An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation
  • SEK

    a fire within

  • The Burning Bush

  • karen

    when hell freezes over

  • Prickly

  • Cheryl

    Nature’s way of telling me to take a picture.


  • perception

    painting landscapes

  • tc

    fire crotch

  • A Moment of Discord

  • ThinkTank

    Fire and Ice..oh no , wait that’s a perfume…the ever-so-elusive “Untitled” often works in these cases Dooce.

    really gorgeous shot either way.

  • cum soaked barn sluts!

  • Ada

    I’m sitting here with my son. Normally, we wouldn’t be looking at your website at this hour. Normally we’d be eating breakfast to the sounds of Thomas the Tank Engine. Instead, Hung-Over Dad and Too-Tired Mom are feeding cheerios to Hyper Son in front of the computer.

    Hyper Son (2 years old) says he likes Chuck but prefers Skarloey (a train).

    As a result, the name of your picture?

    “That’s not Skarloey!”

  • SEK

    So, I’ve always kinda rolled my eyes at people who make a big deal about being the first to post, all the while, I’m secretly pea green with envy. But truly, I’m elated that I was first. I can now die happy.

  • LZS

    The Burning Bush is my vote, too. Great mommies think alike?

  • Bob The Builder!

    Can we help you?


    …and people, come on, lets leave the taco’s, cum soaked barn sluts and bush (save for the bumbling political one!) out of this new comments page…

    and everyone: have a top shelf weekend 🙂

  • skeletrees?


    Nah–cum-soaked barn sluts is still better

  • I’m lame. Actually, that’s not a suggested title, that’s really a comment about me.

    It’s a very postmodern picture (I think), which means I like it very much.

    I vote “Untitled” or “Textures.”

  • Goose

    I think that’s the fire of freedom/imperialism burning in the minds of men and spreading across Utah

  • Wildfire.

  • Vote One Hyper Son

    where was this photo taken?

  • I went to the High School for Performing and Visual Arts, and whenever any of my artist friends got stuck, they’d name their photos “Untitled” and give it a number. It made them sound like they were giving the viewer interpretation, but in reality I think it was that they didn’t know what the hell to call their stuff, either.

  • Mary Barber

    shoot more cum than she can drink!

  • ThinkTank

    Dont mean to say I told you so but…

    “Untitled” is so the new black, “Untitled” is the way forward, Vote One “Untitled”!

  • Ummm

    or you could go ‘mod’ with “Unearthed”.

  • tt

    Fire in the belly

  • Kassi

    If not by water,then with fire

  • Treedom.

  • “post-inaguration”

  • l

    hot natural bushes?

  • Ali

    Now is the winter of our…bright orange safety fences.

  • ab

    My Mom likes it red hot.

  • From the Ashes

  • bushfire about to break out.

  • Julie

    Cold Heat

  • Laura

    I call it “Extremely awesome photo.”

  • So, I woke up with part of a song lyric stuck in my head, and it kind of fits your picture (eerily enough)

    Raging Fire

    (kind of, being the operative phrase)

  • And From The Embers We Will Rise Again…..

  • Erin

    To piggyback on RockStarMommy’s contribution (which I like the most).

    The Burning Bush…in France!

  • Annie

    Wow, beautiful picture. What is the red in the background?

  • “Interface”

    Aside from the smoke and the fire, and the tree in the foreground that would seem to be covered in snow or ice, I can see a bit of green as well.

    Never mind the geeky connotations.

  • Blaze

  • OR you could call it:

    Trees and Bushes That Look Black and White, with a Line of Red in the Middle that Looks like Fire, and a Little Patch of Green in the Lower Right Corner (but Closer to the Middle, Really)

  • SuggestiON

    The Burning OF Bush would illicit much more hope for our people.

  • Susie


  • Autumn

    Ring of fire.

  • RazDreams

    there’s already a daily photo titled “burning bush”:

    my suggestion is “Dry, Itchy Skin”

    that’s a perfect picture of how my skin feels during the winter months…

  • RazDreams

    actually, after reading through all of the suggestions so far, i really really like “post-inauguration” the mostest, and it’s so appropriate, and methinks dooce will really like that one too, given the timing and the totally dry, chaotic-ness of the photo (and, also, of our nation).

  • cheese sandwich on white bread

  • One big prick

  • branches holding back the scorching of autumn

  • Polly Ticks

    try saying this fast:

    IN AWE YOU GOOD NATION! (perhaps some kind of twisted and actually positive Bush-ism!)

    but then of course I would be talking about Australia….

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