This here bringer of the pooper to the fun party

Family portrait

  • First

  • Lovely!

  • H in Chicago

    So cute! I love your highlights! 🙂

  • That is a sweet, sweet photo. Love Leta’s hair!

  • Dee

    Third! See Emily is good for something!

  • huh, first to post for the day with my first comment on

    It is a very cute picture.

  • minxlj

    Aw bless. Mischief in the making.

  • Aw. AAWWW! Just aw.

  • Cute photo. Where’s all the snow?

  • Marcia

    what a great photo

  • Cheryl

    I love this picture… Your mommie-ness is showing and it’s awesome! Thanks Emily!

  • I like Chuck standing stoically in the background. He looks like he is on guard duty.

  • Leta’s tiny fist in the thumbnail says only one thing to me:
    “Mama said knock you OUT!”

  • Em

    Oh, cuteness! You all look great. And you look happy!

  • maura

    great picture! Her hair is really getting long!

  • OH!

  • Ugh! So *not* cute.

    Yeah, totally obvious that was a lie, huh?
    Is that Chuck in the background or some other dog? Does his tail do that?

  • Oh! That is the bestest family portrait evah! Lovely! Sweet! Just plain wonderful and heart-warming!

    Happy Monday, Armstrongs!

  • Nuzzle!

  • What a cute picture! You look truly happy!

  • Hmmm… was browsing backward to the “Help Me Name this Photo” and… had to smirk at the
    “Burning Bush” and then “The Burning OF Bush.”
    …I kind of liked *those*…
    (& this photo is very sweet)

  • red

    awe, i love this!! you guys are so precious.

  • Great pic but where is Chuck?

    He is part of the family too?

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Oh, the power of an image to bring a smile to the face!

  • I love the maternal aspect of this photo, too… We almost never see you and Leta together (usually because you’re the photographer). Totally adorable.

  • um… scott, I don’t think that is chuck. too yellow and too big.

    When I saw this photo I said “Awww, that’s nice.”

    Then I looked lower and about bust a gut at the ads for
    “Louis Armstrong doll” and
    “Armstrong books”


    Louis Armstrong doll, indeed.

  • I am so glad I am pregnant already, because if I weren’t my ovaries would be screaming for mercy right now.

    I love the pictures of the three of you together. 🙂

  • I’m kind of mad right now that when its cold men can grow beards to keep themselves warm. Where was I when they were handing out beards!?!?!

  • MyChelle

    Almost all smiles on the Armstrong family…how luurrrrvvvleeee!

  • Smark!

    Love it when we get a pic of *almost* everyone together.

  • SaraJane

    Great pic!!! Makes me smile!

  • Mir

    Wow, you have such a beautiful smile, Heather. Love the photo!

  • e

    happy happy joy joy!

  • Thess peeshir iss 1 gud metiforr 4 Shuck’s shrenkeeng rul en yor 1 famlee. Thatt bebe iss tikin up 1-therd ef thi furgrand. Por Shuck iss berly vissibil. Andd luk haw yew R miking hem 2 walkk outsad en thatt skirry beeg yardd wit nu lish!! I wul haf 1 hart attick iff thatt happin 2 mi. My hart briks 4 hem.

  • Where’s Chuck??

    Oh… there he is.

  • Taya

    Dooce, she has your eyebrows.

  • Leta: “Ok mom, I did my part…I acted cute for the picture…now wheres my bottle…per contract.”

  • You are SMILING!! What a beautiful picture of your family (helps that you are all so beautiful, too).

  • Yeah, what kind of dog is Chuck anyway? Just curious.

  • Laura C.

    Dooce, I love your chin. It looks…elegant.

  • OH MY GOSH. This is like the cutest picture EVER!

  • kari g

    great – very cute. Chuck watching over his happy, healthy, beautiful family!!

  • Leta: ” Mother, could stand back a bit…you are blocking my light.”

  • Sooo cute!! News Flash:
    Boobah’s are on sale at Target for $6!! Collect them all.

  • Perfect Picture. Or you could call it “Fred II”

  • Does anyone remember “Where’s Waldo?” books?

    Where’s Chuck?

    You should definitely frame this one. Definitely.

  • Obviously you all look cute in this photo, but Heather, I think you take the cake for the cutest in this photo–which is hard to do, considering that your daughter is so adorable. Nice work.

  • kim

    it makes me really happy to see you three so happy..

  • This would look great in black and white…beautiful.

  • “Look, we can’t ALL do big arms.”