An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation
  • Andrea in Canada

    I like *Suggestion’s* idea of “The Burning of Bush” but since that’s taken, maybe Fireside Photography…

    I think it looks like a painting! So much detail. Beautiful, Heather!

  • The Truth About Nature

  • Dazed & Confused

    How about ‘Searing Frost’?

  • Torrie

    My vote is for The Burning Bush.

  • Lynn

    Bush Interrupted

  • Flaming Twigs of the Apocalypse!

  • Prickly Thicket

  • “Fire, Fire on the Mountian…”

    I’m not really all that old, but I did love a dead show Jerry was still around.

  • RazDreams

    Andrea in Canada: *The Burning of Bush* isn’t taken already; Burning Bush is taken. So, technically, that’s original and also timely.

    Maybe Dooce will tell us her favorite choice right before she closes comments tomorrow morning…

  • Suggestions

    hey screw you RazDreams, yes now Im getting territorial…”The Burning OF Bush” was definitely mine- a *Suggestions* original, thank you very much!

    and thats a frosty yet searing comment towards your demented Political FigureHead!…had you not noticed of course 🙂

  • Heather and Jessie

    “Flaming Organisms”

    That’s right.

  • les

    “Don’t make rain down burning fire on your asses!” -God

  • Who said “fire crotch”?


  • Heather and Jessie

    “Flaming Organism”

    That’s right.

  • Prisoner in Orange Jumpsuit Streaking to Freedom

    Lame, I know.

  • Fire Island?

    Oh grrrl! That’s so 1985. :op

    Damnit Dooce. It’s your pictures that make me miss Utah. Then I go outside and look at the wide open spaces in New Mexico and I’m so over it.

  • Dont Try This At Home

    okay, its my turn to go all Fabio on yo Ba-itches asses:

    “Branches of icy tenticles delve into her hot red lava lap”

    well just saying red lava lap over and over is fun, fun, fun!

  • tif

    Bloody Cold

  • Ghost fire

  • Sarah L

    Brush Fire Fairy Tales

  • Winner

    Brittle Serenity

  • avey


    Well, I went out and got a tattoo yesterday in a fit of birthday desparation… and I have been breastfeeding. I have been planning to quit and wanted to know if with the tattoo I must stop right away or can continue to slowly stop. I was told to call a hotline… the are all closed on weekends!!!

    And I want to know ASAP about this. I just want to keep my baby safe.

    SOOOOO…. any ideas?

  • susie

    beginning of a do-over.
    i’m in l.a. where much of malibu gets a “do-over” about every 4 years.

  • han

    carrot juice creek? Nice pic as usual

  • Jacks Girl

    Sarah L- Jack Johnson rip offs will not be admitted into the naming competition…but my rather inspiring:

    “Charcoal and Papaya” will be.

    …and Avey: Im curious, what does a desperate-on-her-birthday-mother go and tattoo herself with?

  • Mary S

    Great picture! But what to name it?????? How about a simple title: OUCH! Don’t touch!

    Atleast that is what goes through my mind when I see it.

  • Forked Trees of Displeasure?

  • Cristin

    “spectacular organism’s”, of course

    also – avey where is the tatoo’s location? I don’t think it would really be a problem with breastfeeding unless you got it in your nipple….OUCH

  • avey


    A big ol’ flower.

    It was a long day too. My husband decides to tell me he has started smoking again, I find out my grandmother is going through heart failure, and my parents forgot to call and say happy birthday.

    So I figured… ha… why not!… and now I have to worry about this too.


    My baby isn’t awake yet, so I havent fed her yet today. I was hoping to find out before I know if I can pull out the booby or warm up the bottle.

  • Fred.

  • avey


    It is on my left arm, fairly large though.

    I have heard mixed things about tattoos and breastfeeding though….

  • “Landscape for the Ex-Mormon”

    Jon is adorable. An elliptical machine kicked my ass once and then talked about my mamma. I’m more of a treadmill type of gal. (read: big wuss)

  • Genital warts and flaming hot chorizo.

  • It looks like what would happen if you dropped a piece of smoked salmon in the dusty space underneath a refrigerator.

    Maybe not as euphonious a title as you might be looking for.

  • e

    My husband says things loudly like that ‘cept he doesn’t have the excuse of having music blasting in his ears…

  • “my mom thinks i’m a virgin”

  • When Hell Freezes Over!

  • 80

    George Bush’s home, 2008

  • yndy

    Nature’s Fire in the Briar Patch

  • I’m crappy at titling things, so I’ll leave that to everyone else who has had much more creative suggestions than I.

    Avey.. you could try Googling it.. just about everything can be found on the internets, you know.

  • dänika

    The Burning Bush gets my vote too. neat picture.

  • non-expert

    Well, Avey, I’m not a medical professional or expert in any way, nor am I a mother, but I know you’re not supposed to donate blood w/n 12 months of getting a tattoo. I think it’s because you’re higher risk of having HIV or hepatitis. I don’t know if you can pass HIV or hepatitis via breast milk, but if you’re in any doubt about the sterilization of the needle, you might want to wean faster than planned.

  • Marc

    This picture reminds me a bit of some recent works by Marc Seguin (not me, just the same first name): (or go to and find him in the ‘artists’ section)

    Unfortunately, he’s not much help for naming: the paintings that look like this photo are generally just called ‘Forest’ with a number. So, I will suggest a punny name: “Orange Brush”. 🙂

  • Patrick

    How about “01_22_2005.jpg”?
    It has a nice ring to it methinks

  • avey- This is the only thing I could find quickly:
    (scroll way down)

    But it pretty much says what “non-expert” said above.

    About the picture: It pretty much looks like what I feel like this morning, after having been up half the night with two sick kids, and now realizing the third one is coming down with crap as well. But that’s probably a little too long for a title, huh?

  • *I* would call in Johny Blaze and then I would admonsih anyone who understood what it meant.

  • Mrs.Strizzay, did you see my “clarification needed” comment to you yesterday?

  • The opening credits of Tim Burton’s next film. Or M. Night Shyamalan’s. Either one works equally well…

  • 01234

    Prior to about number 35, the one I liked best was _”Nature’s way of telling me to take a picture.”_
    It’s got the requisite reference to bodily functions and it says something about the photo.
    *It wins, hands down.*

    I like it better than my own idea.

  • Sarah In Alaska

    I like Unearthed.
    Just wanted to share the craziness….Today in town we are having our winter ice carnival and the big event is called the polar bear jump….. crazy costumed people jump in to the freezing waters of Ressurection Bay, all to raise money for cancer research. This is the 20th year and to date we have raised about 1 million dollars! Why is it that we can invent breast implants and viagra, but can’t find a cure for cancer? Maybe 2005 will be the year!

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