An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation

Chuck, age 4 months, first instance of clothed humiliation

  • Chris


  • Love It

  • How cute!

  • Sara

    So precious. I love Chuckles.

  • Darn

  • Em

    Aw, Chuck! You are the cutest! Baby fat or not…

  • Nina

    look at all that chest hair!

  • he looks SO HAPPY to be dressed in that pink Gap baby tee. I RUFF YOU, CHUCK!

  • Suzanne

    All dressed up and nowhere to go?

  • Chuck doesn’t look too humiliated there, but maybe he just hasn’t walked past a mirror yet.

    What’s up with the “one ear up, one ear down” thing, Chuckles?

  • by the way, when I saw an article of clothing in the thumbnail frame I was distraught, thinking that we would be denied of our much anticipated Chuck Friday this week. I’m happy to admit that I was wrong, oh so wrong.

  • What a funny picture…he totally looks like he’s smiling, and the one ear up/one ear down…did it hurt when you removed the superglue?

  • Sir Chuckles looks quite fetching in pink stripes. He’s totally working that preppy look!

  • RUFF!

    Wait, was that for today? It’s too damn early.

  • “Do i look good, or do i look GOOD?” Cutie Chuckie 😀

  • haha He seems pleased to be humiliated. Crazy dog! But I love him :}} lol

  • Very cute. I, too, have subjected my dogs to clothed humiliation, but it’s so worth it.

  • LOVE the fat rolls…makes me want to hug chuck!

  • hahaha, gotta love dressing up the dog

  • mcf

    Good god he looks so…elated! Could he be any better adjusted?

  • wn

    Love the site, love the picture part…but THAT…is just not right! Go find Emily Chuck!

  • At least the shirt is somewhat sporty and manly. My childhood friend and I used to dress her (male) dog in her cast-off ballet tutus. That was one pissed-off schnauzer, let me tell you.

  • When our yellow lab used to go into heat, my mom put my brother’s Underoo’s on her for the duration of the heat. I don’t know who was more humiliated – my brother or the dog.

  • lol…he looks so cute! And he looks like he’s happy about wearing the clothes…

  • Going for horizontal stripes to make him appear larger was a good choice. Now the other dogs in the neighborhood will think twice before messing with Chuck!

  • Doggies love wearing shirts!

  • erin

    Oh wow – I hope my mom never sees this picture. It will just “prove” her theory that dogs LOVE to be dressed up hahah.

  • contessa

    poor little Chuckles.

  • Cheryl

    The first thing I notice is the AWESOME decor. I am in the process of decorating my new apartment. I’m horrible– any hints?

    I just love seeing pictures of Chuckles, TGIF!!!

  • e

    haha – it looks like he LIKES it – maybe you should dress him up more often!

  • That is so great. My boyfriend does that to our cats, they tend to look far, far less amused with the situation however. That is one of the great things about dogs, you can degrade them and they love you more for it, with cats they just go pee on your shoe.




  • I have these images of you trying to wrestle his front legs into that shirt…

    “umpf! hold still! uh. almost got it. yes! who’s a good boy? who’s a good boy? poptart?”

  • liz

    it must be because he’s so young, but doesn’t his head look disproportionally HUGE?

    i’m so glad that, with age, he’s grown into his head.

  • Hee hee hee… that is a GREAT picture! What a happy puppy!!

  • Annalise

    I just cant imagine how you actually got that on Mr Chuckles…but what a model he makes, sitting perfect and pretty for the camera! He’s even got the celebrity teeth-flashing-smile going on….RUFF CHUCK!

  • beautifulmess

    you should have seen the mortified look on my great dane’s face when my husband dressed her in his entire postal uniform. fortunately, the pants fit her perfectly.

  • That is GREAT! He has no clue how silly he looks! What a happy dog..

  • Ali

    A cat dressed up as a hot dog… complete with pickle hat:

  • He kinda looks happy there.

  • I can’t help wondering what Chuck would be wearing these days if Leta hadn’t come along and usurped his furry bottom as the Armstrong Top Model!?

  • Speaking of humiliation…I think I just bought that exact same shirt from Target…

  • Wow, you’ve got quite an accent on the npr segment. you weren’t kidding!

  • BarefootGoddess

    He looks so happy

  • BJT

    aaah, he loves it, he really does. So our office has a doggie hall of fame where we put pics of ours and our friends cute dogs. Would it be crossing the border into stalkerville to put this one up?

  • thanks, i just spit coffee all over my computer. I will have to post the picture of my dog dressed up as “destiny’s child” on my site. It’s a sick obesession, but I also love to dress up my poor pooch.

  • al


  • Oh My Uppercase God I like totally have that SAME SHIRT.

  • humiliated? who are you kidding? chuck looks like he loves his wardrove. and those colours so suit him.

  • Okay, you totally want to love on some of that.

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