An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation

Just a few hours before our lives changed forever

  • I’ll join everyone else today with a simple happy birthday, Leta.

  • That letter was beautiful. It’s not fair to make me cry before I’ve had coffee.

    Happy Birthday Fawnzelle.

  • torie

    Happy First Birthday Sweet Little Leta, May your day and life be filled with cake, presents, and lots and lots of love.

  • Happy Birthday Leta!!!

    Heather, as usual your monthly newsletter made me cry. I just wish I could express my feelings in words just half as well as you do. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  • Cindi

    Happy birthday dear Leta!

  • Cristin


    I remeber being petrified shortly before my second daughter was born. How could I EVER love another child, I thought my eldest had completely taken over my heart.

    But relax…..the old story is true. My heart grew juuuuuust big enough to fit both girls. Sure, sometimes it overlows, or explodes into a million or so pieces when they are unbearably cute or sweet, but it always grows back, at at least the same size.

    Nice name by the way, your mom just spelled it wrong :-p

  • What a beautiful tribute to your daughter Heather. I’m sitting here at work with tears streaming down my face and (dramatic pause: holy shit! a group of young mormon boys just cruised right through here, it’s a sign!!!) okay back the the regularly scheduled program. I can feel the love just by reading that post, Happy Big 1 Miss Leta-Pants!

  • Mom2EnK

    I wanted to wish Leta a very happy birthday.

  • aye happy first birthday leta!

  • Happy Birthday Miss Leta!

  • happy birthday leta.

    dammit, dooce, i have something in my eye now. *sniff* beautiful birthday letter.

    i’ve been talking about your site & now my husband has started reading. i think he’s beginning to understand the addiction. i mean, uh, oh hell. fuggedaboutit.

  • Your 12 month newletter made me cry. And it made my uterus throb.

  • Congratulations Heather and Jon!
    Happy birthday Leta!
    You tell and wonderful story and I’m very fond of all of you.

  • beverly

    HA: I am crying! Your sweet little post today could not describe getting preg, having a baby, and the wonderful joy it gives you, any better. Thank you for what you do, how you write it, and for making us laugh when all we want to do is pull our hair out! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LETA!!

  • first: leta! happy birthday!
    second: heather – thanks so much for making reading about parenting one of the wonderful things to do during my days.
    third: jon – great, great shot here. no, really!

  • Kristen

    Happy Birthday, Leta!

    Thanks for a great entry, Dooce. I am due with #2 exactly 3 weeks from today. Reading your letter to Leta made me all that more excited for those first moments, days, weeks with a new babe. I don’t know how I’ll duplicate the love I have for my little girl, but I think I’ll know soon enough.

  • happy birthday little frog! hi-five!

  • Dez

    Happy birthday CuteFace!

    Thanks for sharing her Heather and Jon.

  • first off: happy birthday leta! from more of the introweb.
    second: heather – thanks for making reading about parenthood one of the wonderful things i do during the days.
    third: jon! great, great shot here!
    fourth: i guess i’m the only lame-o that puts their myspace profile as their url. hilarious.

  • I started reading you right at the time when Leta was born. Amazing how time has flown.

    Happy Birthday, Leta. You be good to your parents. They’ve done an amazing job.

  • Happy Birthday to you both!

  • Cristin

    oh yeah, Danielle,those blue and white pads, they are called….


  • Happy Birthday Leta and Congrats Heather and John making it through and sharing her for first incredible year!! She is such a cutie!!

  • Happy Birthday, Leta!

  • Happy 1st Birthday Leta!!

    Dooce, that was an amazing newletter. I hope she cherishes those forever!

    Great picture too. Why don’t all pregnant women look that well?

  • Happy Birthday, Leta Dorito!

  • sio


  • Happy Birthday Leta 🙂

  • Happy birthday, Leta. Happy birthday, Heather. It’s one year of a new life for both of you. I remember writing a letter very close to that to my son about a year ago, and while families are so different, that awe and nostalgia and crushing love translates between all new mothers. Have a wonderful, memorable day.

  • Matt In London: I have a theory — there is A LOT they don’t tell you before you have kids for two reasons — 1) No one would ever have kids again (on purpose), and those of us who already have kids wouldn’t be able to laugh at those misguided people who swear they’re kids will “never be like that!” and 2) Y’all wouldn’t listen anyway. I know I didn’t…

  • Happy Birthday, Leta!

