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Blue, Looking West

  • Em

    Where are all the comments?

  • abby

    Holy moly.

  • Nicole

    Hello from Perth, Western Australia. warm and sunny and a blue ski too, but the stars are out now (it is 10pm at night)

  • Dale

    Now THAT is beautiful!

  • Lilly

    holy crap i am close to one! hi Haley!
    Dooce, thanks for being so entertaining.

  • Would this be the piece of sky from which the Mormon General Authority likes to make His/Her pronouncements?

  • What a view! The sky looks so clean…. It must be so cool living there.

  • Marlies


  • Adam

    This is …. mormon country.

  • I went to Utah once, but I don’t remember it being close to that pretty!

  • joy

    gorgeous! did you adjust levels to make it that blue or is it really like that?

  • Those clouds are beautiful!

  • maria

    i love that the houses are bathed in that beautiful blue. and the fact that you can see forEVER into the distance. great shot!

  • I definitely agree with Maxigumee that the sky looks “clean”… We can’t blame Utah for the hole in the ozone layer, now can we?

  • gorgeous!

  • 16! nice.

    Thats a gorgeous photo.

  • actually, this is what happens when you forget to turn off White Balance adjusted for incandescent light on the D70.

  • Miss Mea-Mea

    wow…are you using a blue filter on that shot?

  • Be You Tee Full

  • be_OH_be

    … which I’m sure you intended to do, right?

    Nice effect though.

  • Reminds me of when we used to do acid and go for nature walks.
    Yeah, it was a small town.

  • Happy little mistakes, huh? Sometimes they’re the best.

  • Beautiful….looks like early morning …and cold….like those mornings you don’t want to get out of bed. Oh wait…that’s EVERY morning! LOL!
    Have a great day all!

  • Cindy

    Thank you. If you only knew how much I needed that picture of optimism.

  • Allyson

    and then does god come down through the incandescent light when you’re off white balance?

  • Why is the sky bigger there than in Illinois? Boohoo.

  • Wow. That is so beautiful!

  • beautifulmess

    looks like the essence of purity

  • yeah, what time of day was it?

  • Twilight Zonish

  • a stunning picture, hey no one can question where you live after a picture like that.

  • red

    pretty. i wouldn’t mind if the real world looked like that all the time.

  • rb

    its now 10.15 here in perth and the stars are still out and the sky is never that shade of blue! I wish we had yummy utah snow here!
    Its too hot.

  • heidi

    morning? or night?

  • Eerily pretty. The clouds look angry and I think G.O.D. might have something to say about that.

    Oh, and that was like the BEST FIRST COMMENT, EVER.

  • Ana

    Beautiful picture.

  • Michelle

    You’ve captured how ‘tall’ the sky seems out west…as a recent transplant, just walking outside at the right time of day to view _that sky_ awes me. Great photo!

  • Erin

    Is that picture untouched or have a dooce effect of some sort on it? It’s amazing!

  • Shoop! That is eeeeery.

    Complex values. Likey.

  • Gah, why bother with cyanotypes when you get all that beautiful blue digitally?

  • that’s a gorgeous photo. i love the darkest part of the sky.

    i don’t know if you care or not, but that guy who was stalking/harassing/threatening me was fired from his job yesterday. he wasn’t ‘dooced’ though. i see being ‘dooced’ as a positive thing. this ass got what he deserved 🙂

    anyway, keep on being heather and keep loving jon, chuck, and leta. you’ve got a great life, constipation and all 🙂

  • SEK

    that is absolutely mesmerizing.

  • Southern Fried Girl

    Never thought I would say this, but I think I might want to come to Utah. 🙂

  • was this taken with a filter or was it ‘shopped to look like this?

    very pretty, but almost too blue.

  • That’s it! I’m moving to Utah. I’ll kidnapp GEORGE! and force him to return too.

  • Mesmerizingly bewitching.

    Thanks Dooce!!!

  • actually forgive my last comment – just read your explanation of why it’s so blue.

    A happy mistake! I still like the image tho… 🙂

  • Did you add some saturation to that, or is it that naturally blue?

  • Nevermind. I read the answer.

  • a.