An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation


  • Is Chuck in there, too?

  • Ahhhhh – beautiful picture!!! A girl and her daddy. :o)

  • What is going on? Am I first? I’m so confused! Great picture! Snuggly goodness.



  • HaHa!

  • jenn

    How cute

  • She looks SO not thrilled, but yet really freakin adorable all at the same time.

  • You didn’t really sound like you were crying – I would have thought you were just laughing ruefully at the foolishness of your youth or some such thing. Anyway, I thought you sounded very poised and professional and grown up.

  • Peek-a-boo!!!!!

  • How cute! I love her very nonchalant expression.

  • It’s like, multi-person peek-a-boo. Or a cotton igloo…

    Or something.

  • Thank you for doing the interview. I have referred a couple of friends to listen. Good advice, may keep some folks out of the turmoil of being dooced.

  • The Leta Caterpillar has attached herself to the Scruptious Bearded Daddy, cocooning for warmth and her metamorphosis into a toddler. In the spring, the Leta will emerge with longer hair and longer limbs, capable of bringing grown women to tears with her innate cuteness.

    I don’t know.

    And PS – from one Southern Girl to another, you don’t sound one bit Southern, Honey. 😉

  • hahaha what a great photo 🙂

  • Although, in some colder habitats, it’s the male that develops a pouch to protect the young from the frigid temperatures with his greater body mass, and allowing the mama kangaroo to keep her KAPOW figure.

  • Leta and Jon are in da ‘hood. Fo shizzle.

  • Dang, chickenflicken–you beat me to the punch on the nature-show comment.

  • TamarainHamilton

    The things we do with babies to keep them entertained while they wait to conquer the world — its hysterical


  • LOL! That’s a fantastic photo.

  • Jill

    Your husband and daughter are very precious, cherish every minute of every day together…as I know you will.

  • Carol

    Leta: “What are you looking at?”

    She looks so warm and cuddly. Sweet.

  • giggles

    Cute photo – and the thumbnail closeup of Leta’s eyes is even more cute.

    Thanks for all the lovely photos and posts. It all brightens my day – and by the looks of it, many others as well.

    Thank you. 🙂

  • red

    omg, this is my favorite picture EVER.

  • That is adorable…AND we get to see the Scrumptious One in GLASSES and a BEARD.
    I’d be gettin’ all hot and bothered this morning, but Leta is such a cutie pie plus you now have me reliving the scene from Alien that scared the shit out of me as a young person.

  • “I will NEVER escape that camera, will I?”

  • Cheryl

    I think Jon has a little more room for mommy to fit in.
    That would make the cutest Christmas photo ever!

  • Brooke from CT

    Leta is really developing her own little personality there! I wish I chronicled my daughter’s childhood with amazing photos like you, but unfortunately I lack the skills. It’s so cool to see Leta grow up right in front of our eyes!

  • Or were you looking for the obvious comment: Boohbah Baby.

  • Heather! That is the greatest photo ever! I LOVE IT!

  • Its the Spawn of Dooce! Its Alive!

  • hahah so cute

  • Kangarooman and his Roo reenact the birth experience.

  • Ha! I love this picture. That’s a lot of cuteness.

    You knoooow, there’s nothing wrong with having a Southern accent. I have quite the twang myself and that’s fine by me.

  • I’m completely rethinking my whole position on “being in bundled in polartec is completely unflattering and therefore not a fashion option.” Of course, I don’t look like Her Royal Cuteness, so I don’t think I’ll quite be able to pull off that look.
    *huge sigh*

  • With a loud, onomatopoetic ‘foomp’, Leta was launched into the air and into the waiting arms of Momma, thanks to Dad’s new circus canon jacket.

  • That baby carrier gets a lot of use!

  • awwwwwww, that’s adorable

  • Sweet pic. It must have been veeery coooold.

  • Mir

    See now, all she needs are some tiny square glasses….

  • Wow.

    You sounded great. Not how I thought your voice would sound, but still a great interview.

    You should post up a sound clip of Princess Leta screaming too!

  • beachgal

    Wow…I’m speechless. So adorable.

  • She is TOTALLY playing along with that game. Soooo precious.

  • Fish LIVES!

  • Cuteness! With all the focus on Leta’s delicious cheeks, I never noticed until today that she has the cutest little nibbly nose EVER.

  • Leta has such a “knowing ” look on her face. I imagine the voice of a dry, witty, Lauren Bacall-ish character coming out of her mouth saying something like “this is NOT my best moment, thank you”

  • Awwwwww!!!! Too cute!

  • Dooce, I’m starting to see more of a resemblance b/w the you and Leta esp. in the eyes.

  • How can one baby be so cute yet so evil? She’s obviously plotting to take over the world.

  • Amy

    I *thought* you were probably laughing at Leta, actually! sounded great!
    My husband and I laughed along with you at the end of it and ever since he’s has kept saying to me “Don’t get Dooced, Amy!” To which I reply, “Well you can’t get Dooced very easily if you ain’t got no job!”

    I always find it amusing that some people think it’s a cool thing to be “Dooced”..because when has being fired from a job ever been fun? Even if you hate it…

    ppl just love you so much that we need to think of a more positive word based on “dooce” that can get incorporated into the vernacular!!

    oh and..yeah..that picture..awesome. you are consistently awesome with the photos..and the writing..and the design..and the humor… must be said yet again: you rock.

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