An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation

Chuck, age 4 months, first instance of clothed humiliation

  • shy

    yo quiero taco bell!! If I wasn’t in such a slump I’d be running for the border. man i need a date…[sigh]

  • Daisy

    Your home looked like a freakin’ Pottery Barn store! So jealous!

    Cute pict of Chuck!

  • MyChelle


  • Bert and Ernie ARE NOT GAY!

    I wonder how many women can actually achieve orgasm by other means than clitoral stimulation.

  • gee whiz, G.A. sorry.

  • Carol

    Dooce, GirlA, Fish – LMAO!!

    I love the picture of Leta reading the Organism Book. That is too funny!! Save that one for prom night! Cock!!

    *getting ready for the onslaught of urban dictionary cunnilingus terms*

  • Because I don’t really like those women.

  • shooz

    dude i believe you just broke a hundred chicks hearts by saying you could never be a lesbian.. =D

  • Carol

    Then you like me, Amanda! I don’t like those women either.

    Heard on the news this am that some group is saying Sponge Bob and Patrick are horrible because they are promoting the gay lifestyle. Get a life, people!

  • shy

    In response to Girl A:

    [raising hand slowly]

  • Carol

    um… just read that last comment to amanda. i meant it in the most non-sexual, just friends kind of way. sorry.

  • shy

    sorry I meant in response to Amanda B

  • Oh my, woman, you make my day!

  • Laurie

    Oh how I love chuck-fridays. Esp. this week, as people seem to forget that people actually LIVE in washington DC and would like to be able to get to their apartments/grocery stores/post office etc. Closing 20 city blocks for 2 days my ass.

  • Fish, I was kidding dude. I won’t get the cocktail and tartar sauce out just yet.

    Shy: huh?

  • shy

    Girl A:

    i was reading your comment while responding to Amanda B’s and had a brain fart…my bad.

  • Oooooh Shy! You evil little monkey you! You must share you secret.

  • Oh shit. Here goes Amanda B with Monkeys again.

  • shy

    muah hahahahahaha! [rubbing my evil monkey hands together]…

    first you must learn to snatch the pebble from hand young grasshopper…wax on, wax off!

  • [taking notes]
    I thought the secret was rubbing evil monkey thighs together. Hands, huh? Really?

  • shy

    it’s all about the opposable thumb baby!

  • I gotta say the dog looks kinda fly in that shirt

  • You have to admit Chuck doesn’t look overly humiliated… he looks pretty darn happy. Cute as hell! My mom’s best friend had a dog I’d known since he was a puppy and for whatever reason he more than adored me and let me do whatever I liked to him. This included dressing him up.. I have this pic from when I was about 13, he’s in bicycle shorts, a t-shirt, and some weird Back To The Future sunglasses. Poor Chester.

    And Amanda B… I don’t think it’s quite as common, but the last woman I dated could, and in fact she preferred the non-clitoral orgasm. She also.. uh.. was a squirter.

    Not that you needed to know any of that, but hey, you asked for it!

  • Hello hello….HOLA!

    Interesting word choice: pocketbook.

  • Mary in Sacramento

    This is EXACTLY what I wanted to see in the morning as I’m drinking my coffee getting ready for my Intro to World Religions class. Dogs in clothes… LMAO. I’ll be sure to bring that up when we discuss Buddhism and Re-Incarnation.

    “…I was reading on today and she had a picture of Chuck in a Gap shirt and I was absolutely positive he was the 18th incarnation of the Dalai Lama. I’d follow him anywhere.”

    Awesome photo. Long Live Chuck Friday.

  • Dear Dooce,

    Learn a valuable lesson from my own abject humiliation at the hands of my (I thought) verbally-challenged toddler.

    Thanks for the Memories

    Forwarned is forearmed. Or something.

  • Alena- hmmmm. mmmhmmm. oh. ahha. riiight. mkay. what?

  • If I were to picture the happiest dog on earth and what he would look like, that picture is *it*.

  • Well crap. The line “Thanks for the Memories” was supposed to be a link to here:


  • You have Letas face partially obscured in that phot for a reason don’t you. Something about protecting the innocent.

  • A dog after my own heart. Love the stripes 🙂

  • Hey Chicken, why don’t you get offa Dooce’s site and go update your won slacker.

  • I am so in love with all of the LA Apartment pictures. They look like pages from a catalog, so pretty.

  • I just want to hug that dog.
    And accessorize him.

  • I used to put clip on earrings on my cat. They matched his Cabbage Patch clothes.

  • That Bert and Ernie, I don’t know. On the one hand, they don’t even have feet, let alone genitalia. On the other hand, if I had some guy’s hand stuck up my ass all the time, I’d probably be accused of being gay too.

    For whatever reason, I got under the impression that they were siblings, but according to this site:
    they’re identified as friends and roommates in the very first episode. Do with it what you will.

    Dogs in clothes? Now THAT’S wrong. I’m calling the SPCA. (-;

  • blu

    i love fridays..i love chuck…i love sensational organisms…

  • Operation Rescue Chuck leaves at dawn.

  • He looks like one of the Brady kids! 🙂

  • honestyrain said at 10:18AM, 01.21.2005:
    Operation Rescue Chuck leaves at dawn.

    That’s great — but dawn in what time zone?

  • For the medical scoop regarding the whole ‘air down there’ issue, I found this link :

    Summary: Air in general is okay, but atmospheric pressure associated with any (to mix meteorological and economic euphemisims) inflationary activity can be very bad.


    In other news, Chuck is my hero.

  • For Ferris — “So, honey, I read this thing on Dooce today about air and how it can be potentially dangerous when blown in… How’d you like to test a theory tonight after the kids are asleep…?”

  • Must Squish Chuck

  • Sooo…no bicycle pumps or air compressers then? Damn.

  • Bert and Ernie are like, so totally gay. And that is totally OK.
    Did you hear that the Christian Right is now attacking SpongeBob?

    Yes, the square yellow one and his pink neighbor, Patrick Star, HOLD HANDS sometimes.

    It is the day after the Inauguration, and as Jon Stewart said, it is a day long waited for…the beginning of the end of the second and last term of this guy.

  • Re: Bert and Ernie
    Bert: Where are your hands?
    Ernie: Between these two pillows.
    Bert: Those aren’t pillows.

    Seriously, I never even thought that it was weird that Bert and Ernie were roommates when I was growing up, and it never occurred to me that The Sponge and Patrick Star might be “more than friends”, but seriously… who cares? Apparently, the fact that they live in a place called BIKINI BOTTOM doesn’t bother anyone??

  • Susie

    Perhaps give us a Cliff notes version of what you learn about organisms. I clicked the link to the book on Beth’s site, which led me to:
    Men Are Like Fish: What Every Woman Needs to Know About Catching a Man
    (Paperback – June 2002)

  • shy

    Oh and in response to Heather and Beth’s concern about having to do “that”, some women can get away without having to get saucy…they just get serviced…referred to lovingly as a “pillow princess”.

  • Shy: Does that term also apply for women who prefer men, but maybe don’t prefer doing *that other thing*?

  • Jkoontz

    WHO CARES about being FIRST?!! If I see one more comment about being FIRST, I’m gonna go medieval on someone’s ass. Seriously. It is so boring to read comments when they don’t even comment on the picture, but are rather some juvenile contest!!!

    By the way, love Chuck in the shirt!! 🙂

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