    And Heather, even with all the tribulations, you are one of my inspirations to be a Mother.

  • Matt in London

    Yes – happy birthday…my son is 7 weeks old today and it has been extremely hard work…why does no-one tell you this in advance??? As for the comments on shaving, above, my wife made me trim ‘everything’ for her before she went into the operating theatre….yuck, yuck, yuck

  • Your letter to Leta on her birthday is one of the most wonderful things I’ve read in a long, long while.

    Happy birthday to a very lucky little girl!

  • Cristin

    Happy birthday, dear Leta.

    Happy one year anniversay of ‘parenthood’ Jon and Heather.

    Heather, I always love your writing. I especially love the newsletters. I got my morning cup, and sat down, prepared to chuckle, grin, and LAUGH OUT LOUD this morning. I forgot to prepare myself to bawl uncontrollably.

    What a newsletter. What a writer. What a mom.

    Thank you for all of this. You make me want to hug my kids more. I realize that they are growing SOOOOOOOO fast, and so is Leta.

    Think of it, your daughter already has her own fan club! Cool!

  • Happy Birthday Leta!

  • Wow you let pictures be taken? You are brave. If I was going to have kids, no way.

  • Happy Birthday Leta Frog!

    Don’t forget to share your cake with Former Congressman Chuck!

  • Happy Birthday to Leta and her loved ones.

  • Dooce,
    wow do you ever put me in touch with my feelings.

    I am so happy and so grateful that Leta’s momy loves her so, and that your relationship with Leta has given your life meaning. And that you’ve been able to fight the power of your depression with the power of this unconditional love.

    For Leta:
    “You cried the day you were born, and the whole world rejoiced…”
    -part of a native american proverb

  • cynder

    Happy Birthday, Leta.

    As an expectant mother who is scared, nervous, and excited for the birth of my child, you have just rendered me into a blubbering mass of tears with the today’s newsletter.

  • i stumbled upon your site after reading about the mommy and me in the NYTimes.
    i have laughed so hard at some of the things you have written.
    and cried a little bit when i read todays entry to leta on her birthday.
    you are a great woman who says very eloquently what we women think and feel and want and need and all those things.
    i hope if i ever have kids i can be as good a mom as you are.
    and remember to write to my kids on their birthdays.
    and tell them how fabulous they are and all those things.
    i nanny’d, which is as close to parenting as i’ve got so far… and those girls changed me tremendously. esp. the youngest. i was lucky to have them in my life.
    leta is lucky to have you.

  • cynder

    Happy Birthday, Leta.

    As an expectant mother who is scared, nervous, and excited for the birth of my child, you have just rendered me into a blubbering mass of tears with the today’s newsletter.

  • Happy Birthday Leta!

  • SaraJane

    Heather – Thank you so much for sharing the most intimate parts of your life. You inspire me, as I’m sure you inspire many others. Your daughter is beautiful and so lucky to have you and John as parents. Mormon or not, I’m struck by how good God has been to you… you are one of the good ones. Thank God for Leta, thank God that you are willing to get up and try it again. I’m so impressed. You are helping to shift the paridigm. You are helping all of us women realize we are not alone and while we may be broken we are not completely useless. Thank you for making good choices. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to hearing of your many adventures for years to come!

    God Bless you and your family and Happy Birthday Leta.

  • You know… all the monthly newsletters are wonderful, but today’s… ah, today’s newsletter got me right in the Mommy-Spot.

    Congrats, Heather and Jon, on making it through the first year. So far, the years following that first one are alot like that too. Good days, bad days and always full of surprises!

  • BTW – I teared up reading the newsletter this month, but you know what really got me going?

    Clicking on the “newsletter” category link, and reading them all again from the start.

    Dooce – Kleenex need to pay you now.

  • Penelope

    Happy Birthday Leta!

  • Happy birthday, Leta- Frog Princess, Former Mistress of Scream,Future Goddess of the Internet Universe. 🙂

    I am going to have “Happy Birthday to You” Stuck in my head all day long.

  • sab


  • Happy birthday, Leta! It has been so fun watching you grow up. Congrats to you, Jon and Dooce, for making it this far! Here’s to many, many, many happy years.

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