An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation
  • *Ladybug*,

    No, I did not.

  • After reading all the suggestions I am voting for Cum Soaked Barn Sluts, In France!!!

  • popsicle

    Fire Crotch !

  • Andrea in Canada

    I got a tat while breastfeeding…still breastfeeding 8mths later…well…if anyone comes up with something let me know.

  • *Mrs Strizzay*

    It just occurred to me I should have clarified, myself. I meant my reply to your “position of the week” comment on yesterday’s Dooce photo page. Not a comment on your blog. Sorry for the confusion.

  • lisa d

    Of all the suggestions given, I like Cold Heat the most – although I’m not sure that’s fire at all in the background.

    I also like either Winter’s Heat or Divergence –

  • dolly

    mary barber is a dirty girl……..

  • 01234

    BTW, *Mormon General Authority* will back me up on this one. He owes me a favour because I’ve held my tongue about that little debacle yesterday. (_elbows MGA in rib_)

  • Didn’t read all the comments so I hope no one else said this…

    “Hot Forks Of Displeasure”

    I love that phrase…have no earthly idea what it really means, but it sounds so way cool every time you use it.

  • *Ladybug*…the comment about the John Candy movie was about jackhammering on the couch as opposed to my moms implants? I am still confused. :0P

  • I’m going yay to ‘Burning Twigs of the Apolcalypse’

    dooce can you just go ahead and tell us what the photo is of now? I mean, besides the twiggy obvious.

  • Armageddon. Because, lets face it, there is no better place for a just god to exact his wrath than Utah

  • I thought for sure someone was going to say, “First!” Luckily, that was not a suggested title. 🙂

  • Barren Menses.

  • Amy


  • Em

    Smells like burning

  • “icey red”

  • the other Paula

    Paris Hiltons burning crotch.

    Sorry, I just read an article about her 2 seconds before I clicked onto Dooce. I wrote what came to mind.

  • Um dead tree branches in front of an orange haze. 🙂
    Or you could just call it

  • Wilma

    This photo should be titled “After Dinner At The Killer Iguana Place”

  • Sarah (#100), where in Alaska do you reside? I’m in Anchorage. 🙂

  • Jeff

    Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright

  • Onychomycosis

  • Scorched Earth Policy

  • RazDreams

    Umm, *Suggestions*, I was referring to “The Burning of Bush” not yet being taken by Dooce as a name for one of her daily photos, so technically it’s an original *name for a daily photo.* And I meant that it was timely because of the inauguration yesterday (meaning that I definitely noticed that it was a searing comment toward our “Political FigureHead!”). But thanks oh-so-much for “screwing me” before you realized that yes, there *are* actually people who aren’t out to get you or steal your suggestions…


  • “Inflamed Vagina (with twigs)”

  • Michelle

    That picture reminds me of the many, many Alaskan wildfires we have every year. The spitting image. This past year (ere 2004) we had record fires. My house is still standing. Yay.

  • I’d call it

    “Baby, it’s cold outside”

    (SEK: I got a laugh out of your post. Weren’t you tenth or eleventh? The other fans must have typed faster.)

  • SEK

    Squish: I was first, then realized I was on and noted it on the 12th post.

  • alyssa

    i pray you’re ti-voing the show ‘inside polygamy’ on a&e right now.

  • Paris Hilton used to be a brunnette with a different nose. But she still posed like a slut. And I saw her cooter in a poperazzi pic and it was gross. Like ….Paris honey, let the hair grow back.Long.

  • Since I can’t figure out what’s causing the orange, I’m going to be unimaginitive and vote for “Untitled.” Or Amberlyn (#41)’s title. That one seems to describe it the best.

  • SEK:I thought it was kind of cute.

  • .

    Unhappy Trees

  • Jme

    Haze alert!

    Well, that was a rather lame attempt, but I’m still chuckling over the ad I saw on your blog’s sidebar:

    Lasting Pleasure ?
    Natural sexual health product for women.

    Advertise on

    And all that was right beside your ‘Sensational Organisms’ post. It’s beeeeautifully done, even if by coincidence! 🙂

  • Amy

    There’s a few I like, especially those concerning Bush’s Reign of Terror. (Alternate title?)

    But I went back to look at it and see what it made me think of, personally:

    Charlie Brown Landscape On Fire

  • Amy

    ‘There’s’ instead of ‘There are’..yeah..I don’t sound like a backwoods hick at all siiiir..

  • Trace

    In my best Beavis voice I say name it Fire! Fire!

  • Amy

    I’m gonna stop correcting myself in future, actually.. I *might’ve* been right in the first place, ‘few’ being a collective term, but now I’m really confused after looking at it a couple of times.
    ..So..yep..that’s MY last post for this entry.

    I’ll let everyone else tell me when I’m posting the wrong things or posting too much. People seem to like to do that to others anyway…no need to do it to yourself, people!
    Self-Effacement be gone! Not that a lot of ppl are doing that..still, let GOD smite those who are wrong!!

    I just hope I’m not setting myself up here….

  • Katy

    Run Forest! Run!

  • Thank you for the laugh, Katy!


  • Yay Katy!

    My favorite thus far.

  • 01234

    Nobody else has spotted the _Virgin_ Mary of the Twigs? Jeez. Lower left corner about 1/8 of the way in.

  • I just read the Mormonism archives.

    And frankly I think that dry humping is under-rated.

  • Rachel in Alaska

    It sounds like Sarah is in Seward. I work for ACS and the PBJ is an awesome fundraiser.

    Love the Dooce, daily reader. Thanks for all the laughs!

    It is so strange, our conceptions of what people will “sound” like. Even though I knew you were from TN (as am I) I had no clue you would have a country accent.

    How Bizza`.

  • Amber suggested:


    That is my personal favorite, so far. Except, Amber, you forgot two exclamation points!

  • It kind of makes me think of death or dying. But I also think it’s gorgeous.

    So, “Gorgeous death”?

  • Radioactive Superfund Site Death (in NJ, anyway)

  • i remember the first time blake said “cock.” it’s probably my fault for taking him to a fantasia party when he was 3 months old and letting him play with the vibrators. a friend has a photo that she calls ‘the exact minute mommy turned you gay.’

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