway, I imagine that Mexican Food would make me shit more if I, say, ate it in Mexico, and washed it down with some nice Mexican tap water. Otherwise, I feel like all this poo-gossip is slander.

    Is it because beans cause gas? Did that fact somehow get transformed over time into Mexican food causes poo?

    This is not a rhetorical question. I really want to know.

  • Does Google serve up colon-related ads because of the photo or the general tenor of the blog?

  • Suddenly I am having flashbacks of serious heartburn that keeps me up all night along with NO PROBLEM POOPIN!!

  • Temptress!You make me want to move back to Salt Lake!

  • Bad news, Dooce.

    The google ad tells us that

    “Death Begins in the Colon”

  • Do you mean you have MEXICANS in Utah? It’s not the arayan state? 🙂

    PS… at the pharmacy where I refill my meds 2x a month… it’s always, Mrs. Rios your Lexapro is ready… Mrs. Rios are you here for your Wellbutrion? So much for confidentiality 🙂

  • Kerry (#37), you must have iron intestines if you have to ask! 🙂
    For me, the combination of hot sauce, jalapenos, onions, beans, and whatever secret ingredients are contained therein make for a dash to the bathroom as soon as we get back to the office from Mexican lunch.

  • Dude, NEVER eat at a restaurant that mentions death in its tagline. That’s just asking for trouble.

  • DM

    Fish, you kill me. That’s great. Now that song will be stuck in my head all day, which is a welcome change from the milkshake song.

    I am torn from wanting to rush to Utah to eat at this restaurant or stick with Don Pablo’s. Damn, I so want a chimichanga now.

  • Did that make anyone else’s sphincter clench up extra tight? Just me?

    Thanks Sporty for adding “ring sting” to my vocabulary.

  • Yum!

  • Is it me or does the sign look like there’s a person bent over with their ass aflame?

  • Hmmm. I wonder if the iguanas are red when they serve them on their own, or if the red sauce is the reason they call them red iguanas…

  • “Red Iguanas; The Killer Mexican Food” — sounds like one of those old Japanese horror flicks to me… like Godzilla vs. Mothra, ya know?

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