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  • Dazed & Confuzed

    As my nephew would say before the concept of “adorable” was introduced…”That’s a door bell!”

  • hehehe. i love the parallel hoods. alien indeed. 🙂

  • cat

    Yep, lil’ Leta, she’s lovin’ every moment. EVERY MOMENT, I say!

    I can TOTALLY sense these things. That’s just the kind of mother I am.

  • Lisa

    She’s so cute!!!!!! I can’t imagine anything more adorable…

  • THat picture is TOOO MUCH!!

    It is not legal, it is too cute! (But not in the bad way, in the good Oh My God That is CUTE!)

  • Amy

    “he’s has”..uhh yeah..

    ..and YOU worry about appearing like a hick?

    ..really! I ought to be Dooced from the ‘blogosphere’. ..and dunno why, but I hate *that* term…anyhoo..

  • Yo hold up. Leta is like days away fom being ONE and she still fits into the Baby Bjorn? That’s great, a baby item that lasts through more than one stage.

  • Southern Fried Girl

    The thumbnail pic alone cracked me up and then I clicked on it and saw that!!!!! How hilarious y’all are. Love it.

  • I vote this one as my ABSOLUTE favorite.
    (Second? the heinous Christmas pig from Thanksgiving).

  • sclark

    She may have daddy’s eyes, but that facial expression is all you.

  • I love that hat your husband is holding! And Leta’s expression.

  • regarding your interview – maybe i’m not supposed to find it this funny – but you’re right – you do sound like you’re crying and then here i am listening to it picturing leta and the scene you’ve set – hahahaha!! great job though! i was impressed with how professional you sounded considering the way you described what happened! and you spoke much slower than i would’ve expected – your words read as though you speak without taking a breath!! 🙂 i enjoy your blog every day! 🙂 thanks.

  • oh, those eyes of hers…they say it all. totally sweet picture. 🙂

  • 64th?!?! YES!!!!

    Anyway, cute picture, as usual. Leta looks comfy.

  • Em


  • that will be one of her favorite pictures when she’s older.

  • There is not a word in English for this type and level of cuteness. Extrememongous. Hugeanormous. Fantastahugely cute.

  • Tee Hee Hee.. What a darling picture!!

    As always Dooce, you’ve got a great eye!

  • Ooooh, it’s the 2-headed cutie monster! Ooooooh 🙂

  • 01234

    Bebe Dooce has her mama’s critical eye. I know that look. I can tell she’s got her internal monologue going, and that once she makes contact with a keyboard there’ll be an almighty explosion of duo-doocetting in the blogosphere. Chuck will probably have his paws over his ears in anticipation of the blastwave.

    For posterity’s sake, Heather, make sure her first keystrokes are on one one of your blog entries.

  • Melanie

    Looks like it’s cold!

  • Kangaroo Jon!

  • my 8-month-old grinds his teeth too – AWFUL! HIDEOUS! NASTY!

  • Amy

    I just went back to read some of the later comments from yesterday. And just thought..
    “Hmm..what if Amber is related to Heather?”

    Assuming things about people can be ‘dangerous’. (yeah..I’m really not trying to over-dramatize this)

    Personally..I don’t have a problem with anyone. Reading ‘tone of voice’ or intention is next to impossible in text.
    Kinda sucks for me sometimes cause I love using sarcasm.. and lying so people say “What?! Really?!” and then I say “Nope.”
    What happens if they take it as truth and never say “Really?!”

    Well..possibly heaps of hate mail? hrmmm….

  • Wait. Did I miss some drama yesterday? Damn it.

  • Booooooobaaaaaaah!

  • Laura c.

    Ok that hat was in the dog park shots as well. LOVE THAT HAT! Did someone make it for the lovely Leta?

  • U.B.

    Wow, great day at the dog park. Cute kid, cute doggies and fun grown-ups that love them all.

    Give us a little notice next time and we’ll all come! (I’ll need about 7-10 days to arrange things for the interstate travel…)

  • I’m with U.B. Time fore a net party. I’ll bring the vodka. And the lemons. You have sugar right?

  • Oh, Dooce. My firstborn used to grit her teeth, too. And it drove us CRAZY! And it was so LOUD! I could hear it in the next room, I swear. At least she did eventually outgrow it, but it was hell while it lasted.

  • Moxie, is your website down?

  • ashley

    haha, how cute! the way her eyes are looking cracks me up.

    in the interview i was waiting for you to say consequance like you did but i guess they didnt use that part.. darrrnnn

  • Tracy

    Holy shit, that’s a cute picture. The kid doesn’t know how good she has it.

    When my nephew ground his teeth, it sounded like he was chewing on a plastic bottlecap. Incredibly obnoxious sound, especially in the middle of the night.

  • that is the cutest picture i have EVER seen! too much cuteness for my eyes!!!

  • By the way, I never did thank Heather for posting the requested Chuck-acrobatic-peeing photo.

    God, if I could get my leg in that position, I’d *never* leave the house.

  • Laura C.

    I think that this is my favorite pic of the two of them.

  • lena

    a child gritting her teeth!!! oh that is too much! i thought i might have been the only one. in all my baby pictures you can see my clenched jaw, my right fist held tight and my brow furrowed. even as a child i was seriously stressed out and a basket case!

  • Laura C.

    Hey, other Laura C–you stole my comment moniker! But it’s ok…bired of a feather flock together.

    Oh, and Dooce, I totally have a thing for guys with glasses. Especially those plastic rimmed ones. They just compound attractiveness infinitely.

  • Laura C.


    Fuck my typing skills.

  • my father used to do that with me–ah the memories

  • Whoa. If you forget about the part where she’s enveloped in Jon’s jacket like a scrumptious pea in a pod, Leta almost looks like a teenager. Can you see it? That glare!

  • Now THAT’s a dad. 🙂

  • yup, it’s a hot forks kind of sound. but then if i had three teeth for the first time, i think i’d make it for a while too. just to check it out, you know.

    darlingest thumbnail shot so far.

  • “Mom, put the camera down or I will grit my teeth and scrrreeeeaaaam and drive you crazy until I am 30.” Leta

  • the other Paula

    Leta looks as snug as a bug in a cute!

    My niece used to grind her teeth horribly, I used the think that she would grind them to the nub if she kept it up. I guess all teething babies do it, dont know why either.

  • That is the funniest picture yet! She’s looking at you as if to say, “no time for pitcures lady, I’m trying to burrow here.”

  • the other Paula

    I forgot to say, I still grind my teeth (especially while sleeping) and to prevent the wearing down of them, I now have to wear whats called my “teeth guards” at night. I blame it on my job and the stress of it. Lucky me.

  • Oh, by the way…props to Bucky Four-Eyes not only for being first today, but for NOT making the FIRST? or FIRST! comment, but an actual comment on the picture!

  • Thanks, LadyBug. 🙂

    You know I always ask about Chuck first.
    True story: I am the youngest of five kidlets. When my mom brought me home from the hospital for the first time, my dad had to remind her, in all seriousness, to greet the other children before she greeted the cats.

    I am my mother’s daughter.

  • I like the very first comment. 🙂

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