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If you look closely you can see the third tooth

  • “Look at me, I’m a cutie pie!

    I said, LOOK AT ME!”

    Heh. My kid was cute once. Now she looks like me.

  • Linda

    Simply adorable!!

  • She just keeps getting bigger and bigger… and bigger…

  • CUTE! Baby fangs!

  • She’s gonna be 1 soon, huh? Any birthday party plans?

  • joy

    I can [i]hear[/i] the “grit, grit, grit.”

  • Leta, the toothy wonder. Props to Jon is right.

  • jennifa

    tiny kid, tiny teeth! so cute!

  • nika


  • She is so cute! And teeth! Such a big girl!

  • CaughtInTheAct


    …and check out that Armstrong Ceiling!?

    tell us, do you choose who advertises on this page? the coincidences are often uncanny!

    YOU GO LETA GIRl, chomp Mummy’s nipple…thought I could hear vieled sarcasm in your joyous reaction to ‘the third tooth’…

  • Awww. My mouth hurts for her…

  • Leta Eater

    Surprised not to see claims of “first!”…but then again, this time round I would have preferred to side with Leta and exclaim, “Third, Mommy, Look!”

    what a cutie pie…you could serve that delicious gobbly chin with ice cream! yum yum

  • I think it’s time we introduce Leta to buffalo wings.

  • I am more impressed by the drool on her right cheek than the third tooth..and Oh my god those cheeks ..yum

  • Caroline

    It’s like that Clipse song with Pharrell, Grindin’:

    [Chorus: Pharrell]
    ……Grindin’! (Ahhh)
    ……Grindin’! (Ahhh)
    Grindin’! (Ahhh)
    Grindin’! (Ahhh)
    Grindin’! (Ahhh)

  • She’s getting so big!

  • bb

    three is more than a couple which means the full set very soon…ack!

  • Jme

    Can I bite her nose off?

  • 3 teeth, go Leta! We’re still eagerly awaiting the arrival of tooth number 1 in our house. The drooling and chewing has to be for something positive, right?

  • Why are the rolls of chubbiness cute on HER and not ME?

  • I hear ya, Sarah. Apparently, slobber isn’t attractive on a 30-year-old either.

  • I saw the mouth in the thumbnail and just for a moment thought, “Oh! Maybe it is Leta scre-eee-eaming.”

    Then thought, “nah, her mouth isn’t open wide enough for screaming.”


    “Ah, baby teeth.”

    Great shot of her face, especially of her eyes.

    My favorite pics of her so far are
    1) the one at the dogpark in the red hat and
    2) the third pic in monthly newsletter – month 10.

  • Try This Approach

    but bath hair totally is girls so get wet! get sexy!

  • Jill

    So adorable! My son (16 mo.) is developing quite a crush!

  • anneka

    she has such beautiful eyes…

  • She looks like she is trying to rip the camera from his hands.

  • 28th!

  • Mir

    This picture was Photoshopped… there was a never a photo of my kids as babies from that angle that didn’t include endless visions of crusty boogers. So the pic was doctored, or Leta is a robot baby. 😉

  • I was so glad when my son’s teeth came in because he could eat more foods, but I miss the toothless grins.

  • She looks like she has mischief on her mind.

  • the cowlick! I love it!

  • does she have any teeth coming in on the bottom? because the thought of her grinding her top teeth into her gums makes me shudder.


  • Ali

    Aw so cute.

  • just me again

    If you listen closely you can hear that third tooth shouting out “First! Am I First? I can’t believe I’m FIRST!”

  • I swear if Leta has stalkers when she gets big we’re going to blame you, Heather. ALL THAT CUTENESS couldn’t be resisted.
    No, totally adorable. And yummy. And curly.

  • Mir – maybe that’s an undocumented part of the Dooce Effect, photoshopping out the boogers.

    I still say that somebody has to teach Leta to give Butterfly Kisses. Just look at those lashes!

  • ‘just me again’…HAHAHAHAHAHA! That was perfect.

    She’s a cutiepatootie.

  • Just me again –
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! that is SO funny!

  • Hey Metro…you come in today with your notebook 😉

    Who knows what today will offer.

  • Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.

    I have *got* to get knocked up.

  • I’ve seen the “how do you choose the ads” question come up a couple of times, and the answer is, you don’t. The non-techspeak answer (which is all I know) is that Google AdSense pulls key words off the page and uses those to determine the ads that will appear. So the ads that appear in the morning will change as the overall conversation evolves.


    JustMeAgain (#35): BWAH!

  • ThinkTank

    Ah HA! Thanks Claude (and love your web diary too! Was living in Ellicott City for the last 2 years, now back “Down Under”), so if we all say SPASM, COCK, CUM SOAKED, FOREPLAY, POSITION, INSERT, VIAGRA, BUSH, TOYS, KINKY and ORGANISIM enough times throughout the day, you think we’ll score some kind of Ad prize, maybe a link to some *new* online sex shop or raunchy Dubya pics (BAH!)? after all, we seem to be a rather ambitous lot!…and since Leta has already breezed through the book on orgasms, I figure she’s ready for the big bad world of SEX! Of course, I mean the education of…sheesh!

    but with THOSE eyes, Dooce and Blurb will be beating off the boys with sticks,WATCH OUT!

    Im ranting, must.stop. its 5am, you know the A.M thats *real* early IN THE MORNING, Im jealous of you all- I cant wait for winter to roll around, not that, in Oz thats much different, but right now Im still up at this ungodly hour because its just too hot to lay down , even ON TOP of cotton sheets…its cold shower after cold shower at the moment…but thats a good thing when all you guys steam up the comments anyway 🙂

  • MyChelle

    Yippee!! more teeth = more capacity to create crumbs and grindy noises to FREAK OUT THE MAMA!! life is good in Leta world

  • Lisey

    Just had the eery thought that this pic is oddly reminiscint of The Blair Witch project…although Leta seems almost amused that the chase is on…and obviously those THREE (already, yikes!) big teeth will be enough to scare away any ghostly being, or brest-feeding momma for that matter!OUCH.

    GO LETA!

  • lexi

    that’s kinda gross

  • Southern Fried Girl

    I must admit – when I saw the thumbnail of the picture, I was a little frightened. Upon clicking on it, there was that cute face with the longest eyelashes EVER. What a cutie patootie.

  • 01234

    Gross is where it’s at, baby.

  • “If you listen closely you can hear that third tooth shouting out “First! Am I First? I can’t believe I’m FIRST!”…”

    thankyou for making my night w/ this comment

    And Leta is so thinking ‘and for my next trick there will be THREE teethmarks on your boob today!’
    (and I can so see Chuck in the background crying because this baby thing is growing teeth now)

  • Em

    Aw, what a cutie. She has that delicious fresh from the bath face which makes me want to eat her up.

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