An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation

His ego writing checks his body can’t cash

  • Meeka

    Not First!

  • giggles

    Go Chuck!!!!

    Have a wonderful day everyone!

  • I can say I’ve done that a FEW times!

  • wot! no-one here yet?

  • heather

    top ten?

  • beachgal

    CHUCK!! And it’s not even Friday!!!

    Yay Chuck!

    Hope he had fun and didn’t get hurt!

  • Meeka

    Darn, I was first and had nothing inspirational to say.


  • Look! It’s Chuck being tough! Is he defending his poptart territory?

  • Hahahaha, Great title.
    All hail CHUCK!!!

  • Chris

    Friday already?

  • What? it’s not even Friday! How lucky are WE?! I heart you, chuck!

  • Ed

    Yay for the Honorable Chuckles!

  • Chuck! I didn’t know you had it in you. Good Boy. Get that dawg!


    GO CHUCK GO! (did he win?)

  • RUFF!!!

  • Courtney

    Who is top dog here?

  • SHUCK!!! BIT thatt skirry min dag! I cannt bilif thiy R putteen yew en dagg fits 4 munee naw. Yor laf es evin mor harbil thin man. 🙁


    ps. Ef amm firs am gun thru ep frem theenkin abbow haw fenny thatt wul bi 4 1 dag 2 bi firs.

  • Looks the like the former Congressman is holding his own. Go Chuck!!!

  • Michelle

    I love the joy dogs have in their pseudo-fighting! and TOP 30~!

  • KellyH

    Chuck looks so wild-eyed, and his friend looks so. . . unconcerned.

    I like that little beard his friend’s got!

  • jenn

    that is frgin funny.. go dog go!!

  • red

    Go dog go!

  • Lisa

    An exercised dog is a good dog! But Chuck is always fantastic.

    That other dog has a totally cool face, very 19th-century aristocrat. You, sir, call yourself a former congressman? I dare say!

  • Michelle

    my 14-lb basenji/dashound mix regularly lords it over the next door neighbors’ Bull Mastiff, who is the gentlest soul but looks like a monster. The neighbor, quite rightly, said – “your dog is pretty aggressive for being so itty-bitty.” ITTY BITTY!

  • Who’s the dog? Chuck!
    Go for it Chuckles, you can take him!

  • holy shit – i’m 25th?! guess that’s what i get for walking away from the computer for 10 minutes.

  • I’ll put 10 bucks on Chuck! Wait, is this illegal? If it is, I’m just kidding.

  • Did the former congressman get his ass handed to him?

    We love the Chuck!

  • Southern Fried Girl

    My dog does the same thing – I mean, do they not realize that the giant St. Bernard or whatever could pick their teeth with our smaller pups? Cute little Chuck….

  • If you want to run with the big dogs, you’ve got to learn how to kick some doggie butt, Chuck.

  • Cheryl

    Chuck reminds me of me sometimes… and sometimes it’s scary. Remember the picutre where it looked like you were dangling a treat in front of him? That’s the stare I give most people.

  • Ali

    Chuck makes me want a puppy soo badly. Unfortunately, I live in a dorm so that’s probably a bad idea

  • rb

    hate to be piky but cannae help it… yew spult checks rong.

  • LOL-Go Chuck!

  • Lilly

    go Chuck.
    My son has some lovely raisin poop too… and he thinks they are candy so he tends to eat the whole box. I can count how many he ate when I change his diaper.

  • My old basset hound used to play rough with a rhodesian ridgeback. They looked just like that, all wild-eyed but really they LOVED each other! It’s good for the doggies to have playdates! Go Chuck go!

  • I love the heading for that photo. OK I also love chuck, of course. It’s not even friday and we get a Chuck photo. Your website just keeps getting better and better!

  • you teach that dog who’s the biggest baddest dog this side of the mississippi!

  • Damn Dogs! GET A CAT!

  • RB, here in ‘merca, he he, we spell “checks” lak “checks,” not “cheques.” The Merkin people luv writing checks so I’s kin smoke the evidoers outta their holes.

  • Kick his ass, Chuck! Then kick it again!

  • I saw Chuck and thought, “FRIDAY!!!” Damn all you people who HAD to go point out that it’s not even Friday. I was enjoying my delusions, thank you very much.

  • “Give him the ‘once over!’ In fact, do it twice!!!”

  • Wow, Dooce is attracting all kinds of celebrities these days. Jesus, God, Zeus and now… G-Dub. Damn girl, you got ’em stringing along!

  • yikes!

  • eek! ok, i know they’re onlyplaying and I knowi’m just a big huge baby, but dogs scare me.. they really do.. give me a cat any day.. tho most dogs are nice to look at and i might even give them a nice pat on the head “hello dog, nice to see you, now move along..”

    except pugs.. pugs look.. wrong.. alien.. sorry if you like pugs but there’s just something wrong there..

  • Lilly~ You really shouldn’t let your son eat raisin poop.

  • Goose

    Nice Top Gun reference, Heather! How long have you been waiting to slip one in for?

  • beautifulmess

    yeah, i love it when toy poodles & chiuauas (sp) try to attack my great dane, who could (& often tries to) devour them with one snap of her mighty jaws. where do they get their delusional sense of power?

  • Can’t blame Chuck for loving that beautiful dog.
    And, not to give yesterday’s troll additional attention (comment 280-something, think the name is shel), but I feel something needs to be addressed: judging. Apparently, Troll is perfect and seems to know all about everything. I don’t know what Troll’s motivation was to post that lowly, ignorant comment. But Troll, the word fuck apparently has a stranglehold on you. You give way too much power to it. It’s just a word, not a symptom of psychosis. Your freaking out is a larger symptom of psychosis, I would wager. Relax.
    By the way, I have a feeling Andrea Yates never said “fuck” around her kids, anyway.

    Hope I haven’t offended anyone.

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